The Toolite shovel has a blade filled with strategically placed pea-sized holes. These holes allow the material to release from the shovel much easier and make the shovel lighter than a similar sized conventional shovel. That combination makes the shovel a much more effective and efficient tool for anything from gardening and lawn chores to industrial work. Because of the versatility of the shovel, it is beneficial for the residential do-it-yourself gardener as well as the commercial contractor.
Circle 146 on reply card.


Powered by a 200-hp, 6-cylinder, Cummins 6BTA5.9 engine, the drum-style BC2000 chipper from Vermeer is big enough for tough land-clearing jobs. The hydraulically-powered winch reduces the manual effort of dragging material to the chipper. Equipped with 150 feet of wear-resistant synthetic rope, the winch can create up to 2,000 pounds of line pull to move material toward the chipper and up onto the feed table increasing operator efficiency. Tandem axles mean increased stability and flotation and more even weight distribution.
Circle 147 on reply card.


The BlueBird 530 aerator is designed for easy maneuverability and maximum productivity. It features a 19-inch aerating width and a variable aerating depth up to 3 inches. BlueBird's exclusive patented free wheeling outer tine system allows even occasional users easy maneuverability in corners and tight areas to aerate quickly with almost no turf damage. A folding handle and two removable 36-pound weights allow for ease in lifting and transportation.
Circle 148 on reply card.

John Deere

John Deere fills the gap between traditional mid-mount zero-turn radius mowers and traditional walk-behind mowers with the introduction of its 600 Series Commercial Quik-Trak mowers. The three models — 19-hp 647, 23-hp 657 and 23-hp 667 — are all powered by air-cooled, vertical Kawasaki engines. Overhead valve design provides more horsepower and torque per cubic inch of displacement, improved fuel efficiency and lower sound levels. Full pressure lubrication reduces engine wear by ensuring proper lubrication even when operating on hillsides or uneven terrain.
Circle 149 on reply card.


The Toro Stump Grinder's 17-inch cutter wheel features 12 cutting teeth, a wheel speed of 2,000 rpm and a tooth tip speed of 148 feet per second. To ensure all stump material is sufficiently removed, the unit offers a 36-inch above grade maximum cutting height and 16.5-inch below grade maximum cutting depth. Operators can position the wheel index at a 30-degree angle in order to efficiently tackle troublesome roots. The product uses Toro Dingo's hydraulic system, which produces 12 gpm of flow at 3,000 psi of hydraulic power.
Circle 150 on reply card.


Homeowners and contractors can quickly turn their string trimmer into a powerful blower — and eliminate tangled string — with the new second generation Aero-Flex endurance cutting system, which replaces weak bump and auto advance fishing string systems by using two flexible teardrop-shaped nylon lines that are fitted into matching grooves inside the cutting head and exit the head as four powerful trimming lines. Rotating the trimmer head 90 degrees provides precision edging along sidewalks, curbs and flowerbeds. Also, replacing the cutting lines with Aero-Flex downdraft lines converts the trimmer into a blower/sweeper. The trimmer head fits on the shaft of most major brand gas trimmers, and the line elements are snapped into grooves, eliminating spools, tiny springs and other moving parts inside traditional string trimmer heads.
Circle 151 on reply card.

Little Wonder

The commercial-grade 21.2 cc gas-powered engine on the Mantis Blower-Shredder-Vacuum from Little Wonder blows air at speeds up to 125 miles per hour. The multi-task machine blows and then vacuum-shreds yard debris so that it can be recycled as garden mulch or compost. The patented four-blade metal shredder effectively reduces leaves, pine needles and small twigs at a 12-to-1 ratio.
Circle 152 on reply card.

Hustler Turf Equipment

The Hog from Hustler Turf Equipment is the mower of choice for vacant lots, waterways, lagoons, orchards, tree farms, trails, roadsides and places that require less frequent mowing. It features a 48-inch single-blade deck that can cut anything it can bend over. The zero-discharge deck is constructed for extra heavy-duty operation with 1/2- by 1-inch bar stock all the way around and reinforced sidewalls. The 5/16-inch-thick blade has swinging blade tips for added safety and a hazard jumper center section.
Circle 153 on reply card.


Bandit has put several of its hand fed chippers into motion by way of a Caterpillar 304.5 rubber track undercarriage. Hand fed, disc-style Brush Bandits in 12-, 14- and 18-inch diameter capacities are all now available with this new option. These self-contained units are equipped with both a tether and a radio remote, giving each individual the ability to choose the means of operation.
Circle 154 on reply card.


The KRB700B blower from Kawasaki features a high-performance 60 cc Kawasaki engine that blows leaves and debris with a maximum air velocity of 201 mph and a maximum air volume of 603 cfm. The new blower features a joystick throttle control for outstanding convenience and ease of operation. The joystick includes an easily controlled trigger throttle, fully adjustable throttle lock and engine shutoff switch. Noise minimizing features include a muffler with glass wool lining and a large volume air cleaner.
Circle 155 on reply card.


Gandy Co. offers a new 20-inch, self-propelled Slice n' Seed walk-behind overseeder for repairing or re-establishing grass in worn areas or establishing new grass varieties. It features an 8-hp Honda engine with centrifugal clutch, capable of covering 22,000 square feet per hour. Seeding width is 20 inches, with 9-inch heat-treated slicing blades on 2-inch centers. A cam gauge sets opening size to meter all types of grass seed while a hand lever is used to shut off flow.
Circle 156 on reply card.


