Pac-Man Rentals

IN MARCH OF 1998 WE PURCHASED a “mom-and-pop” lift equipment rental company. The business was thriving, with about 90 pieces of equipment, and 10-plus years in the market.

After we took over, we improved the equipment and continued to promote and advertise, but our rental volume decreased [even though] commercial building was still thriving.

We came to realize that national companies were like Pac-Man, buying out small, family-owned chains all around us. The large companies bought all new equipment and reduced rental prices dramatically, forcing small companies like ours out of business.

That is our story, ever so briefly. If there are others out there in the United States and Canada who have had a similar experience, we would love to hear from them.
Hellmut and Linda Pedersen
Shoreline, Wash

Right boost

KUDOS ON THE “LEADING LADIES” article (Oct. 2000). I am a driver for United Rentals and have been in construction most of my life. I love to drive my rig and pull up on jobs and unload 10054 reach forklifts or a 120 John Deere excavator. I am planning on getting into outside sales soon. I know I'd be good at it.

Thanks again for the article. It was a boost for me mentally!
Trish Rogers
United Rentals
Renton, Wash

For the Record

In the October 2000 RER, page 70, and the January 2001 RER, page 100, RER printed the wrong web address for the Snorkel 12/34J towable boom. Although Snorkel manufactures the product, distribution in the United States is handled by Specialty Equipment of Indianapolis. Information on the product can be obtained at

* * *

In the 2001 Web Site Directory, the listing for Sterling Handling Equipment on page 12 mistakenly reproduced the Web site page for Global Internet Rental Exchange. On page 22, the rental supplier Web site listing for Granite Industries should be, and on page 25, Miller Welding Engineers Ltd. should be Miller Electric. Its Web site is On page 17, the Beta Max Web site should be

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