March 1, 2003
Generators The portable sound-attenuated WhisperWatt line from Multiquip features 15 models, ranging from the 25 kVA-generating DCA-25SSIU to the DCA-800SSK


The portable sound-attenuated WhisperWatt line from Multiquip features 15 models, ranging from the 25 kVA-generating DCA-25SSIU to the DCA-800SSK that delivers output power up to 800 kVA. All internal parts of each machine are shock mounted to a heavy steel frame for minimum vibration and extended service life. The standard weather-resistant steel housing provides complete protection and each unit is soundproofed to enable operation at low noise levels. Sound levels at full load are from 65 to 68 dBA at 23 feet.
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The new FasTrak from Hustler Turf Equipment is a mower for the residential marketplace that is built to commercial standards of durability and performance. The mower features a choice of 16-, 18- or 20-hp Honda engines. Forty-four- and 52-inch side-discharge/mulching decks produce a desired cut. The built-in hitch allows the mower to use a variety of pull-behind attachments to make yard work easier.
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Aggregate Bin

Cemen Tech will now give customers the option of having their aggregate bin galvanized. The aggregate bin is completely immersed into a molten zinc bath. The steel of the aggregate bin bonds with the zinc, creating zinc iron alloy layers. This process will seal the aggregate bin, protecting it from nature's elements.
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The Harley screener/cleaner is designed to screen athletic infields and allow the user to make his or her own topsoil. The unit is designed to screen horse tracks and arenas for use on landscape sites, golf course construction, trench restoration and all landscaping projects. It can remove objects from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter and up to 3 inches deep, making a 3-foot wide swath. Beach cleaning models are also available for tractor drawn or self-powered ATV-pulled models.
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JLG Industries expands its product offerings to include a family of trailers designed for transporting a broad range of equipment, supplies and materials. Marketed under the Triple-L brand these lower, load and lift trailers incorporate a Power Deck hydraulic system that allows the operator to lower the deck of the trailer to ground level. Available in three styles — flatbed, utility or box and enclosed — the trailers come in 20 different models with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. Standard features include two lockable steel compartments, a quick-adjust tongue jack, heavy-duty tie down rings and a 12V system that powers the hydraulic pump used to lower and raise the deck.
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Grass Collection System

Encore offers a new grass collection system for the Prowler commercial riders. The unit has an all steel, high performance blower with a steel liner. The blower is spindle driven — no extra engine required. The blower's counter flow design breaks up incoming material to maximize the collection capacity.
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Little Wonder unveiled the new Xtra Edger with its optional crack cleaner. Responding to the need for a hand-held crack cleaner that is highly portable, highly maneuverable and with the power to be highly productive in the paving industry, the unit is designed to fill these requirements. The crack cleaner attachment is a 9-inch diameter cleaning disc manufactured from heavy-duty twisted steel wire; each brush measures 1/4-inch in diameter and is designed to remove even stubborn fragments. The product is designed for cleaning cracks in tight and confined areas as well as wide-open spaces.
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Diesel Pressure Washer

Gulf Engine added a new model, KD3003DO, to the Gulf-Tek line of premium diesel powered pressure washers. The unit features a 6-hp Kubota diesel engine and a direct-drive triplex pump. Standard features include an all-steel welded galvanized wheel kit with a lift eye and a drip pan. Safety features include spark arrestor and manual air intake shutdown.
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