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Mustang Mfg.

Mustang Mfg. introduces three new models to the compact excavator product line. The new models, ME1503, ME1903, ME2203 replace previous models ME1502, ME1902 and ME2202. The new models are equipped with hydraulically dampened drive levers and pedals designed to increase precision. The digging depths of the three models range from 7 feet 2 inches to 8 feet 2 inches. Additional features include dozer blades, 2-speed drive systems, rubber tracks and a full 360-degree superstructure rotation.
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John Deere

The 17ZTS is the newest model in the zero-tail swing compact excavator line by John Deere. Weighing in at 3,800 pounds and 4 1/2 feet wide, the 17ZTS is the smallest of the line. The machine features 13 feet of reach and a digging depth of 7 1/4 feet, bucket breakout force of 3,042 pounds and a 12.3-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine. The zero-tail-swing design allows the body of the excavator to rotate 360 degrees within the width of its tracks. Combined with an independent-swing boom, the machine can fit into close confines comfortably and work with ease around walls, footings and other obstacles. The 17ZTS comes attachment-ready with mechanical quick coupler, boom-mounted auxiliary hydraulic lines and a return-flow selector valve that accommodates both one- and two-way hydraulically driven attachments.
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New from IHI is the N Series conventional style excavators. The N Series excavators, 17NE, 28N, 35N and 55N, include features such as a 4-post canopy/cabin, dozer blade, expandable undercarriage (17NE), rubber or steel tracks, two-speed travel, auxiliary hydraulic piping, A-F quick-change operator control valve and hydraulic piston pumps. The operator's comfort has been enhanced with short-lever hydraulic pilot joystick controls with armrest for a high degree of operational responsiveness. The hydraulics have been updated and improved for increased efficiency. Other features include digging depths from 5 feet 2 inches to 12 feet 8 inches, bucket capacity of 1.89 to 6.40 cubic feet and bucket digging force from 5,258 to 11,070 pounds.
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Kobelco introduces the SR-2 Series, a full line of five zero-tail-swing compact excavators. Kobelco's zero-tail-swing feature allows the machine to easily move and work in tight spaces without damaging the machine or the jobsite. Single and bi-directional auxiliary hydraulic valves and piping are standard equipment and allow the use of attachments such as hammers and augers. The center swing feature helps in digging around obstacles and against walls. Rubber tracks minimize damage to paved sidewalks and driveways, as well as decrease noise levels. Steel tracks are offered as optional equipment. The SR-2 excavators provide an operator-friendly environment with features such as variable displacement pumps and collared arm bushings.
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Takeuchi offers seven models of compact excavators with operating weights from 1,800 to 17,500 pounds and dig depths to 15 feet. The TB145 features a 10,494 operating weight, a 12-foot 6-inch maximum dig depth, 10,825 pounds of bucket breakout force, and a 37.5-hp EPA emission compliant engine. Electro-hydraulic push buttons located in the left-hand joystick ensure precise control of the auxiliary hydraulic circuit.
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The CX75, CX135 and CX225 models are three new compact minimum-swing-radius excavators from Case. The models feature engine power from 52- to 141-net hp, bucket digging forces up to 31,698 pounds and tight swing radiuses as little as 4 feet for performance in even the most cramped quarters. The minimum-swing excavators deliver dig depths from 14 feet 11 inches to 22 feet. They also have dig radiuses that range from 22 feet 3 inches to 31 feet 11 inches. Case minimum-swing-radius excavators are designed for work in urban areas where space is often restricted. Applications include digging on narrow streets, working between houses in residential areas or building in commercial areas, digging swimming pools on finished or landscaped lots and working near obstructions such as trees.
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The PC58UU, a compact hydraulic excavator, offers operators many new features to increase jobsite productivity. Features include an offset knuckle-boom that enables operators to dig exactly where the tracks can travel, an adjustable boom height limiter and a proportional pressure control joystick. The 11,540-pound PC58UU has a 4-cycle, water cooled, direct injection Komatsu 4D88E engine that delivers 40-hp at 2400 rpm. It has a digging depth of 13 feet 2 inches and a maximum reach of 18 feet 3 inches.
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The model BO8-3 from Yanmar features a variable undercarriage that measures 27 inches when retracted and 33 inches deployed. Independent track suspension allows the unit to operate level on a slope and has a dig depth of 4 feet 11 inches. Powered by a Yanmar 9.1-hp diesel engine, the mini excavator has an operating weight of 2,337 pounds.
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The 303CR and 305CR mini excavators from Caterpillar feature a swing boom that enables the operator to position the machine to dig and work next to a wall or obstruction. With a cab, the 303CR weighs up to 7,400 pounds and produces 26-net hp, and the 305CR with a cab weighs up to 11,000 pounds and produces 42-net hp. When equipped with long sticks, the 303CR has a digging depth of 10 feet 11 inches, and the 305CR has a digging depth of 12 feet 11 inches. For expanded versatility, the boom swing angle to the left is up to 90 degrees and the boom swing angle to the right is 50 degrees.
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Gehl announces the availability of three new compact excavators that range from 3,582 to 4,288 pounds. With digging depths of 7 feet 2 inches to 8 feet 2 inches, the new models, 153, 193 and 223, feature improved hydraulic performance and faster cycle times for enhanced production. The machines are equipped with a standard canopy, with a cab available as optional equipment. All models feature telescoping undercarriages that allow the operator to narrow the machine for better accessibility, and then expand it for improved stability and higher capacity. ISO/SAE control pattern selector, auxiliary hydraulics, independent boom swing, dozer blade and two-speed drive are all standard equipment. The model 223 offers an upper structure leveling feature as standard equipment, which allows the user to hydraulically level the operator's compartment for side hill applications.
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For power, the KX91-3 mini excavator is equipped with Kubota's 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, overhead valve, 27.9-hp E-TVCS diesel engine. The environmentally friendly, low noise Kubota diesel delivers high torque with an abundance of power. Large capacity variable displacement pumps have been matched to innovative hydraulic systems. The maximum digging depth is 10 feet 6 inches with a maximum vertical depth of 8 feet 1-inch. Maximum dumping height is 11 feet 11 inches. The boom swing speed is 9.4 rpm with a boom swing angle, left to right, of 80/50 degrees.
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JCB introduces the new 6-metric-ton 8600 mini excavator as the largest in the JCB 800 series compact excavator line. The new excavator responds to growing market demand for heavier and stronger excavators that fit within the compact size class for rental yards, concrete and utility contractors, plumbers and landscapers. The machine offers a design with proficient visibility and productivity with the same compact dimensions as the 5-ton 8052 mini excavator in a larger package with product enhancements and increasing digging performance and tractive effort. It weighs 13,210 pounds and has a ground bearing pressure of 5.26 psi.
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New Holland Construction

New Holland Construction offers four models of mini excavators, the EC15, EC25, EC35 and EC45 ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 tons, with net hp from 17 to 43. EC excavators are designed for maneuvering in tight jobsites, with small size and compact boom swing allowing for work in confined spaces or digging along foundation walls. The excavators feature top-mounted boom cylinders, complete bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics, pattern selector switch and comfortable operating environments.
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