Attachments Add Versatility to Compact Vehicle

Ditch Witch's new compact utility vehicle the XT850 combines features of the mini skid steer and mini excavators. The XT850 is a lightweight excavator/tool-carrier with options that include trailer, stands and attachments for virtually any underground construction task.

“Operators are looking for a one-stop machine that will perform a majority of the tasks they're being asked to do on the jobsite,” says Kevin Smith, product manager for Ditch Witch. “This machine can perform multiple tasks with a single unit.”

The XT850 is designed to provide power and performance in tight spaces for utility contractors, homebuilders and landscapers.

“A lot of customers comment about its size and versatility,” Smith says. “It's extremely compact, but powerful. When they operate the XT850, they're surprised at its performance and visibility.”

The patent-pending XT850 features a 260-degree excavator sweep, which allows offset digging capability from one point. The machine's turf-friendly rubber tracks are controlled by independent hydrostatic ground drives, giving the operator zero-radius turning capability. The XT850's functions are controlled with two joysticks. With the flip of a switch, the operator can alternate from controlling the ground drive and lift arms with attachments to controlling the excavator.

Only a ¾-ton truck is necessary to transport the entire XT850 package — excavator tool-carrier, trailer and attachments — which weighs less than 10,000 pounds.

Verified by Kevin Smith, product manager for Ditch Witch.
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Weight: less than 10,000 pounds
Excavator sweep: 260 degrees
Attachments: More than 70

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