Do Anything with the Dingo

Designed for applications such as tree planting, material hauling, deck construction, demolition, fence installation and irrigation system installation, the Toro Dingo system enables contractors and do-it-yourselfers to complete work more productively and profitably.

Powered by a 25-hp, air-cooled Kohler Command Pro engine, the Dingo TX 425 wide track offers more than 35 quick-change attachments including auger, trencher, vibratory plow, hydraulic breaker, backhoe, leveler, tiller, cultivator, hydraulic blade, adjustable forks, tree forks, two-stage snowthrower, rotary broom, several sizes of buckets and more. With the quick-attach system, attachments may be added or removed by simply turning two locking pins and, for hydraulic attachments, connecting two hydraulic lines. A four-pump, independent hydraulic system allows the operator to direct power where and when it is needed. A dedicated auxiliary hydraulic circuit provides 11.2 gpm of flow at 3,000 psi of hydraulic power.

“The hand controls allow for a very safe and short learning curve, which is essential for a successful rental,” says Brad Paine, associate marketing manager. “The customer is immediately productive, which benefits both the customer and the rental store.”

Featuring skid steer-style turning, the machine is 41 inches wide, which allows operators to easily maneuver into tight areas. The unit's dedicated track drive features dual Kevlar-reinforced rubber tracks that provide full ground engagement in all conditions for optimum digging power.

Verified by Brad Paine, associate marketing manager.
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Tip capacity: 1,480 pounds
Control system: 3-joystick Width: 41 inches

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