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LPG/NG Engine the Latest in Briggs & Stratton Line

Briggs & Strattons' new Vanguard LPG/NG fueled 570 cc V-Twin OHV engine is designed for standby generator sets, power generation and the telecommunications industry with all of the advantages of an alternative fuel-powered engine.

"The unique thing about it is the fuel source," said Rory Leyden, Briggs & Stratton's director of commercial marketing. Cleaner emissions were an important consideration in the development of the engine, he said. "I don't think LPG or natural gas will ever replace gasoline, but there are times when it comes in handy."

Leyden said a generator fitted to the engine can be attached to a gas line, minimizing the inconvenience of finding a power source at the job site.

Certified to meet EPA and California Air Resources Board clean-air standards, the engine has a dual-element foam pre-cleaner and automotive-type pleated paper cartridge for better filtration and longer life.

The engine's "V" cylinder design offers power and requires minimal maintenance. The engine's advanced overhead valve technology offers more power per cubic inch of displacement than a standard side-valve engine while at the same time allowing it to run cooler, cleaner and more efficiently, Leyden said.

A special sound package ensures the engine is also extremely quiet. That package includes a laminated poly-core blower housing, phase-modulated flywheel fins, an acoustically contoured crankcase and a lo-tone muffler.

Verified by Rory Leyden, director of commercial marketing

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