Concrete & Masonry Saws

June 1, 2003
Edco Edco's dual-arbor DS-16A street saw was designed to accommodate 14- to 18-inch diamond blades. It has a large screw-type depth control that makes


Edco's dual-arbor DS-16A street saw was designed to accommodate 14- to 18-inch diamond blades. It has a large screw-type depth control that makes it easy to raise and lower the blade for cutting. The design of the saw allows users to make belt changes without disassembling the blade shaft and the arbor alignment is not compromised. The saw has a heavy-duty, box-frame construction for faster, smoother cutting and greater durability.

“Dual arbors allow us to cut on either side, and this saw also has the best depth crank adjustment for raising and lowering the saw blade in and out of the cut,” says Richard Bricker, sales manager of Rentals Unlimited Inc., Frederick, Md. “It is very easy to cut a straight line and also has plenty of power for the bigger cuts. This saw is a long-lasting saw with a very durable design and built to withstand the rental business.”
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The new Side Winder gas cut-off saws from Multiquip's Diamond Back Diamond Cutting Division are the high-speed, lightweight alternatives for a multitude of applications. The saws are designed for concrete and masonry cutting but can also ease through piping and ceramics. Two models are offered — the HS62 and HS81 — both of which have 12- and 14-inch blade capacities and feature a proven triple air filtration system for maximum engine protection and a reversible blade flange to handle both 20 mm and 1-inch blade arbors. Powered by EPA-approved 2-cycle engines, the saws have an adjustable blade guard, reversible cutting arm, a simple cam V-belt adjuster and a sturdy roller bar assembly.
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RGC HydraSaws use hydraulic direct drive power to maintain constant cutting speeds and torque without excessive noise, vibration or exhaust fumes. Available in four sizes, the saws are virtually maintenance-free, can be used underwater and are ideal for cutting concrete, brick, block, etc. The saws can be operated from RGC HydraPaks or compatible auxiliary hydraulic sources.

David Wauczinski, manager of Nation Wide Ladder, Worchester, Mass., appreciates the saw's versatility. Another advantage he notes is that users “can leave the power unit outside while operating the tool inside of a building.”

John Moore, general manager at K & S Contractors Supply, Plaistow, N.H., points out the saws are lightweight and benefits from the saws' cutting depth and ease of use.
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The new Ingersoll-Rand series of walk-behind saws are constructed with durable 7-gauge steel that extends saw life and transmits less vibration for smoother cuts. A powerful engine configuration generates the power and efficiency to get the job done accurately and ahead of schedule. The company now has five WS series models available: WS14110H, WS16130H, WS20200HH, WS26350WH and WS36650WH. Both the Honda engine and Wisconsin engine are solidly mounted to the saw frame, prolonging the engine life.
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Wacker offers a new floor saw series that promotes ease of operation and fast cutting. With the Cutmatic system, the operator can preset the depth of the cut before cutting. The system will remember the exact depth so the operator does not have to re-adjust the saw when changing direction. Comprised of a spring-assisted lever, the system allows the operator to easily lift the blade from the cut, change direction and simply lower the blade into the new joint.
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The new EC7500 is designed for a 12-inch wheel capacity, and the new EC7600 is designed for a 14-inch wheel capacity. Whether cutting concrete, steel, brick, masonry, roofing tile or stone the new Shindaiwa cut-off saws have the power to do the job. Both are powered by a 73.5 cc displacement, 4.5-hp engine and feature a high torque designed transmission for optimum cutting performance. A sealed side cover enclosing the multi-ribbed V-belt has a quick and easy adjustment system and an external indicator to verify proper belt tension.
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With its rigid design, the Trak-14 masonry saw from Stow has the ability to make longer cuts and handle larger pieces of material. The saw's removable cutting head facilitates one-man portability, and its new water tray provides an additional 3 inches of cutting length. The cutting head pivot arm has been relocated to a support brace so that longer pieces of material can be cut in a single pass. Improved bladeshaft spindle bearings and a modified cutting headspring help reduce operator fatigue.
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Partner's range is supplemented with a versatile machine that can solve cutting problems in a variety of applications, the K950 Chain. The saw achieves sharp corners without over cutting and make 15 1/2-inch deep cuts from one side. The saw also makes square openings as small as 4 3/8 by 4 3/8 inches. It is gas powered with a diamond chain based on the K950 Active.
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The Sawtec JS-90 joint cleanout saw is a walk-behind saw for joint cleanout, concrete sawing and trench cutting. Using the product can help control dust and promote a cleaner jobsite; it uses dry diamond blades for timesaving on cleanup and features a blade guard designed with up cut rotation to allow for easy dust extraction and quick connection to a dust collection system. The saw cuts to a maximum depth of 3 inches and cleans joints at a rate of 20 to 60 feet per minute, depending on the application and material being cut. A new double pointer increases visibility and improves cutting accuracy.
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Diamond Products

