Heating & Ventilation

Sept. 1, 2004
General Equipment The GP21 positive pressure ventilator is the first of its kind designed specifically for construction-related applications. The high-static

General Equipment

The GP21 positive pressure ventilator is the first of its kind designed specifically for construction-related applications. The high-static pressure capabilities of the unit's propellers create a pressure differential that channels the airstream through an available exit and into the atmosphere. Hazardous dusts, fumes and ambient temperature extremes, found in many construction-related activities, can be effectively minimized or eliminated using this method. The unit is powered by a 5½-hp Honda gasoline engine and produces an airflow rate of 11,000 cfm with a static capacity of 5 inches or more. An electric-powered model is also available.
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Ground Heaters

The new Sahara Air Heater Model 1250 is designed for temporarily heating large enclosed spaces and multistory buildings for construction applications. The unit utilizes a trailer-mounted hydronic heater to heat the unit's 140 gallons of heat transfer fluid up to 180F. The unit can be powered by three different fuel types, including diesel, propane and natural gas. Conversion for each fuel option can be done in the field and only takes a matter of minutes.

Marc Mandin, general manager of Edmonton, Alberta-based 4-Way Equipment Rentals has grown winter business at his location by adding hydronic heaters to the fleet. “The heater's design addresses two of the contractor's biggest problems with other types of heaters by keeping both the moist combustion by-products and the flame that concerns insurance companies where they should be … outside.”
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Mosebach Manufacturing

The HotBox is a durable, portable industrial heater, designed for warming winter jobsites. It warms jobsite workers without the fumes, carbon monoxide risks and refueling hassles of kerosene- or propane-fueled heaters. Made of fire-resistant plastic, the lightweight HotBox is the size of a medium-sized toolbox. With rubber wheels that roll easily over rough surfaces and a retractable handle, the unit can be transported in the back of a pick-up truck. It cools quickly and can be stacked for storage.
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Prime Energy

A new line of 20-ton, high-static air-conditioning units are now available from Prime Energy. Built with scroll-compressor design, the Prime Energy units can immediately start-up and produce cold air. The units are designed to cool up to 10,000 square feet under ideal conditions, and the high static helps produce a breeze. The temperature control units can be used in any application where heat is a problem, from confined space environments to motor cooling, to buildings.
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The Jectair HP operates on compressed air or steam with no moving parts, contributing to maintenance-free operation. It is suitable for removing fumes during welding, dust suppression during sandblasting and providing air supply to improve worker comfort and productivity. The patent-pending Jectair HP has an air-mixing chamber that produces 14 percent more air while consuming 26 percent less compressed air. It is available in five sizes with airflows ranging from 1370 to 8900 cfm.
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United CoolAir

United CoolAir now offers a 5-ton portable horizontal air conditioning unit. The low-profile PAC5 is compact enough for indoor or outdoor applications and features horizontal ducted supply and return with condenser air top discharge. The condenser air can be set up for ducting or free-blow configuration. A variety of options are available, including Camlock connections, different controls and electric heat.
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Allmand Bros.

The Allmand Maxi-Heat portable heater is designed to resolve problems associated with cold weather work conditions by providing clean, breathable, heated air at the jobsite. It is also used to provide a warm environment curing concrete, painting bridges, drying rail cars and warehouse construction. The enclosed indirect-fired twin heater units are rated at a total output of 1,000,000 BTUs per hour delivering a maximum of 5,600 cfm, with as much as a 180F temperature rise above ambient.
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