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Turfco Direct

The KisCutter is Turfco's newest sod cutter. The KisCutter weighs 140 pounds and its handles fold down for easy transport or storage. Ideal for the novice or professional landscaper, the KisCutter can be used for a variety of applications, such as sculpting lawns and flowerbeds and trimming ball fields. A centrifugal clutch, friction drive to the wheels and variable speed make starting and stopping, corners and curves easy to maneuver. The KisCutter cuts up to 9,000 square feet per hour and has an adjustable cutting depth and one handle operation.

Tim Lewis, owner of Red-E-Rentals in Costa Mesa, Calif., says the KisCutter is a popular item in his store. “The KisCutter immediately became the first choice for rental when our customers came in for a sod cutter,” says Lewis. “It was out at least five days a week for the first three months we had it.” His manager told Lewis they needed to get another one, so they bought another KisCutter later that spring. Now, Lewis says he's planning to dump their older sod cutters in favor of the Turfco machines.
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The BedShaper from LittleWonder can cut clean edges and borders in lawns, gardens, golf courses and athletic fields at up to 100 feet per minute. Cutting depths from .5 to 4.5 inches are controlled by a seven-position gauge wheel. The notched blade slices through the soil and turf to create an edge guaranteed against chipping, breaking, bending and delaminating. When the notched blade contacts a rock or tree root, the patented BladeFloat lets the arm “float” over the obstruction while the blade continues to cut.

Mike Grubbs of Landscape Maintenance Services in Cranbury, N.J., likes the machine because it works well in tight places. “The BedShaper does a better job than any of the competitors,” Grubbs says. “It does the nice tight beds. It seems to cut it in an efficient amount of time. We're very happy with the machine.”
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MacKissic's Rolleez Dethatcher features a nylon tine Kwik Thatch system that allows for the tines to be replaced in as little as two minutes. A complete set of tines will last for as many as 50 rentals and they will not damage sprinkler heads, sidewalks or pavers. The 18-inch model has a fold down handle and can be loaded by one person in a small trunk. The 22-inch pro model features a 22-inch tine width and pneumatic tires.

Mark Krupp of Rental World in Limerick, Pa., recommends the Dethatcher to his customers. “The Dethatcher has a great new design for the customer to transport the machine home for use,” Krupp says. “It's easy to use and operate by our customers. Our mechanics like the machine because of the easy to replace flails. We can replace broken or missing flails quickly and it requires less maintenance.”
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Turbo Technologies

Turbo Technologies offers the HS-300E hydroseeding system. Designed for the rental market, the system is easy for homeowners to learn to operate and features powerful agitation to benefit the landscaping professional. The HS-300E features new higher pressure pumps and new custom poly tanks with molded in bale hoppers.
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Bandit Industries' line of hand-fed tree and brush chippers comes in a range of 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter. All Brush Bandit Chippers feature powerful hydraulic feed systems, wide openings and a 360-degree swivel discharge spout. PTO units are available in 6-, 9- and 12-inch diameter capacities. The chippers are fuel efficient and allow for more chipping time because bottom feed wheel hang-ups are eliminated.
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Tru Mark

Tru Mark introduces a construction and field marking string winder. The light-weight automatic string winder has a sturdy plastic frame reel and a durable plastic spool with an internal handle and a powder-coated steel frame with connecting post. It also has a connection post for cordless drill attachment and comes standard with a 3/8-inch steel post for a cordless drill and a free wheeling handle. This string winder holds more than 500 feet of twine.
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Hawk Equipment Corporation

The Hawk self-propelled stump grinder is designed for rental stores, tree care companies, landscapers, golf courses and more. This stump grinder is capable of grinding any stump diameter from a height of 24 inches down to 16 inches below grade. A standard 20-hp and 25-hp Kohler or Honda engine is furnished with a heavy-duty industrial cartridge-type air filter to help extend engine life. The stump grinder is 30.5 inches wide, 320 pounds and features an emergency stop switch on the control panel, eight cutting teeth to optimize performance while minimizing maintenance and an ergonomically positioned footrest to keep the operator in control while starting the recoil engine.
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The MultiBagger from Morbark is designed to quickly and affordably bag landscape mulch, compost, soil products, manure, gravel, sand and more. With three operators working, the unit can bag in excess of 1,000 bags per hour. The unit features a two cubic yard feed hopper with three filling stations that release material when a foot control is activated. The unit can be modified to handle a variety of bag sizes.
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Bear Cat

Bear Cat's new 6-inch engine-driven towable chipper can handle branches of up to 6 inches in diameter, with the ability to chip through tough brush with ease. The chipper features a live hydraulic feed system with a variable speed feed roller with instant reverse. A newly developed “try again” feed system automatically retries feeding limbs three times. The feed roller is 15 inches in diameter with a 13-inch wide opening containing 10 knife blades for enhanced ease of feeding. Its 60-inch width makes for easy towing, storage and maneuverability.
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Miller Spreader

The MC350 Landscape Curbilder is designed to place decorative landscape curbing and smaller commercial curbing. A 6-inch reciprocating plunger powered by a 3-hp Honda engine pushes the curb mix from the hopper into the curb form. Curb forms are reversible within the plunger housing so either left- or right-hand curbing can be placed with the same form. A drop pointer is standard to ensure straight and level curbing. A level indicator, emergency stop switch, hour meter and operator's manual tube are located on the console. The spring tensioned height adjustment handles won't vibrate so the height adjustment stays constant.
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Rayco Manufacturing's C87FM compact crawler forestry mower has a 4-cylinder, 87-hp Deutz turbo diesel engine, coupled to a 41 gpm hydrostatic transmission delivering up to 6,000 psi to the mowing head. The C87FM has a heavy-duty, dozer-style undercarriage, which helps it traverse even the most punishing terrain. Standard equipment includes heat and air-conditioned cab, sliding side windows and pilot-controlled joysticks.
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Dixie Chopper

The XXWD5000-72 riding mower from Dixie Chopper features a turbo-charged 50-hp diesel engine and a fuel-efficient Yammer horizontal shaft. The liquid-cooled engine provides total output of 3,200 rpm. This mower has mounted replaceable Yammer oil filters, electric start and a gear driven oil pump for pull pressure lubrication. The mower has a 72-inch cutting deck and operates at 0 to 13 mph, forward and reverse. Other features include a foot-operated deck height adjustment, two hand-operated steeling control levers and hand-operated mower deck engagement.
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Husqvarna's new 123 series trimmers offer professional quality for the homeowner. The low-weight design, wider guard and higher handle provide control for trimming grass edges and around flowerbeds, bushes and trees. Because of the full crank, piston ported engine, vibrations are low and increase operator comfort. The 123 series includes the 123C, 123L and 123LD trimmers.
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Sarlo Power Mowers

Sarlo Power Mowers' new Weedboss hand-held trimmer is powered by the Fource four-cycle engine from Briggs & Stratton, with technology designed specifically for hand-held equipment. The engine features a patent-pending lubrication system that provides 270-degree continuous operation and 360-degree intermittent operation. It starts with one or two pulls, even when the engine is cold, and consumers can use the same gasoline that they use in their lawn mowers. The engines exceed 2005 EPA emissions standards for hand-held equipment.
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