2007 Innovative Product Award Honorable Mentions

Jan. 1, 2008
Computer Software Systematic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dashboard Version 2.0 Key innovation: Up-to-date reports and analysis allow operators to focus

Computer Software

Systematic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dashboard Version 2.0

Key innovation: Up-to-date reports and analysis allow operators to focus on other areas of the rental business.

Systematic Dashboard is a business intelligence tool that provides up-to-the-minute results and controls the bottom line and the health of rental operations. Multi-colored charts give immediate information on profitability, revenue and asset utilization and display how well a business is performing in real-time. Choose from more than 70 charts and customize each view with metrics and color-coding. Tabs allow users to toggle between various views and drill down for root-cause analysis. Systematic Dashboard lets users configure pop-up and e-mail alerts that provide instant feedback about business. Operators are notified when issues develop, allowing time for immediate action. The burden of interpreting static reports is significantly reduced; the time saved can now be refocused on improving customer relations and operations efficiency.
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Concrete-working Equipment

Brentwood Industries, MTA Distributors, Whites Creek, Tenn.

Pro Boss Pour Spout Wheelbarrow

Key innovation: Designed with a structural-steel-channel undercarriage and 6-inch knobbed tires to stand up to demanding jobsites.

MTA Distributors introduces the Pro Boss Pour Spout wheelbarrow from Brentwood Industries (Model PW6SP). This 6-cubic-foot wheelbarrow is designed for the professional contractor. Pouring concrete into Sonotube is designed to be easier because the structural-steel-channel undercarriage and 6-inch knobbed tires are made to stand up to the most demanding jobsite. The Pour Spout's oversized 60-inch American Hardwood handles enable users to lift heavy loads. Brentwood Industries' UV-stabilized polyethylene pan is rugged, easy-to-clean and stays clean job after job, and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
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Ingersoll Rand, Woodcliff Lake, N.J.

PowerSource G90-G570 Mobile Generators

Key innovation: Features low-noise signature improvements that are designed for night work and noise-sensitive applications.

Ingersoll Rand PowerSource mobile generators offer a compact design tailored for performance, simplicity and value. New G90-G570 PowerSource models range from 94 to 570 kVA. PowerSource generators boast low noise signatures and are suited for night work and noise-sensitive applications. Environmental skidbases provide a minimum 110-percent containment of all generator fluids for cleaner, safer worksites and minimize potential for environmental contamination. All controls and connection points are grouped at the rear of the generator in an ergonomically designed power pedestal for convenience and safety. PowerSource generators are multi-voltage capable and feature voltage selector switch protection, an innovative solution to reduce downtime and costly generator damage. If the voltage selector switch is accessed during operation, the generator will immediately shut down to prevent switching under load.
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Genie Industries, Redmond, Wash.

GS-3232 Scissorlift

Key innovation: A 3-foot extension deck allows workers to utilize maximum amount of platform workspace.

The Genie GS-3232 scissorlift lifts up to 500 pounds to 38 feet. Just 7-feet, 11-inches long and 2-feet, 8-inches wide stowed, the GS-3232 fits through standard doorways. It is designed to use in buildings with tall ceilings, sloped floors and single-door access such as churches, movie theaters and paper mills. With dual front-wheel drive and zero inside-turn radius, the GS-3232 easily maneuvers around restrictive work environments. A 3-foot extension deck allows workers and tools to utilize the maximum amount of platform workspace. The GS-3232 has a travel speed of 2.2 mph and is able to handle a 25-percent grade to get where it is needed most. The GS-3232 comes standard with Genie's automatic leveling hydraulic outrigger system, leveling on slopes of up to 5 degrees side-to-side and 3 degrees front-to-back.
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Dri-Eaz Products, Burlington, Wash.

EnviroBoss 1400

Key innovation: Features two interchangeable 8-inch duct rings for spot cooling, focused heat or for air exchange.

Dri-Eaz Products' EB1400 portable environmental control unit brings maximum versatility for balancing temperature, humidity and air exchange. The new portable unit offers 1-ton cooling effectiveness with 470 cfm, plus dehumidification, focused heating and ventilation. It is ductable for spot cooling and directing conditioned air or heat into specific spaces, while filtering room air and pumping out condensation. Designed to help customers manage temperatures and control humidity anywhere it's needed, the new environmental control unit includes two interchangeable 8-inch duct rings for spot cooling, focusing heat or for air exchange. Its rotomolded housing is treated with Microban antimicrobial product protection, and the sturdy shell protects it from dings or dents that commonly plague metal housing designs. The EB1400 is easy to operate with digital temperature controls, an automatic pump and cord, and hose pockets for fast access and storage.
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Terex Corp., Westport, Conn.

HFT 70RS Rental Equipment Trailer

Key innovation: Unit can transport up to 70,000 pounds of various equipment and features an automatic hydraulic tail lock system.

Accommodating the transportation of a variety of rental equipment from site to site, the main deck on the Terex HFT 70RS rental equipment trailer is 29 feet, 5 inches long and 102 inches wide along with additional length on the 9-foot gooseneck deck and the 10-foot extended hydraulic ramp. The folding tail creates a 6-degree break-over angle, which allows a wide range of equipment to drive up the ramp and onto the main deck without using a winch. The HFT 70RS comes standard with an automatic hydraulic tail lock system, and its starburst decking provides excellent traction to move equipment on and off the trailer. The tail section can lift and carry up to 30,000 pounds of equipment, and the trailer has an overall net capacity to carry up to 70,000 pounds.
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