Counter Rotation is the Key to Latest Allen Trowel

Allen Engineering's new Super Pro 500 Series razorback rider weighs only 2,046 pounds. It offers a maximum rotor speed of 110 rpm, cruise control, power steering and a host of other features. It's most impressive function how-ever, is each rotor rotates in the opposite direction of traditional pan riders.

“The unique function of this machine is it's counter-rotational advantage,” said company vice president Jay Allen.

Typically, a riding trowel's left rotor spins clockwise and the right rotor spins counter-clockwise. The SP 500 does the opposite, helping to reduce the ridging that finishers experience between the two pans on the first pass over concrete. Also, the edges of a concrete slab can be panned in a forward direction, according to the company.

The trowel features a rotor measuring 5 feet in diameter that uses a pan measuring nearly 5 1/4 feet. In addition, the unit has Allen's new SXD gearbox with a 1 7/8-inch diameter output shaft and an oil cooling system. Other features include 8 inches of spacing between the pans under the operator, a 56-horsepower Kubota turbo charged diesel engine, a five-blade spider, 10-gallon fuel and retardant tanks, a 55-amp charging system, and six lights. It even looks out for the operator with tool hangers and a cup holder.

“The SP 500 offers the most coverage of any pan on the market,” Allen said. “All of the features are designed to help contractors achieve flatter floors.”
RS # 402


Rotor speed 110 rpm
Weight 2,046 pounds
Engine 56-horsepower Kubota diesel

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