Innovative Product Award Honorable Mentions

Feb. 1, 2007
The following products were contenders in the 2006 RER Innovative Product Award competition. They are each contributors to continuing product excellence

The following products were contenders in the 2006 RER Innovative Product Award competition. They are each contributors to continuing product excellence and achievement in engineering and design.


Bobcat 2300 utility vehicle
Key innovation: First-ever front attachment arm

The new Bobcat 4-wheel-drive 2300 is designed to take utility vehicles into a new generation with the first-ever front attachment arm that can be equipped with several attachments. Currently the 2300 utility vehicle can be equipped with five different specially designed Bobcat attachments: bucket, mower, pallet fork, snow mover and whisker push broom. A joystick control located in the center console of the utility vehicle controls the attachment arm and attachments. The simple design of the exclusive RapidLink attachment arm is engineered to be easy to hook up and use. A 20-hp diesel engine powers the new 2300.
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S-60HC telescopic boom
Key innovation: Highest industry load capacity

Genie's new S-60HC telescopic boom is designed to deliver the highest load capacities in the industry. The closest competitive unit (called ‘dual capacity’) offers 500 pounds unrestricted and 1,000 pounds restricted range of motion. The 3-person platform on Genie's new S-60HC is rated for 750 pounds, 50-percent more capacity throughout the entire operating envelope. It also supports platform loads up to 1,250 pounds — 25-percent more load capacity — in the maximum capacity zone at 40 feet, 8 inches. The S-60HC features envelope control through sensors that automatically limit the range of motion based on the load in the platform for safe and productive operation.
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SJ 6832 RT
Key innovation: Drivable at full height with 5-foot rollout deck fully extended

The new SJ 6832 RT rough-terrain model is designed to offer rugged, robust and reliable scissorlift performance. Standard features include an easy-to-use 5-foot rollout extension deck for increased platform space and improved reach capabilities. The 6832 RT is the only compact RT that is drivable at full height with the rollout deck fully extended, resulting in increased productivity, the company says. Two lift cylinders help provide a rigid and comfortable feel, while maintaining a low stowed height for transporting. Components on the 6832 RT are as accessible as they are on bigger rough-terrain models. A full 90-degree swing-out engine tray and tilt-out hydraulic manifold allow full and easy access when servicing. The new RT is controlled with Skyjack's universal control box with the operator key conveniently located on the base of the machine; the key is removable once the desired setting is selected.
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SJ 45T boomlift
Key innovation: Continuous drive and steer-directional sensing are standard

Skyjack's new SJ 40T and SJ 45T telescopic boomlifts are designed with quality, durability and serviceability in mind. The first thing people will notice is the aggressive design and powerful stance of the SJ 40T and SJ 45T, a look that is carried throughout the telescopic boomlift model lineup. Swing-up cowlings offer unrestricted compartment access and a swing-out engine tray allows for quick maintenance inspection. All Skyjack boomlifts are equipped with continuous drive and steer-directional sensing, a feature that automatically adjusts the control inputs based on the operator orientation relative to the base. Other standard features include oscillating axles, drivable at full height, 360-degree continuous turret rotation and up to 180-degree platform rotation. The SJ 45T model includes a 5-foot hydraulic jib.
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Haulotte Group

HA 130 JRT
Key innovation: High articulation point of 58 feet, 3 inches negotiates easily around obstacles

The HA 130 JRT 130-foot articulating boom from Haulotte Group is designed to use its high articulation point of 58 feet, 3 inches to negotiate around obstacles, and to use the boom articulations design to come back down without using the arm. The HA 130 JRT also features a maximum 63-foot horizontal outreach; standard 4-wheel drive and steer; extending and oscillating axles; and continuous outreach control. It also offers a hydraulic differential lock and 15-inch ground clearance for improved rough-terrain capability. Fully proportional controls and simultaneous boom functions improve functionality. Working area is improved via a positive/negative movement articulated fly jib with 140-degree arc of movement.
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Haulotte Group

HB 135 JRT
Key innovation: Continuous optimum movement management and new platform load controller

