Barreto's 918 Tiller Brings Manueverability

Designed specifically for smaller projects, the Barreto 918 tiller is built with narrower tires and an 18-inch tilling width. By mounting the wheel drive motor inside the tiller body with a gear reduction to the axle, the sprocket housing underneath the tiller body is eliminated, resulting in greater clearance.

Like Barreto's larger tillers, the 918 uses all hydraulic power and requires no belts or chains. It features fewer hydraulic hoses resulting in a clean design. All of this means less maintenance. “That's the main Barreto advantage,” says Lee Bogle, sales/operations manager for Barreto.

The frame is constructed with heavy 3/16-inch steel plate with double welded seams. Moving the wheel drive valve and mounting it directly to the wheel drive motor, requires fewer hoses on the tiller. Also, the control valve for the tine drive operation has been moved to the tiller body, thus eliminating hoses on the handlebar. A bearing and seal have been added to the tine shaft on the drive side, so that the motor has no radial load associated with it, and it is easily removed for service without removal of the tine shaft assembly. Seals and shields protect shafts and bearings, and there are only two grease fittings on the entire machine.

The tines are redesigned, functioning either conventionally or in counter rotating mode. Fingertip controls offer infinitely variable ground speeds both forward and reverse. Keeping wheels operating independently of tines allows users to match wheel speed to soil conditions.

The 918 joins a family of all-hydraulic tillers and trenchers, including the only walk-behind four-wheel drive trencher on the market, the company says.
RS # 121

Engine 9 horsepower
Tilling width 18 inches
Weight 460 pounds

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