Keep Your Dingo Rental Ready

To ensure excellent customer satisfaction on the job, pre-rental maintenance of a Dingo compact utility loader is vital.

Before renting the unit:

  1. Grease every pivot point and check operator's manual to locate points that are not visible.

  2. Check or change engine oil. Use engine manufacturers recommended oil.

  3. Check hydraulic oil level.

  4. Start unit, bring up to operating temperature and check for leaks.

  5. Check air pressure in all tires or tension of track.

  6. Install attachment being rented and operate it in the dirt, if possible.

  7. Check hydraulic couplers for leaks.

  8. For first-time renters, show the customer how to use the machine and its attachments and have them operate the machine before leaving the yard. Explain the attachment changes and hookup.

  9. Inspect load on the trailer to be sure it is loaded correctly and tied down.

When the unit is returned, inspect for damages and power wash the unit. Grease all fittings after washing and run the machine for 5 minutes. Raise the front of the Dingo when power washing to allow water and dirt to escape from the back of the unit. To raise the front, place a block between the attachment plate and the ground and slowly lower the loader arms.

Information provided by Toro

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