May 1, 2006
Subaru Robin Subaru Robin's centrifugal-type trash pumps are available in models with 2-, 3- and 4-inch discharge outlets. A Subaru Robin overhead-cam

Subaru Robin

Subaru Robin's centrifugal-type trash pumps are available in models with 2-, 3- and 4-inch discharge outlets. A Subaru Robin overhead-cam or overhead-valve gasoline engine powers each model. The 2-inch PKX201T is powered by the EX17, a 6-hp overhead-cam engine, and offers a delivery volume of 185 gpm, while the 3-inch PTV305T is powered by the EH25-2D, an 8.5-hp overhead-valve engine, and offers a delivery volume of 343 gpm. The 4-inch PTV405T is powered by the EH34D, an 11-hp overhead valve engine, and offers a delivery volume of 528 gpm. The 2-inch model can handle solid debris up to ¾ inch, and the 3- and 4-inch models can handle solid debris up to 1¼ inches.
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Atlas Copco

The LTP 3 submersible trash pump is designed for a wide range of applications, including removing debris-filled water from construction and excavation sites and flooded basements. The 3-inch pump handles stones and other debris up to 2½ inches in diameter. A discharge capacity of 507 gpm and a lifting head up to 104 feet allows the LTP 3 to quickly and efficiently move large volumes of water. The spark-proof pump is driven by a hydraulic motor and can run dry without sustaining damage to internal components. Compact and lightweight, the unit weighs 28 pounds and can be easily transported around a jobsite. The pump's 33-foot discharge hose offers snap-lock, quick-release couplings to facilitate moving the pump to another area of a site.
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ITT Flygt

ITT Flygt's solids/sludge handling pumps now include a comprehensive line of progressive cavity pumps. Engineered to pump liquids with high solids content or aggressive liquids with low to high viscosity, the units are based on a modular design to handle virtually any application. The self-priming, rotary displacement units are designed for handling a wide range of viscous media such as heavy sludge and slurries. Flygt's PC design consists of a rotar turning inside a stator, forming cavities that progress uniformly from suction to discharge, carrying the liquid with them. The pumps can be installed horizontally or vertically.
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Honda Power Equipment

Honda's construction pumps are designed for heavy-duty commercial and agricultural applications. Powered by Honda commercial-grade OHV engines, the WT series trash pumps feature full tubular frames, unique conical-shaped cast-iron impeller and volute, replaceable stainless-steel wear plates, long-life silicon carbide water seals and lightweight cast aluminum pump housing. The WDP series diaphragm pumps move wastewater containing up to 2.4-inch diameter solids and are designed for industrial applications where shallow depths might be encountered. The pumps also feature Honda's innovative shock-absorbing spring-loaded connecting rod. Honda produces five trash and diaphragm pump models.
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The new QP-4TH 4-inch trash pump is designed for contractors who need to remove water with high solid content from quarries, mines and other construction sites. Sand, sticks, stones and other debris up to 2 inches in diameter can easily pass through the pump, the company says. The 4-inch model has a maximum pumping capacity of 555 gpm. It is driven by an 11-hp Honda gasoline engine and boasts a maximum head of 92 feet. The fast-priming QP-4TH is housed in a strong but compact aluminum die cast pump casing. The 1.1-inch pipe frame includes four easy lifting handles to facilitate transportation to, from and around the jobsite.
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Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent's new 8-inch, DV-200c pump is designed to reduce bypass pumping and dewatering operational and maintenance costs. It is fuel efficient and features increased hydraulic efficiencies up to 81 percent, solids handling to 3.375 inches and good suction lift performance. The galvanized trailer resists corrosion, eliminating expensive repainting costs. It also handles flows up to 4,500 gpm and heads up to 260 feet.
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Godwin Pumps

The Godwin Dri-Prime 6-inch CD150M automatic-priming centrifugal pump handles solids to 3 inches in diameter, maximum flows of 1,700 gpm and 160 feet of total dynamic head and long-lasting dry-running capabilities. Applications include dewatering and sewage bypassing. Mounted on a highway trailer, the CD150M is maneuverable and portable. A super-quiet critical silence pack version is available for use in residential communities.
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Thompson Pump

