Maintenance-free Compactors Ensure Productivity

Rammax' new RAV Series boom-mounted compactors from Multiquip are designed for efficient and trouble-free mobile and crawler excavation. The compactors are capable of generating centrifugal force up to 24,750 pounds for applications including slope and hillside compaction, structure backfill, pipeline construction and work in confined spaces such as shaft compaction.

“These compactors can be rented with an excavator and can be easily attached to the boom,” says Jonathan Cuppett, compaction product manager for Multiquip. “They supply greater compaction force and eliminate the need to rent a trench roller.”

The boom-mounted compactors can be equipped with a hydraulic quick-change device that allows the operator to change buckets, breakers, hammers and any other tool in seconds, without ever having to leave the cab. The maintenance-free compactors feature steel-wrapped hydraulic hoses for extra protection, 360-degree rotation, diagonally mounted rubber mounts for extended life, and patented movement limiting systems to protect the structure and rubber mounts. The attachments come with a universal adapter plate and hydraulic connection terminal for easy mounting to Oil-Quick, Lifufix and Lehnhoff quick change over adapter systems.

Verified by Jonathan Cuppett, compaction product manager for Multiquip.
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Models: RAV-700P, RAV-1000P, RAV-400P
Weight: Up to 2,205 pounds

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