General Stripper Scrapes Floor Coverings

General Equipment Co. introduces the FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper, an electric powered floor-covering scraper. Built with a ¾-hp, 115/230 VAC, 60-Hertz electric motor, the product features high productivity and low noise levels.

With an exciter unit mounted directly to the driveshaft, the scraper uses downward force to bore into and strip away the applied floor covering and adhesive. External weights can be added to provide extra force for removing tough residues and to increase material removal rates. Producing less than 70 dba, operation noise is quiet and safe.

Featuring an ergonomic design, the machine provides a more efficient operator experience to increase work stamina and minimize occupational injury. The operator's handle offers a full-width, tubular construction that increases leverage and control. Further increasing safety and productivity rates, the Back-Saver blade control system allows infinite adjustment of the blade angle during use. This eliminates having to stop the machine and manually change blade angles or adjust linkages.

“The product is developed to address the needs of both the renter and the rentee,” says Dennis Von Ruden, president of General Equipment Co. “If we can support both the rental store and the rental customer with a product, then it presents a win/win situation for the industry.”

Verified by Dennis Von Ruden, president of General Equipment Co.
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Motor: Hertz ¾-hp, 115/230 VAC

Decibel level: less than 70 dba

Blade control system: Back-Saver

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