Machine Provides De-Icing Capabilities and More

Wylie Mfg. introduces the Ice Killer Auto-Skid, a self-loading skid that loads into most dump trucks without any lifting.

The support legs automatically fold as the truck backs under the skid. The product is designed for DOT's municipalities, airports and other entities that need to apply de-icing/anti-icing agents, using existing trucks. It can also be converted to herbicide spraying for year-round versatility. Other uses include dust abatement, landscape watering, building site compaction and spot watering.

“The Ice Killer can be used to control ice on roads, parking lots, plant yards, runways or any other outside paved surface,” says Jim Thompson, customer service manager. “Renters can use their own dump trucks or the rental dealer has the opportunity of renting a truck without committing that truck to the Ice Killer permanently. During other times of the year, the Ice Killer can also be rented for dust abatement on construction sites, recreational events, etc. Further uses include vegetation management and remote landscape watering.”

The skid features a 1,250 or 1,025-gallon tank, hydraulic centrifugal pump, spray bar and hose reel. A computerized in-cab control applies the agents with adequate accuracy and efficiency.
RS # 143


Overall length: 163 or 171 inches
Width: 56 or 76 inches
Empty weight: 1,620 or 1,860 pounds

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