Chipper Makes Quick Work of Brush and Trees

Introducing the Morbark Model 20/36 track chipper, the latest in a line of Morbark chippers. Designed to process up to 18-inches of material in a variety of locations, this track chipper reduces the need for extra support equipment.

Ideal for general land clearing, right-of-ways, pipeline clearing, utility clearing and golf course development, the chipper opens up more possibilities because of its mobility.

“The track chipper allows contractors to go down pipeline or right-of-way clearning jobs without having to move the wood,” says Dan Brandon, marketing manager.

The 20/36 is equipped with a hydraulic discharge spout so chips can be conveniently directed in a 180-degree arc. Not only is it light and compact enough to maneuver and transport easily, but it is also heavy-duty, built with the same rugged steel and components as larger, more expensive units, Brandon says.

The Mor-Lift Model 150 Knuckleboon loader has a 14-foot reach, allowing for chipping of whole trees and a variety of bulky, disoriented wood waste.

The Caterpillar 312B undercarriage provides 18 inches of ground clearance, while an optional, versatile skidder-style blade stabilizes the unit on steep grades. It is also built with an enclosed weatherized operator's cab, providing a comfortable work area for the operator.
RS # 146
Booth # 3826


Controls: joystick
Seat: 4-way adjustable
Drum speed: 1,150 rpm

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