The 88HST with a 78HPU is Thompson's first 8-inch high head, high flow, hydraulic submersible pump. It handles solids up to 3 inches, has a maximum capacity of 3,300 gpm and pumps efficiently at heads up to 240 feet. The submersible pump end eliminates suction lift limitations, allowing pumping in deep excavations, manholes, open pits, quarries and mines. Designed to run dry without damaging components, this model is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and steel for high reliability and maximum versatility.
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Wacker offers a complete line of centrifugal self-priming trash pumps that are built to meet the demands of construction, mining, municipality, farm and marine applications. The PT 6LT (trailer) and PT 6LS (skid), 6-inch models can pump up to 1,300 gpm with solids up to 2 inches. The PT 6 series is powered by a 32.5-hp Lombardini diesel engine. The PT 6 features a cast ductile iron pump housing, impeller, wear plate and volute for strength and durability. A mixed-flow impeller design produces high volume and head for increased pump capacity.
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Magnum Products

Magnum's new self-priming trash pumps are available in 4- and 6-inch models, and handle up to 3-inch diameter solids. The pumps have flow capacities up to 1,550 gpm and up to 145 feet total dynamic head. The stainless-steel drive shaft ensures the life of the pump against rust invasion along with removable steel plates with stainless hardware that are externally adjustable. Diesel-powered John Deere engines power the new self-priming pump models.
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The Gorman-Rupp Co.

The PA6C60-4045D-ESP priming assisted silent pump offers pumping capacities to 2,360 gpm and head to 156 feet. It handles 3-inch diameter spherical solids. All Prime Aire pumps feature Gorman-Rupp's patented priming system, which uses a venture and compressor, eliminating the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. An oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal allows the pump to run dry continuously without damage. The lightweight aluminum acoustically treated enclosure offers corrosion resistance and reduced sound levels below industry standards — as low as 63 dBa under full load. The pump is designed for use on sewer bypass applications in residential areas or any sound sensitive area.
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Tsurumi Pump

The new HS3.75 is designed to pump sands, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging. Features include a built-in shaft-mounted agitator that suspends solids; a urethane semi-vortex impeller for maximum durability and maintaining pump performance; and a double inside mechanical seal with SiC faces to provide long operational life. In addition, a patent-pending oil lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces, and a V-ring seal protector protects the mechanical seal from abrasive particles.
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Moving Water Industries

MWI's Rotoflo is designed for well point or sock dewatering. Engineered to be rugged, reliable, simple-to-operate and to use less fuel than its competitors, the rotary lobes pump air as easily as water, making it best suited for both the draw down and maintenance phases of the project. The Rotoflo self primes without the complicated vacuum pump, float and plumbing that can clog or break. Unique to the Rotoflo are patented, replaceable rotor tips that allow quick and easy changes without replacing the entire expensive rotors.
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The 6-pound Yellow Submarine electric submersible pump from Stow is portable and pumps up to 22 gpm and is designed for applications such as emptying flooded rooms, draining and filling tanks, powering fountains and waterfalls, bailing swimming pool covers and dewatering flat roofs. The Yellow Submarine pumps dry to 1/8 inch, fits into 7-inch openings and is powered by a 0.25-hp, 115-volt motor. The unit also features built-in overload protection to prevent the motor from overheating, a removable screened bottom for easy clean up and a self-cleaning, open trash-type impeller to handle any solids that pass through the screen. For improved versatility, the pump's NPT discharge is equipped with a garden hose adapter.
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Riverside Pumps

Riverside Pump Manufacturing increased the power on one of its most popular rental pumps. The TP3B 3-inch trash pump is now powered by a 10-hp Briggs & Stratton Intek Pro engine, which replaces the 8-hp engine used previously. The TP3 series of contractor trash pumps also includes models powered by Honda GX240 8-hp OHV engines and Yanmar L70V 6.7-hp diesel engines. Other popular rental pumps include 2- and 3-inch diaphragm pumps, which also offer Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Yanmar diesel power, and the 2- and 4-inch trash pump models.
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MMD Equipment

The BTR Series from MMD Equipment is designed to be versatile. The BTR-400S and both the 120-volt and 230-volt BTR-750S 2-inch submersible pumps are capable of pumping at high heads and will fit into standard 8-inch pipe casing. The BTR-1500S 3-inch submersible pump is designed to move nearly twice as much water as the company's 2-inch pumps. An internal voltage selector circuit board allows the operator to use this pump from either 120-volt or 240-volt power sources. In addition, the company's BHV-401S is a true submersible trash pump that will handle 1-inch solids.
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