Concrete Screeds


The new DuoScreed is a one-man vibratory screed that strikes off and levels concrete in less time and produces better results than conventional screeding methods, according to the company. The DuoScreed features a reversible blade that enables it to be used with or without forms. The blade is available in different widths and is constructed of extruded aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight operation. The power unit rotates 180 degrees, allowing the operator to utilize the curled edge or smooth face of the blade with ease. Once a job is complete, the blade can be removed without tools and the handles folded for compact storage.
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The RS-15H Rapid Screed is a hand-held screed with adjustable, offset handlebars that provide easy operation and balanced maneuverability while integrating a “set it and forget it” throttle system. The weight of the 1.5-hp, 4-cycle engine is carried by the screed board, not the operator, minimizing operator fatigue and vibration. The wide, offset handlebar design also provides the operator a better line of vision, as well as increased comfort, when compared to inline-style screeds. The rubber coupler is engineered to sheer, should the eccentric weight become blocked, protecting the bearings from overload damage.
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The Hummer Screed Combo from Multivibe is a two-in-one piece of equipment that can be used for vibrating walls, then adapted to screeding concrete in seconds with no tools. The high-profile screed bars go up to 24 feet long and require only one power unit. The Honda engine is elevated off of the screed bar for longer engine life, allowing the use of more forceful vibrators.

Tom Tate, owner of Juda Builders Supply, a distributor based in San Fernando, Calif., uses the Hummer screed because it is the only unit that will stretch to 24 feet long. “The vibrators connect very simply,” Tate says. “Having the engine on the handle creates good balance. The motor counterbalances the blade.”
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Wacker Corp.

Wacker's wet screed blades are offered in a variety of lengths and widths to provide flexibility on the job. For wetter concrete mixes, 6.5-inch blades are available. Blade lengths range from 4 to 16 feet and are also available in a 4.8-inch width. The exciter can be adjusted to seven different positions, allowing the unit's amplitude to be matched to the application. The exciter is fully enclosed, protecting the operator and promoting lower maintenance. A new ergonomic handle design is wider and features repositioned lifting handles for easier one-person transportation of the unit. The handle also offers a squeeze-grip twin handle system that is adjustable to the operator's height for comfortable operation. Two isolators reduce handle vibration to the operator.
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Advanced Concrete Tools

The Silver Beauty power screed features an enclosed eccentric to make maintenance and clean up easy. The always-straight equilateral triangle bar is another feature. The triangle bar will not ride up over the concrete, but will instead cut the concrete to grade. The Silver Beauty will handle bars 3 feet to 12 feet, and the bars are guaranteed straight for one year. The unit is 23 pounds, features hard-hitting dual vibration compaction and an unrestricted throttle control to handle all slumps of concrete.
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