Aug. 1, 2003
Toro The Toro DD 619 trencher attachment is designed for such projects as irrigation, drain tile or valve box installations as well as tree planting and


The Toro DD 619 trencher attachment is designed for such projects as irrigation, drain tile or valve box installations as well as tree planting and edging applications. Featuring a direct drive system, the trencher also offers multiple boom length configurations, a heavy-duty nose roller bearing and a convenient chain tensioner. The direct drive system incorporates a larger hydraulic motor that provides greater torque, a longer service life and lower maintenance concerns. For maximum flexibility, the attachment allows for both a 2- and 3-foot boom configuration.
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Developed for cutting narrow straight trenches in a variety of soil types, Caterpillar trenchers are designed for installing irrigation lines in landscaping applications. The trenchers are designed to operate with the skid-steer loader traveling in reverse with the boom angled down between 45 and 65 degrees from the horizontal position. The T9 trencher operates to a maximum depth of 48 inches and maximum width of 10 inches. The model T15 trencher uses high flow machine auxiliary hydraulics and operates to a maximum depth of 60 inches.
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The RT450 trencher from Vermeer features a center-mounted backhoe operator seat, automotive-style steering, a servo-controlled ground-drive system, an uncluttered operator platform and an accessible fiberglass hood. And when the operator leaves the seat with the attachment or ground drive engaged, an operator presence system automatically shuts down the trencher. Powered by a 50-hp Deutz F3L2011 engine, the trencher offers an improved axle shaft, a 46-inch wheel base and new radial-piston hydraulic motors on all trencher attachments. Capable of trenching depths to 60 inches, it can trench widths from 5 to 12 inches.
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Little Beaver

The Kwik-trench earth saw from Little Beaver trenches up to 30 feet per minute. It cuts through compacted clay, road fill, asphalt and tree roots. The trencher leaves clean trenches that minimize backfill and cleanup time. The manual crank on belt-driven model infinitely controls cutting depth up to 12 inches deep.
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Terminator trencher chains from Ballantine are available in many styles. The chains and teeth help eliminate trencher boom bounce and kickback experienced with traditional cutters and carbide rotary bits. There are low-profile welded Terminator chains, Terminator cup combination chains and full Terminator side-mount chains.
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Ditch Witch

The 1330 hydrostatic drive pedestrian trencher is a reliable, low maintenance machine that features a reversible digging chain for dislodging rocks or spoils caught in the chain. Equipped with a 13-hp Honda GX390 gasoline engine, the trencher can trench to depths of 36 inches, with trench widths to 6 inches. At 81 inches long and 34 inches wide, the compact size of the trencher allows it to move through a standard yard gate and work in narrow confined areas. A variety of Ditch Witch digging chain systems is available for trenching in most soil conditions.
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The LT102, LT203, LT303 and LT405 trencher attachments from Bobcat are designed and built for reliable, cost-effective production. With 2- and 3-foot dig depths, the LT102 and LT203 are designed for light-to-medium trenching jobs. The LT303, with its 3- or 4-foot dig depth, can handle medium- to high-production trenching. The LT405, with a 4- or 5-foot dig depth, is a high-production trencher for use on loaders with high-flow capability.
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Ground Hog

The model T-4 trencher is a small, operator-propelled, chain type trencher designed for jobs requiring up to a 12-inch deep by 3.5-inch wide trench. It comes equipped with either shark teeth or carbide tipped rock-type teeth, tapered roller bearings and a durable powder-coated exterior. Other features include one-way ratchet assembly, easy maintenance and depth locations of 6, 8 and 12 inches.
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