The Worthy Opponents Continued

Feb. 1, 2012
RER presents the remaining 2011 Innovative Product Award honorable mentions.

Picking up where we left off in the January issue of RER, following are the final contenders from the 2011 RER Innovative Product Award competition.

Noteworthy for its creativity, inspired response to customer need, answers to changing industry trends such as efficiency and the environment, and the continued evolution of technology, the 2011 competition brought to light the most recent feats of product engineering for the rental channel. Although the following products did not win awards, they were all contenders that made the judges' decisions difficult.

RER will soon issue a call for entries to the 2012 RER Innovative Product Award competition. If you know of a highly innovative new product that could be worthy of consideration this year, tell us about it. Send suggestions to Brandey Smith at [email protected].

Honorable Mentions

Category: Light towers

Terex AL4L and AL5L light towers
Terex/Genie, Redmond, Wash.

Introduced: February 28, 2011

Key innovation: First LED light towers in the industry offering better light and no noise or emissions. 50,000-hour bulb life lasts five-times longer than metal halide lights.

Terex Aerial Work Platforms offers the new Terex AL4L and AL5L, the industry's first LED light towers. LED technology is the latest innovation in jobsite lighting that significantly improves upon traditional metal-halide light towers.

LED light towers offer the benefit of crisper lighting capabilities compared to 4000-watt metal-halide models. As battery-operated units, the light towers eliminate engine noise and emissions, making them both environmentally friendly and extremely versatile. With a 50,000-hour bulb life, the LED lights last five times longer than metal-halide lights. The LED towers provide up to 10 hours of run-time and unlike metal-halide lights, have instant on/off operation. Low light pollution and sharp side cut-off reduces road glare to motorists, making the AL4L and AL5L suitable for a wide range of applications.

The AL4L and AL5L provide excellent jobsite illumination without sacrificing compact portability. When operating, both units offer a 30-foot extended height. When stowed, the AL5L has a height of 69 inches and a length of 178 inches. The AL4L is even more compact with a stowed height of 67 inches and length of 178 inches. The combination of a 10-hour run-time and silent operation makes the LED light towers well suited for applications ranging from commercial construction to indoor entertainment events.

Terex LED light tower offerings include the AL5L and two AL4L options, a battery-operated unit and a generator-operated unit. The AL5L comes standard with an 8-kW generator for charging on-board batteries. These light towers offer the convenience of self charging as the AL5L can be used to charge up to three battery-operated AL4L units. One AL4L with 6-kW generator option can also charge one AL4L battery-operated unit. This charging system decreases overall fuel consumption considerably when towers are used in collaboration.

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Category: Material Handling

GlasLift 1100
HH-Intellitech, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Introduced: May 2011

Key innovation: Self-propelled multi-lifter with ability to lift 1,100 pounds of flat-surfaced materials up to 15 feet with extreme precision.

HH-Intellitech, which was established to manufacture intelligent building solutions and to create a safer and more efficient environment for construction and manufacturing companies, introduces the GlasLift 1100, a self-propelled telescopic boom manipulator with a lifting capacity of 1,100 pounds. The GlasLift 1100 is designed to simplify and speed up the installation of large glass panels and other flat-surfaced materials such as granite, wood, plasterboard, steel and concrete. The rugged and reliable GlasLift 1100 uses computer sensors to ensure stability of the machine throughout its operating range of motion and without the need for outriggers, and provides excellent maneuverability, reducing mounting times on projects worldwide by up to 50 percent.

Some unique characteristics of the GlasLift 1100 include 3D-manipulation of materials from ground level to 15 feet; the load can be swung 45 degrees to each side (with use of extendable/ retractable front wheels); it features 100-percent mobile and stable construction without the use of outriggers, allowing for easy access through normal doorways even with full load.

The GlasLift 1100 can position 1,100-pound loads with 1/10 millimeter precision and offers twice the mounting speed compared to other vacuum suction systems. A dual-circuit vacuum system with 100-percent redundancy and 400-percent over capacity provide the highest safety standards. In addition, the boom features two driving programs: low speed when the main boom is raised in mounting mode and high speed for operating when the main boom is lowered.

