Floodlight System Features Automatic Control Option

Terex Light Construction launches its new automatic portable floodlight system with three ways to control the stopping and starting of the equipment. The automatic control option is available on three models, the AL4000, the AL5000 and the LT7000. The automatic models can be set to one of three modes. The first is a timer mode that, when set, turns the light tower on or off at a particular time. The second is a photocell mode, which signals the tower to turn on or off based on the amount of natural light surrounding it. The third is a first source setting that triggers the machine to turn on either at a set time or when the light surrounding it is at a certain level, whichever comes first.

Terex-Amida's AL4000 automatic light tower has a reach of 30 feet at full extension and is controlled by an ergonomically positioned winch handle for ease of raising and lowering. The tower rotates 360 degrees and has a spring-loaded pin to automatically lock the tower in place while in its upright position. When in travel position, the light fixtures are securely mounted on the mast or can be left on the crossarm.

“The AL4000 stands apart from the competition in that its size and rugged construction make it the perfect unit for the customer looking for years of trouble free life, with a high resale value when ready to purchase new units,” says John Gibbons, sales and marketing manager for Terex Light Construction.

Verified by John Gibbons, sales and marketing manager for Terex Light Construction.
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Engine: 10.5-hp Kubota diesel

Fuel tank: 30 gallons

Run time: Up to 60 hours

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