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May 1, 2005
JLG The Lull Model 1044C Series II from JLG Industries features 80 inches of horizontal boom travel for accurate load placement. The Model 1044C Series


The Lull Model 1044C Series II from JLG Industries features 80 inches of horizontal boom travel for accurate load placement. The Model 1044C Series II has a 10,000-pound maximum lift capacity with a maximum lift height of 54 inches and 3,000-pound maximum lift capacity with a maximum forward reach of 38.5 feet with the transaction retracted. Multifunction hydraulic-over-hydraulic joystick controls deliver superior responsiveness for precise load placement and faster cycle times for unsurpassed productivity. A rear axle stabilization system provides increased stability during operation. It also features an automatic fork leveling system.
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The new Caterpillar 325C LCR hydraulic excavator features a compact swing radius for high productivity in tight areas. Tail swing radius is only 6 feet, 3 inches, as compared to 10 feet for the standard 325C L. To further minimize the working envelope and to boost lift capacity over the front, the boom tower is positioned farther back in the upper frame as compared to a standard excavator. The design reduces the front swing radius when the boom is pulled up for easier operation in limited spaces.
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Hydraulic efficiency of Indeco's HP Series breakers has increased across the entire range of HP breakers, improving the intelligent variable speed and power system that automatically senses the hardness of the material being broken. The breaker then automatically adjusts the impact per blow for maximum operating efficiency. The HP Series also features interchangeable performance parts to enhance the breaker's performance. The new breaker line has been completely redesigned for the smaller range of breakers with a slimmer profile for easier entry into restricted areas and narrow openings. The casing has also been super silenced to comply with night work and indoor demolition noise requirements.
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Perkins introduced the first 4-cylinder diesel engine that utilizes a mechanical fuel management system in achieving Tier III/Stage IIIA emissions compliance. No fuel system electronics are required in the new 1104D Series engine, which uses elements of Caterpillar's ACERT Technology in a package that can be substituted directly for existing 1104C Series engines with no re-engineering. This advanced mechanical version of the 1104D engine includes a two-valve head, rotary fuel injection pump, a single vee-belt design and optimized inlet manifold temperatures above 75 kW (100 hp).
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New Holland

Whether digging footers, ripping up concrete, or performing general excavating work in tight spaces, the new EH15.B, EH27.B, EH30.B, EH35.B (pictured) and EH50.B are designed to have the size and power to make quick work of tough jobs. All five models feature an independent boom swing mechanism. One pump is dedicated to the swing circuit, which enables simultaneous operation of the boom, arm or bucket without any effect on swing operation. The EH.B Series models range from 3,240 pounds to 10,384 pounds and produce from 11.9 to 40.8 net hp. The new models provide bucket breakout forces up to 8,914 pounds and maximum digging depths from 6 feet, 11 inches to 11 feet, 9 inches.
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John Deere

The new Deere CT 322 and CT 332 (pictured) compact track loaders feature a 2-speed transmission, hydraulic Quik-Tatch, a self-leveling bucket, high-flow hydraulics and a comfortable HVAC system. The instrumentation panel displays operating information and features sealed, easy-to-operate rocker switches. The CT 332 offers servo controls and an ergonomically shaped armrest for finger-light efforts with maximum control. Large-diameter idlers enhance the ride and durability of the steel-reinforced rubber track, while a patented undercarriage design allows the front idler and front roller to move in tandem for a smoother ride.
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Smith Equipment

The new Dual Guard oxy-fuel cutting torches in medium- and heavy-duty toolbox outfits feature a rugged, high impact plastic with steel latches and can safely transport oxy-fuel equipment. The torch features a flashback arrestor built into the torch head and Smith's in-tip mixing technology featuring a three-tube construction to keep gases separate until they mix in the tip. The combination outfits come complete with torch handle, cutting attachment, oxy regulator, fuel gas regulator, and cutting, welding and heating tips.
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Robin Subaru

Models in the Silent Series generators include the R1700i at 1,650 watts, the RG3200iS at 3,200 watts and the RG4300iS (pictured) — the first-ever 4,300-watt inverter generator. The advanced inverter technology is designed to significantly reduce running sound. Conventional generator designs run the engine at full speed regardless of the amount of power being used. Robin Subaru inverter generators run the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increase speed as more electrical power is required. Further sound reduction is achieved through the reverse cooling design, which allows the generators to be fully enclosed in a sound absorbing poly-resin en-closure for near silent operation.
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For reaching working heights of 33 feet to 56 feet and capacities of 800 to 1,500 pounds, Skyjack offers its mid-size, standard 4-wheel drive, rough terrain Skyjack — Models 7127, 7135 (pictured), 8243 and 8850. With gradeability to 30 percent, and 64-inch by 170.5-inch roll-out platforms expanded, these aerial work platforms have an engine range from a liquid-cooled dual fuel to diesel.
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