Total high-tech sensor surveillance of all functions is designed to ensure maximum use of the GlasLift 1100 work diagram simultaneously, ensuring 100-percent safety. An intuitive remote control provides precise proportional handling and positioning of loads, allowing the operator to optimize positioning in relation to the load. It also features online remote diagnostics and repair to allow for diagnosis and servicing via online access from anywhere in the world.

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Tiresocks Inc.'s Forksocks Centennial, Colo.

Introduced: February 2011

Key innovation: A surface protection product designed to fit over forklift forks to protect a variety of materials from scratching, marring and other damage caused by sharp fork tips.

Tiresocks Inc. introduces ForkSocks, its new product designed to fit over forklift forks to protect a variety of materials from scratching, marring and sharp fork tips. Forksocks were created based on an industry-wide need for surface protection options for painted, finished or fragile materials found in most warehouses. ForkSocks are constructed of a heavy-duty material, have a double-reinforced toe, and attach securely to the forklift using a bungee cord. They can be made to fit any size forks with a heavy-duty option available. ForkSocks are a necessity in a variety of applications including handling of painted racking, chrome parts, sheets of glass and other fabricated material. No other product has the versatility to handle both light and heavy-duty applications, the maker says.

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Category: Miscellaneous

Steam Boiler Atlas Copco, Humble, Texas

Introduced: September 2010

Key innovation: Packaged 20-foot contained steam boiler in a unique container design.

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental introduces the Steam Boiler, a packaged 20-foot containerized unit that includes a BIB Wee Chieftain boiler. The Steam Boiler is a self-contained unit capable of delivering:

  • Output: 2,000 kg / hr, from and at 100°C

  • Operation: high / low

  • Working pressure: 10.34 bar g

  • Turn down ratio: 2:1

  • Design pressure: 11.00 bar g

  • Code: BS2790 current edition and revision with independent inspection

  • Electrical supply: 440 v / 3 Ph / 60 Hz / 32 amps

  • Fuel Spec: distillate oil - Class D - 5.5 cSt @ 40oC (max) (35 SRN1 @ 38oC)

In the oil and gas and process industry steam is used for a wide range of applications such as well testing, mud transfer, heating, cleaning and sterilization. Safety is key in the design and manufacturing of Atlas Copco steam boilers, which conform to ED Directive and are PED 97/23/EC compliant.

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Green Monster LS1200 Green Monster Manufacturing LLC, Elmsford, N.Y.

Introduced: July 25, 2011

Key innovation: A lighter weight hydraulic stake puller with improved maneuverability.

Green Monster Manufacturing introduces the LS1200 Hydraulic Stake Puller. This redesigned stake puller features a new slimmer, trimmer profile and the unit is 50 pounds lighter. Designed for professional tent installers, this labor-saving unit will decrease labor cost and increase profitability by reducing tent installer fatigue thereby increasing productivity, the company says.

A new, ergonomic design gives this lighter unit improved maneuverability — the chassis is slightly longer for better leverage and has wider handles and adjusted grip. A sleeker chassis gives the user a better view to jaw and the LS1200 now has stronger uni-body construction. The monster still pulls all brands of stakes, even stakes in bars, from all types of surfaces, blacktop, grass or hardpan. Other features include safety shut off and flat-free tires.

Green Monster Manufacturing strives to improve the ease and speed of tent and structure installations and removals, thereby increasing profitability by reducing labor costs. The company is committed to R&D for creating professional-quality products for the rental industry.

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TireSocks Inc., Centennial, Colo.

Introduced: May 2011

Key innovation: Made of 600 denier nylon material, CasterSocks cover the wheels of dollies, carts, pallet jacks and more to protect the finish of a variety of flooring.

Tiresocks Inc. rolled out its newest product CasterSocks in May 2011 — a similar concept to TireSocks, but used on the smaller wheels of dollies, carts, pallet jacks, hospital beds, and other equipment used in a variety of industries. Tiresocks has been protecting floors against scuff marks from tires of all sizes for many years and recently decided to expand its product line to accommodate smaller caster wheels found on a variety of equipment.

Caster wheels can not only mark and scratch all types of flooring but can track dirt and debris as well. CasterSocks are designed to protect all types of flooring in a multitude of industries, are easy to use, durable and can be made to fit any-size wheel. CasterSocks are made of a lighter duty 600 denier nylon material, which results in strength and durability. They are water and chemical resistant.

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