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Bandit's Feed System Sharpens Chipper Performance

Subtraction by addition. Bandit Industries has lightened the workload on operators by adding two wheels to the feed system on its Brush Bandit chippers. The new quad-wheel feed system collapses limbs and branches quickly and efficiently with minimal operator effort.

“Labor is a big issue these days, and any time you can make a machine easier to use, it makes it a lot better for the operator,” says Jerry Morey, Bandit's marketing manager.

The four hydraulic feed wheels allow the chippers to accept branches up to 12 inches in diameter. Morey says conventional two-wheel feed systems require the operator to apply substantial force to lift the unit's wheels so the machine can accept branches and limbs. The addition of two wheels provides extra pulling and crushing capability. It also means operators are less likely to have to cut branches to fit them into the machine, he adds.

The new quad-wheel feed system comes standard on Bandit's 18-inch models 280XP and 1890 and is offered as an option on the 12-inch 250XP and 14-inch 254XP.

Verified by Jerry Morey, marketing manager

Wheels four hydraulic
Branch and limb diameter capacity 12 inches

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