Floor Care

June 1, 2004
General Equipment General Equipment introduces the SG12/E single-head surface grinder. Designed for smaller-scale surface preparation projects, the SG12/E

General Equipment

General Equipment introduces the SG12/E single-head surface grinder. Designed for smaller-scale surface preparation projects, the SG12/E is suited for professional contractors to do-it-yourself homeowners. Powered by a totally enclosed, fan-cooled 1.5-hp electric motor, the SG12 features a single rotating disc with a 12-inch wide working width. Offering a top disc rotation speed of 250 rpm, applications for the SG12 include grinding concrete surfaces; removing mastics, adhesives, epoxies and urethanes; breaking up deposits of grease and dirt; removing rubber carpet backing and industrial residues; and polishing more delicate terrazzo and marble floor surfaces. The SG12 includes a folding handle that facilitates transport.

Dan DeWitte of Bloomington Rental in Bloomington, Minn., says the SG12 can handle several applications and caters to many different customers from the homeowner to the general contractor. “It can be used for general repair, stain removal, correcting uneven surfaces — anything that can be solved by stripping away layers of concrete is an ideal application for the SG12 surface grinder,” DeWitte says.
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Stow's new floor covering scraper is designed to remove direct glue-down carpet, hardwood flooring, linoleum, non-slip floor coverings, vinyl tile and adhesive, cement or mastic. The SFCS16 model is driven by a .75-hp fan-cooled capacitor-start motor and constructed with unitized, welded steel plates for added strength. Operating at 10.3 amps under full load, the scraper can be plugged into any regular 15-amp electrical circuit. It comes standard with 37 feet of GFI-protected extension cord. The foldable handle reduces the machine's height to only 23 inches and the scraper will fit into most car trunks.

Rental Store Supply in St. Petersburg, Fla., has sold about 90 of these models in the last five months. He says customers like that the scraper has pitch control so they don't have to lift it off the floor. Salesman Alex Vann has used the scraper to lift linoleum. “It's real easy to use,” he says. “It's quiet and it did a real good job.”
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Essex Silver-Line

Essex Silver-Line has been manufacturing its SL-8 floor sander since 1958 without major changes. A high torque, repulsion-induction motor that runs on 14 amps allows the drum to run at a slow constant speed. The drum is covered with a high-density foam rubber that is softer on the floor than other materials and therefore more forgiving for the do-it-yourselfer. The combination of the slow constant speed drum and tilt action allows even first-time users to achieve professional results when they sand their floors.

John Spinks of Active Hire, a rental company in Sydney, Australia, has 30 Silver-Lines because he says they are reliable and perform flawlessly every time. “Silver-Lines do what customers want and they don't break down like the others,” Spinks says.
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Ridge Tool Co.

Ridge Tool Co. introduces a portable wet/dry vacuum with a powerful 5-hp motor and smaller 4-gallon capacity. The model WD4050 has a streamlined shape that is designed for easier transport, setup and use in confined areas. It has a polypropylene casing that is impact and corrosion resistant, and it has an automatic suction shut-off that senses and prevents liquid overflow. Like all Rigid wet/dry vacs, the WD4050 converts to a blower with a minimum 150 mph blowing velocity.
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Clarke's walk-behind Encore 17 compact scrubbers provide maneuverability without sacrificing the maximum performance features of large-capacity equipment. The three machines in this series can maneuver in tight spaces and provide aggressive scrubbing performance. These machines feature 11-gallon solution and recovery tanks, a ¾-hp motor and brush pressure up to 90 pounds. The Encore 17 compact scrubbers also have an on-board battery charger that facilitates running time up to three hours. Additional features include smooth lines to prevent snagging on merchandise or furnishings and optional labor-saving spray and vacuum wand for off-aisle cleaning and an optional squeegee for narrow aisles.
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The 3366 Rider Sweeper from American-Lincoln incorporates a 53.7- or 63-hp Ford gasoline engine; 44-hp 2-liter Perkins diesel engine; and direct throw sweeping. It also features a hydraulic pump with cast iron housing, heavy gauge all-steel construction and super duty large industrial tires. Keeping the operator in mind, it has an adjustable suspension seat with lower back support, full-time power steering, single foot pedal controls, no-tool dust filter changes, complete instrumentation and easy maneuverability in tight quarters. Productivity is maximized with a sweep path of 66 inches with a single side broom and 78 inches with dual side brooms.
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U-Can-Do Products

The Honey-Do Air Flo vacuum features a polished fiberglass tank with 5-gallon solution and recovery capacities. For serviceability, the tank is hinged onto motor housing on the back of the machine, and the front latches can be released to swing the tank upward to expose the motor compartment. The vacuum weighs 54 pounds, is 27 inches tall and 16 inches wide.
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Cherryhill Manufacturing Corp.

The U-Sand floor sander from Cherryhill Manufacturing is 125 pounds and covers 113 square inches. The U-Sand uses a hook and loop attaching system, making changing the paper simple. A built-in vacuum system virtually eliminates airborne dust. This floor sander is engineered to get into hard-to-reach areas along walls and closets, and it sands right up to the baseboard or base shoe. The U-Sand is also designed to be a sander, edger and buffer — eliminating the need for the operator to rent three machines.
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Edco dual-disc concrete grinders are designed to repair damaged slabs, remove deteriorated coatings and prepare surfaces for overlays. Various accessories enable concrete contractors to use the grinders to remove old, existing coatings, and prepare the surface for new ones. Edco grinders are available in 11-, 22- and 36-inch working widths with a choice of gasoline, propane or electric power.
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The Hiretech HTF-2 orbital sander is engineered to give a swirl-free sanding performance. The HTF-2 is designed for sanding and refinishing floating parquet and other thin laminated, veneered or solid wood floors. The vacuum system transports fine dust into a reusable disposable paper dust bag for disposal and the floating handle adjusts to suit the users' height. An integral light provides a flood of illumination in front of the sander, highlighting the floor surface. The sander weighs 95 pounds and the handle can be removed for safe transportation.
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