The 2100-D Thunder brush chipper from Morbark is built with a hydraulic feed wheel lift to provide easy accessibility for maintenance and for feeding large diameter material. Live hydraulics driven directly from the engine and the Morbark pivot arm feed system resists binding problems and are easily raised by the push of a lever, which activates dual hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic motors on the feed systems are solidly mounted for longer life and protection from damage. The hydraulic feed system uses the hydraulic motor to power chain and sprocket driven feed wheels, multiplying torque and preventing stalling problems.
Circle 157 on reply card.


The new improved stump cutter from Mac-Kissic uses an exclusive braking system that stops the cutter head in less than 2 seconds. The frame features a stronger uni-body construction and incorporates a rear kickstand that keeps the cutter head elevated during storage and transportation and doubles as an additional cutter head guard. Another new feature is the front bumper that protects the engine while providing a strong handle for lifting.
Circle 158 on reply card.


Kubota Tractor announces a full-scale model change for its T-Series lawn tractor line. The T1570 and T1670 come with 15-hp engines, while the T1770 and T1870 come with 17- and 18-hp V-Twin engines, respectively. Work is easier with a clutch-less hydrostatic transmission and light responsive steering. A single pedal controls speed and directional changes. Mid-mount mower decks come with contoured deep deck designs that give powerful two-blade cutting action on the 40-inch deck or three-blade action on the 44- and 48-inch decks.
Circle 159 on reply card.


SpreadEx introduces its new LG 375 commercial-duty granular spreader. Designed for lawn, garden and turf markets, the product is made to seed, fertilize and control products. Standard with a 10-foot cable, the spreader's material flow gate calibrates and controls material flow. An adjustable deflector allows for spread pattern manipulation.
Circle 160 on reply card.

Yard Marvel

Yard Marvel's front tine tillers come in two sizes, the Renter Tiller and the Mini Tiller. Both are manufactured with a rugged steel-tine design that allows the units to dig effectively in difficult soil types. The tillers also feature a patented adjustable rear hitch for comfortable handlebar position. The units can accommodate several interchangeable attachments.
Circle 161 on reply card.


Along with the new MS-50 sprayer, Echo expands its line of accessories for backpack sprayers with new products such as new pressure regulator valves to deliver consistent flow rates for chemicals. Fiberglass spray wands are available in five lengths, including telescoping model that extends out to 37 inches. Also available is the 16-inch brass spray wand, universal spray gun with adjustable brass nozzle, adjustable plastic replacement nozzles and a fan spray nozzle for deck sealing application and a new spray shield.
Circle 162 on reply card.


From construction sites and forest parks to golf courses and roadsides, PowerBroom from Shindaiwa offers quick clean up. It sweeps paved areas, grass and floors without causing harm. The PB230 is a light to medium-duty sweeper with a 1.1-hp engine, and the PB270 is a heavy-duty unit with higher rotating speeds. The PB270B is the same as the PB270 but comes with a nylon scouring brush instead of the fin drum.
Circle 163 on reply card.

Billy Goat Industries

The CR series power rake is designed for rental and homeowner use. It combines all the quality and features of the Billy Goat PR series power rake, which is designed for professional use, into a compact design. The CR series weighs nearly 15 percent less than the PR series and is small enough to transport in the trunk of a car.
Circle 164 on reply card.


The 325HS99 hedge trimmer from Husqvarna features a top mounted primer bulb for fast starts. Engineered to allow any angle of use, the trimmer has an E-Tech engine that provides reduced emissions and more power. Double-reciprocating blades cut branches up to 1 1/4 inches in diameter. It weighs 12.8 pounds and has a blade size of 39 inches.
Circle 165 on reply card.


The FFC PowerRake quickly and easily pulverizes soil, removes rock and debris, finish-grades, spreads fill or topsoil and dethatches. Features include a bi-directional drum that works the soil forward and backward and long-lasting carbide teeth positioned for maximum coverage. The dual-motor direct-drive design eliminates the need for chains and sprockets, reducing maintenance requirements. The rake's end plates can be removed from windrowing.
Circle 166 on reply card.


The CA-18 compact aerator from Classen features removable weights, folding handle and four lift handles. The unit is portable enough to fit in enclosed vehicles. The unit comes standard with a 4-hp Honda engine and sealed bearings that never need re-greasing, according to Classen.
Circle 167 on reply card.


The model BR 420C backpack blower from Stihl provides comfort for all day use. It has a swivel nozzle, large engine and heavy-duty filter cartridge. The blower weighs 19.6 pounds and has an air velocity of 180 mph. The displacement is 56.5 cc, and the engine power is 2.5 kilowatts.
Circle 168 on reply card.

Ground Hog

The T-4 trencher is a small, operator propelled, chain-type trencher designed for jobs requiring up to a 12-inch deep trench in a short period of time. The unit uses T-4 replaceable carbide tipped rock-type bits for digging in all soil conditions, and will dig a 3- to 3 1/2-inch wide trench to depths of 6, 8 and 12 inches.
Circle 169 on reply card.

Bachtold Bros.

Bachtold Bros. introduces a new line of walk-behind string trimmers. The offset head design allows easy access for trimming close to buildings, posts, trees, boulders and even under fences. Changing the cutting cord is designed to be simple. Additional features include a heavy-duty steel frame, 20-inch Tuff wheels, 25-inch cut, 170-mil. cord diameter and 1 1/2-inch thick aluminum cutting head.
Circle 170 on reply card.

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