Low-Noise Vacuum Handles Dust Collection for Hand Tools

Low-Noise Vacuum Handles Dust Collection for Hand Tools

The BDC-1216 industrial grade dust collector, from Blastrac, is a compact, low-profile dry vacuum that can be used for a wide range of hand tools, small walk-behind scarifiers, concrete grinders and shot blasters. The BDC-1216 is designed to provide a cleaner work environment by reducing airborne dust (HEPA option available).

The dust collector weighs 88 pounds and has a dust-pan capacity of 10.5 gal-lons. This 110-volt unit has a combined power of 1.6 kW, delivering professional-grade results through a standard residential power source. Designed to handle concrete dust, the filler material and its construction is engineered to prevent premature filter saturation typically experienced with cartridge-style dust collection systems.

“The BDC-1216 is versatile enough to use with any dry dust management and it eliminates the need for rental companies and customers to stock multiple vacuums for their rental inventory,” says Matt Shorrock, product manager of wheel-blast equipment for Blastrac Global. “It has an open pleat filter and a manual shaker that can be operated each time the dust bin is emptied for extended operation without direct exposure to the filter and dust.”

The resin reinforced, pressure-molded plastic body is designed to avoid rust and dents and will protect the motor and filter for longer life. Additional features include an easy-to-use spring-loaded plunger mechanism that allows the user to clear the bulk of the dust from the filter and a foot operated quick change dust bin.

Verified by Matt Shorrock, wheel-blast equipment product manager for Blastrac Global.
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Dust pan capacity: 10.5 gallons

Power: 110 volts

Available option: HEPA design

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