Heaters Provide Moisture-free Warmth

Allmand Bros.' new line of indirect oil-fired portable heaters is designed to provide heated air that is free of moisture and contaminants. With three models that operate on 120 volts and range in capacity from 320,000 to 505,000 Btu, the Allmand indirect-fired heaters work for a variety of applications including residential and commercial construction, temporary heating, concrete curing and cold-weather painting.

With an industrial-grade power burner that is powered by a ¼-hp motor, the heaters deliver between 2,500 to 3,100 cfm, and a 200- and 220-degree discharge temperature at 50 degrees ambient. A heavy-duty heat exchanger serves as a barrier to the flame and allows fumes and combustion products to be vented through a flue stack and away from the heated area. The heaters can be used in areas with limited ventilation and hazardous materials without the risk of harm to individuals, equipment, cargo or buildings. An indirect flame also eliminates residue from combustion products and prevents chemical reactions with epoxies and concrete.

Allmand also offers a remote thermostat control that can be placed inside the structure being heated, which allows the operator to adjust the heater without going outside into the cold.

“It's lightweight, cost effective, but the ‘indirect’ aspect itself is very important for the rental industry,” says Doug Dahlgren, product manager for Allmand Bros. “Safety is a big issue in the rental industry, and indirect-fired heaters offer a much safer application than direct-fired space heating options.”

Verified by Doug Dahlgren, product manager for Allmand Bros.
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Motor: 1/4 hp
Fuel tank: 42 gallons

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