Haulotte Group's new HB 135 JRT 135-foot telescopic boom features a maximum 65-foot, 7-inch horizontal outreach, gradeability up to 40 percent and 180-degree hydraulic platform rotation. Other features include continuous optimum movement management, new platform load controller, a 4-degree tilt alarm allowable in all positions, hydraulic platform compensation, and stability management in all positions for more comfort. The HB 135 JRT is also designed with fully proportional, simultaneous controls for more accuracy and smoothness in movement. Four-wheel drive and steer, and extending and oscillating axles are also standard features on the HB 135 JRT.
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Kundel Industries
Key innovation: Expandable design turns base model into a complete lifting system

The SnapTrac from Kundel Industries is designed to lift and move anything up to a 1,000 pounds easily and effortlessly. Whether working on a hot rod, repairing a machine or running full production, SnapTrac's ever-expandable design allows the user to bolt sections together, turning the base model into a complete system. Crane kits come in 8- and 12-foot sections and start at $335. The system can be post-mounted or ceiling hung. Posts are sold separately.
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Thompson Pump
Arctic Knight
Key innovation: Allows diesel-driven pump operation in weather as cold as minus 40 C

Thompson Pump introduces the Arctic Knight cold weather diesel-driven pump package, which is designed to answer the call when pumps fail under rough weather conditions. The Arctic Knight consists of a dry-priming pump with cold weather enclosure and auto pump drain system. This revolutionary system is designed to set new standards for operations in frigid climates and allows a diesel-driven pump to be used in weather as cold as minus 40 C. The Arctic Knight is engineered to eliminate frozen liquids, engine-starting problems and cracked pump casings. The efficient diesel-firing space heater and automatic louver system eliminate the need for block heaters, fuel heaters and thermal blankets while regulating the temperature inside the enclosure.
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Franzen chain-sharpening machine
Key innovation: Sharpens saw chain within .100 of an inch

Stens is the North American distributor of the Franzen chain-sharpening machine, which is designed to perfectly sharpen a saw chain within .100 of an inch. Because it is automated, the machine corrects depth gauge and sharpens cutting teeth in one precise, uniform operation. The Franzen reduces the time it takes to sharpen a chain by 50 percent, requiring just four minutes to sharpen a standard chain. At 290 pounds, it is 25 inches wide, 75 inches tall and runs off 110V and 90 psi of air. The machine is designed for virtually unlimited applications, is maintenance free and easy to use, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
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Toka TS1100
Key innovation: Features anti-start, hot-wire detection and tamper notification

The TS1100 is a programmable device that replaces the key switch in all equipment. It features 47 five-digit master codes and 124 four-digit user codes that can be added or deleted with just a few presses. Two models are available, one with start position for conventional machines and one with platform/ground for two-station machines, such as manlifts or crane applications. Features include anti-start, hot-wire detection and tamper notification using rapid flashes. Every master can read all users as well as the last 10 users for damage or user accountability.
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Safety First Guardrail Systems

Evertight Cable System
Key innovation: Provides automatic tensioning of perimeter safety cables on structural-steel construction sites

The Evertight Cable System is a gravity-powered machine that provides automatic, constant tensioning of perimeter safety cables on structural-steel construction sites. Evertight is designed to easily create twice as much cable tension as turnbuckles. It also offers a “Quick Access Takedown” that allows cable to be lowered in a designated “load-in” area, while the rest of the perimeter cable remains tight — no more lowering the entire perimeter for material deliveries. Together with the company's Tough Guard Steel Guard Rails, the Evertight Cable System allows Safety First Guardrail Systems to offer a total perimeter safety solution to the commercial construction industry.
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Kiely Equipment Co.

Automated Cone Truck (ACT)
Key innovation: Operation can be performed from either the driver or passenger side

The Automated Cone Truck (ACT) is fully automated to install and dismantle lane closures utilizing only a single in-can operator. Operations can be performed from both the driver side, and passenger side of the ACT. The Automated Cone Truck can help you maximize safety, increase reliability and lower the cost of operation. The standard 14-foot model can hold 240 cones and it can close up to 4 miles. The operator remains in the cab and no other employee is needed. ACT also retrieves knocked down cones regardless of their position on the roadway. The operator can automatically switch cone spacing during operation and ACT can be equipped with taper kits and custom racks.
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