Komatsu America

The Utility Division of Komatsu America Corp. continues to upgrade its line of backhoe loaders with excavator-style joystick controls. Other recent upgrades to these loaders include increased hydraulic speed, stronger, more advanced components and Tier II compliant engines. The excavator-type control system features tiltable joystick control towers, function control buttons and an easy-to-read dash panel. The two joystick control towers adjust to a 15-degree tilt to provide the best visibility of the excavation area. Each joystick is equipped with an adjustable wrist support for better comfort during operation. The backhoes feature operating weights between 16,600 pounds and 19,731 pounds.
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Atlas Copco

The SB 300 and SB 450 hydraulic breaker attachments are designed with a solid, one-piece body that does not require side bolts. Offering an operating weight of 686 pounds and accepting a hydraulic flow of 21.1 gallons per minute at 2,175 psi of pressure, the SB 300 delivers up to 960 blows per minute. The SB 450 boasts an operating weight of 922 pounds and accepts a hydraulic flow of 26.5 gallons per minute at 2,175 psi of pressure, delivering a maximum of 780 blows per minute. Both units feature a central lubrication port, an integrated accumulator and a new charge valve, which is flush with the accumulator cover for optimum protection.
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Allmand Bros.

The TLB-6235 features a full-time mechanical 4-wheel-drive system, offering efficient functionality through a hydrostatic transmission. Powered by a 35-hp, liquid-cooled Isuzu diesel engine, the TLB-6235 is driven by an axial piston motor capable of running at higher pressures and rpm, increasing efficiency. The servo-control system provides positive neutral and infinite control of the machine, as well as reduced pedal effort in either forward or reverse travel mode. Additionally, the transmission case is constructed from cast iron to minimize noise. The backhoe offers a 6,000-pound digging force, a 9-foot, 10-inch digging depth and a dual cylinder, 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing.
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The all-new L39 is powered by Kubota's 39-hp diesel engine. Special balancers provide lower noise and vibration levels and a spark arrestor muffler is standard. The transmission is an electronically controlled hydraulic Glide Shift transmission with 12 forward and eight reverse speeds. Its new curved boom reaches a maximum 10-foot digging depth with minimum trench cut. The loader delivers 3,560 pounds of breakout force, 2,200 pounds of lift capacity and 9 feet, 6 inches of lift height.
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The new and improved Toro backhoe attachment for use with Dingo compact utility loaders is designed for a variety of applications, including digging, loading, trenching, backfilling and demolition. The Toro backhoe comes standard with a 13-inch wide bucket and features a maximum digging depth of 82 inches and a 78-inch, two-foot, flat-bottom digging depth. The unit also offers a 71-inch loading height and 113-inch loading reach from the swing pivot. Compared to previous backhoe models, the new unit offers a wider swing arc and bucket rotation, both of which measure a full 180 degrees.
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The BL-570 compact backhoe loader is designed to have the power, reach and lifting force to meet the demands of nearly any application. The machine is suited to utility installation, landscaping and rental applications, as well as general construction and repair work. The BL-570 has a maximum digging depth of 12 feet, a rated operating capacity of 3,406 pounds and a breakout force of 9,370 pounds. It is equipped with the standard Bob-Tach attachment mounting system for the loader and the X-Change system for the backhoe.
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John Deere

The 710G backhoe features enhanced components from the previous model, including the boom, loader arms, cab and tilted hood. Powered by a 6-cylinder engine, the 710G's 118-net-hp John Deere 6068T diesel provides power and versatility to maximize productivity. The pressure-compensating, load-sensing hydraulics are the same as the system used by Deere's 410G backhoe. Improvements such as longer, box-constructed stabilizers provide enhanced stability through a stance that is 18 inches wider, and bucket dig force has increased by 4,000 pounds.
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The new generation JCB 214 backhoe loader features an optional, fully adjustable, seat-mounted Precision Controls System, which allows operators to use the machine from any non-rear-facing position. The Precision Controls System is a hydraulic over hydraulic servo-control system that is mounted in the armrest of the machine. In addition, the cab offers all-around visibility with an increased glass area, strategic positioning of the front windshield wiper, a wide rear opening window and a low floor at the rear for visibility down the trench.
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General Equipment

General Equipment Co.'s 471 DIG-R-TACH hydraulically powered earth drilling attachment system is specifically designed for use with lower-auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates found on popular models of compact loader backhoes, mini-excavators and compact utility loaders. The system features a universal mounting bracket that conforms to a wide variety of loader bucket configurations. Mounted quickly and easily by one person, the 471 DIG-R-TACH requires no special tools, drilling or welding. The supplied bracket grips tightly with a positive locking system.
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Bobcat's new line of hydraulic breaker attachments is designed for concrete and general demolition work. The new hydraulic breaker attachments have an entirely new internal design with fewer moving parts and no external tie rods, thus reducing overall service time. Another advancement is the auto power feature, which is an automatic pressure regulator that ensures maximum performance of the breaker, regardless of tool carrier hydraulic flow variations or changes in outdoor temperature. The auto power feature also limits excessive pressure at the time of startup, which protects the energy chamber diaphragm, allowing for longer service life.
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Volvo Construction Equipment

The Volvo BL60 was designed for the operations of multi-machine fleet owners, construction equipment rental businesses, governmental agencies and owner/operators. Equipped with a low-emission, 86 net horsepower, turbocharged diesel engine and fixed-flow hydraulic system, the BL60 has a 14 foot, 9 inch digging depth and 11,864 pounds of backhoe bucket digging force. The 1.3 cubic yard loader bucket has a lift capacity of 5,114 pounds and 8,752 pounds of bucket breakout force. The backhoe loader can be delivered with 2- or 4-wheel drive, enclosed cab or open canopy and with a standard or extendable dipper.
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Case Construction Equipment's new M Series 2 includes five models that range in horsepower from 76 to 98 with loader capacities from 6,182 to 7,327 pounds. The models are now available with Case Pilot Controls, which are infinitely variable in the fore/aft and lateral positions. Wrist rests are also height adjustable. A thumb-proportional control for the Extendahoe provides relaxed, precise and easy fingertip operation. Models also feature Tier II-certified engines that are quieter than their predecessors.
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Woods Equipment Co.

The Groundbreaker-X BH70-X and BH80X (pictured) backhoe models are designed for commercial contractors and homeowners with skid steers or 18- to 45-hp compact tractors. The Groundbreaker-X easily attaches and detaches with either a 3-point or 4-point hitch. Its excavator-style curved boom and large dipper cylinders offer up to 3,780 pounds of digging force. It also features 180-degree swing arc and 180-degree bucket rotation. Dual-swing cylinders ensure a more controlled swing, with higher and more constant swing forces for operations such as backfilling.
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