Drain-cleaning Equipment

Electric Eel

The new model Z5 drain cleaner from Electric Eel is designed for longer runs in 1¼- to 3-inch drain lines. The Z5 comes standard with a tough ½-inch by 75-foot genuine galvanized aircraft wire inner core cable powered by a heavy-duty 1/3-hp Baldor motor. Large, 10-inch wheels are designed to make the Z5 easy to maneuver, and a folding handle facilitates transport and storage. The Z5 is equipped with an easy-to-use wheel brake that stabilizes the unit while in operation. A cable guide and inner drum eliminate cable tangling in the cage. A ground fault circuit interrupter, an air foot switch, a five-piece tool set and a drum-shaft safety slip clutch are all standard on the Model Z5 drain cleaner.
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Ridge Tool

Ridge Tool's redesigned Compact SeeSnake Plus video inspection system features an improved in-line transmitter and an improved camera head. The camera has stainless-steel construction for longer camera life, a thicker light shield for better wear resistance and 400 lines of resolution for better viewing of the pipe. The camera pushes through tight spots, giving the user increased access to lines and greater diagnostic capability. A 512 Hz flexible in-line transmitter is standard equipment, and when used with the Ridgid NaviTrack line locator, is designed to facilitate location of the camera head in underground pipe. The Compact SeeSnake Plus system weighs 20 pounds, making it small and lightweight for easy transporting and storage.
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General Pipe Cleaners

The Gen-Eye Junior video inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners offers a large LCD display and protection from abuse in the field. With two camera and pushrod options, the Gen-Eye Junior can troubleshoot 1½- to 4-inch lines up to 100 feet long with the micro system or 2- to 6-inch lines up to 200 feet long with the mini system. The system is self-contained with pushrod, reel and monitor all in one package. The 7-inch LCD screen in durable housing is mounted on an extendable arm that allows the operator to pivot it to the best viewing angle. The built-in dual frequency transmitter reduces interference and makes the camera easier to locate. The AC/DC power supply with rechargeable battery is designed to last more than three hours.
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