Diamond Products core cut CC1300-XL concrete saw is a portable concrete saw built with many durable and convenient features. The saw runs on a 13-hp Honda engine with a 14- or 18-inch blade capacity. The saw is also available with a 5-hp single or 3-phase electric motor. The saw has extra sturdy non-rattle handles with no slack that are adjustable to four positions for precise control.
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Ridge Tool Co.

Ridge Tool Co. introduces a 14-inch abrasive cut-off saw that cuts a wide range of materials including pipe iron, angle iron, rebar and metal studs. The Ridgid CM1450 is designed to make 45-degree cuts at both right and left angles. The new saw has a heavy-duty, cast-iron base with non-slip, rubber feet for sturdy support and low vibration during operation. Its rugged, 120-volt, 15-amp motor runs at 3,900 rpm and is built to withstand high torque loads.
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The MG-10 saw from Target features an easy-to-use control system, an ergonomic design and a vibration-resistant frame for reduced maintenance. The saw offers an exclusive precision blade control system. Allowing the operator to preset the depth of cut quickly and easily, the patent-pending system includes a single lever to engage and disengage the blade to a predetermined position. Available with three gasoline engine options (5.5- or 6.5 hp Honda or 6-hp Robin), the saw features a 10-inch maximum blade capacity and a cutting depth of up to 3 inches, while the up cut blade rotation keeps the cut clean.
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Weighing only 21 pounds, the new ICS 613GC cut-off saw is capable of plunge cutting to 12 inches and will cut a square opening with no over-cuts in material as thick as 10 inches. Powered by an 80-cc, 5.7-hp, 2-cycle gas engine, the saw has an advanced air intake and filtration system designed for wet-cutting aggregate materials. Air intake is isolated from the saw body and has a labyrinth air passage with increased chamber sealing. The air filter has 80 times the surface area of the previous filter, improving airflow.
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A powerful addition to the Dimas line of wall saws, the new WS 355 wall saw system offers a high power-to-weight ratio, remote operation and several performance-enhancing features. With components constructed of heavy-duty, yet lightweight magnesium and titanium, the saw delivers a high power-to-weight ratio. The saw unit weighs only 64 pounds, making it easier to handle the position, while the power pack provides up to 33.5 hp at the bladeshaft. To simplify use and maximize operator safety, the saw comes standard with an electronic remote control, allowing the operator to control and monitor all sawing functions, including the power pack, from safer distances.
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The Bosch 1364 is a 12-inch portable cut-off saw providing 5,000 rpm and a 3 7/8-inch depth of cut. The saw is compatible with the Bosch air sweep dust extraction system. The Bosch 1365 is a 14-inch saw that operates at 4,300 rpm and provides a 4 7/8-inch depth of cut. The saws feature large footplates for improved stability and allow a greater depth of cut.
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The TS 400 Stihl Cutquik cut-off machine comes with a water attachment and is available in a 12- or 14-inch version. It has a 4.4-hp, 64 cc engine. It also has the Stihl IntelliCarb compensating carburetor that maintains the ratio of fuel to air keeping the engine at full power and increasing the time between air filter cleaning. The included water attachment allows the saw to cut more efficiently while controlling dust at the source.
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The Echo CSG-670 cut-off saw provides rugged durability and commercial-duty cutting torque for contractors and construction crews looking for power and performance. The saw, with its dependable 2-stroke engine, provides the muscle and consistency necessary to break through asphalt, concrete and other hard-wearing materials with accuracy. The saw delivers 66.7 cc of engine power and a 2 to 1 engine-to-wheel speed ratio for maximum cutting torque. A high-speed governor maintains engine speed between 9,500 and 10,500 rpm, with a wheel speed range of 4,750 and 5,250 rpm.
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