Compaction Equipment


The new BW100AD-4 tandem ride-on vibratory roller offers larger roller performance and productivity in a compact frame. With an operating weight of 5,291 pounds and 39.4-inch wide drums, the BW100AD-4 is powered by a 33.7-hp, 3-cylinder water-cooled Kubota diesel engine. Producing up to 8,550 pounds of centrifugal force per drum, the new roller offers a performance increase of 15 percent compared with the model it replaces. It features a high frequency of 4,200 vibrations per minute, which allows for maximum working speeds of 4 mph while maintaining 10 impacts per foot.
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Caterpillar introduces its new CB-113 and CB-114 (pictured) double-drum asphalt compactors. These new utility-sized models were designed to complement the Cat medium- to high-production asphalt rollers. The CB-113 is a double drum with a 35-inch compaction width and an operating weight of 3,310 pounds. The CB-114 has a compaction width of 31 inches and an operating weight of 3,310 pounds. It features two driving, vibratory drums and drum vibration can be selected on either both drums or on the front drum only.
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MMD Equipment

The all-new PavingPro 270 compact vibratory ride-on roller delivers power, traction and finishing to the rental market. It features large roller engineering in a compact machine. ProDrive hubs, totally enclosed within the drums, give 2.2-inch close-approach compaction and 13-inch curb clearances on both sides of the machine with zero end overhangs. The patented ProRide double drum suspension system isolates vibrations from the operator. The unit has a 34-percent grade climbing ability and features an 18-hp Honda GX610 easy-start engine.
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Multiquip's three new gasoline-powered rammers: the MT-65HA, MT-74FA and MT-84FA, are designed for contractors who need premium compaction of cohesive and mixed soils. They are suited for use in trenches, around retaining walls, and when solidifying bases for concrete slabs, roads, bridge columns and similar applications. Contoured handles reduce vibration up to 61 percent. Functional duck bill fuel caps and diaphragm carburetors let operators lay down each unit without fuel spills, and built-in guide handle retainers prevent over-extension of the handle and subsequent damage to the shock mounts.
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Pave Tech

The PaverPacker 50 forward plate compactor was designed for pavers. It runs at 90 feet per minute with a 16-inch by 24-inch plate and 5,000 pounds of force. It features a Hatz 1B20 engine, custom oil-bath air filter and attached wheel kit.
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The R440HC is powered by a 3-hp Honda 4-cycle engine with diaphragm carburetion and has an 11-inch by 13-inch shoe. The 142-pound rammer features a low center of gravity, noise attenuating 4.6-quart fuel tank, 4-ply steel and fiber-reinforced bellows and a cool-running delivery system. The unit, which is effective on all soil types, delivers up to 700 blows per minute at 4,500 pounds per blow. The R440HC can be optionally equipped with digital tachometer, which advises operators as to whether the rammer is running within optimal performance range.
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Wacker Corp.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Wacker's development and introduction of the first electric rammer, which revolutionized the construction industry with the concept of mechanical soil compaction, the company says. Wacker's most recent evolution to its rammer product line came in 2002 when its patented oil-injected system was introduced, which offers 120:1 fuel/oil ratio and run time up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil. Today, the company offers a broad range of rammers from the only 2-cycle, oil-injected system that meets current EPA emission standards to 4-cycle and diesel models.
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TransTech Systems

Sakai recently added TransTech's on-board mat temperature sensing system to its list of product offerings. This precise mat temperature gauge is located right at the asphalt roller's operator station. In addition to Superpave, the sensor system is great for night paving operations where ambient and mat temperatures drop rapidly, narrowing the available compaction window. The temperature sensor and gauge may be installed on all of Sakai's asphalt rollers.
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The CR-24 (pictured) and CR-30 combination rollers combine two modern compaction methods to achieve maximum density and smoothness, while compacting Hot Mix Asphalt and other semi-cohesive materials. These combination rollers use a high-frequency vibratory system on the front drum for density requirements and four pneumatic tires in the rear to provide impermeability and smoothness of the material. The four pneumatic tires manipulate the compacted material to improve surface texture and reduce water intrusion. A 79-gallon water system extends refilling intervals and the machine is designed for full-day fuel operation.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The new Silver Fox series of forward plate compactors consists of eight models, including a plate designed specifically for optimum performance on asphalt — the SFA3500 (pictured). Other models include the small 13-inch-wide SFP2200/SFP2200A, the popular all-purpose SFP3000/SFP3000A, the all-purpose professional SFP4000/SFP4000A, and for large dirt jobs, the SFP5100. The SFA3500 model offers 3,500 pounds of compaction force, provides even asphalt compaction, smoother finishes and greater productivity. It features the removable water tank, SnapTek quick-couple and a custom sprinkler system to continually coat the base plate with a sheet of water to reduce asphalt sticking.
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