Box Keeps Jobsite Boomin'

Bosch Power Tools launches its Bosch Power Box, an all-in-one power center and workshop radio/CD player. The Power Box is designed to solve the problem of having too few electrical outlets because of multiple extension cords, power tools and various chargers. The box allows users to have the power they need and a radio while using only one wall outlet.

“Most important is that you have all of those elements and you're only using one outlet,” says Jason Feldner, spokesman for Bosch Power Tools. “Now you can plug the Power Box into one outlet and gain four. There's nothing else like it on the market.”

Users can plug any electrical tool or equipment into the box's four-way power outlet. Additional power resources include an integrated Bosch battery charger, compatible with 12-, 14.4-, 18-, and 24-volt Bosch batteries. The unit also offers a 12-volt power outlet for charging cell phones and two-way radios.

The Power Box is also a workshop radio and CD player, with 30 preset buttons and a front-load CD player with anti-skip technology. The system also features a standard 3.5-millimeter auxiliary jack for MP3 player compatibility.

The unit also features an aluminum roll cage to prevent damage and everyday abuse. Sealed buttons, speakers, battery chamber and CD player ensure the system will be protected from the elements. An integrated cord wrap stores the unit's cord, and a top handle is designed for easy transport.

Verified by Jason Feldner, spokesman for Bosch Power Tools and Accessories.
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Preset buttons: 20 FM, 10 AM
Outlet: 4-way GFCI, 120V, 10 amps
Roll cage: Protects unit from 10-foot drops

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