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Feb. 1, 2006
Allied Utility Equipment developed a portable debris retainer for the stump-grinding industry. The Stump'R Guard stands 5 feet tall, expands up to 12

Allied Utility Equipment developed a portable debris retainer for the stump-grinding industry. The Stump'R Guard stands 5 feet tall, expands up to 12 feet and collapses down to 6 inches. The guard blocks the chips and debris, and contains them for easy cleanup.
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McGill's Lockbox lockable enclosure fits over and secures the plug of virtually any cord-connected device to allow personnel to work safely on electrical equipment without fear of unexpected or unauthorized startup. The Lockbox is secured with cable ties or up to two padlocks, providing protection against injury and legal liability. Made of highly visible yellow UV polymer, it is strong enough to withstand impact and illegal tampering.
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Star Industries' Forkframe uses heavy ITA carriage bars, which are rated at 5,500 pounds capacity. Combine these extra-heavy bars with a frame and backstop constructed of 3/8-inch and ½-inch flat bar, and the forkframe is rental tough. It also features safe and easy two-step access for the operator.
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The MP-241B bench rammer from Michigan Pneumatic Tool delivers 760 blows per minute, with a bore of 1-5/16-inch and a stroke of 4 inches. A double-action sand wiper seal keeps dirt and grit from getting inside the tool for reduced wear and a long life. An aluminum backhead reduces weight and operator fatigue.
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The Ho-Pac vibratory compactor/driver from Allied Construction Products features a larger eccentric with mass farther away from the shaft centerline to help increase impulse and compaction force. The oil splash provides maintenance-free bearing lubrication. The base plate can be unbolted to easily allow replacement with a different size or custom attachment.
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The Stander RH from Wright Manufacturing lets the operator quickly raise or lower the cutting height without getting off the mower — moving a single lever is all it takes. Wright's operator balance control further increases the mower's flexibility on slopes and other uneven terrain. The mower is available with cutting widths of 36, 48 and 52 inches.
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Topp Portable Air's Safe-Heat SH-2500 portable, direct-fired propane and natural gas heater provides safe space heating for any indoor or outdoor construction application. The unit has a heating capacity of up to 2.5 million Btu/hour. Larger and smaller units are available, from 500,000 to 4 million Btu.
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Mi-T-M's 12,000- and 13,000-watt series of portable generators feature Honda OHV or Subaru OHV engines, both with low-oil shutdown. The generators feature reinforced 1.25-inch powder-coated, steel-tube frame, center-balanced lifting hook for easy mobility on the jobsite, large, low-tone mufflers and easy-access control panel. The generators also have an 11.5-gallon fuel tank capacity.
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The WA320PT-5 tool carrier from Komatsu is powered by a turbocharged 166-hp Komatsu air-to-air aftercooled engine. The machine reduces emissions, lowers fuel consumption and increases productivity, while lowering engine speed to 2,000 rpm, according to the company. The tool carrier features a breakout force of 27,225 pounds.
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GrimmerSchmidt's 185E MonoBlock compressor provides 185 cfm and features electronic fuel injection and electronic engine controls for easy starting and fuel efficiency. The PaceAir unit controls the engine/compressor to maintain a constant air supply within 2 psi of the set pressure. Connected to the electronic throttle, the PaceAir governs the engine speed while step loading the compressor valves individually to meet demand.
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General Pipe Cleaners' Easy Rooter Junior features a 1/3-hp motor and can drive up to 100 feet of ½-inch Flexicore wire rope center cable. A folding handle makes it easy to load into a car trunk and, if necessary, the cage can be removed from the frame in less than a minute. A safety slip clutch, ground fault interrupter, pneumatic foot pedal and instructional video are standard equipment.
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Dixon's Black Bear ZTR Pro Series mower has a 34-inch cut width designed for a small footprint to get in and out of tight spaces and through most gates. Oversized front and rear tires are designed for better handling, a comfortable ride, and lower soil compaction. A removable footplate allows for easy access to spindles, belts and for cleanup.
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Clarke's Boost scrubber machine is a hybrid, merging the company's scrubbing technology and the high-speed orbital technology used in many of its sanding products. The scrubber reduces water, chemicals and pads compared to traditional disc and foam scrubbers.
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The SnowEx Junior 325 Spreader from Trynex is designed for maintaining roads, parking lots, driveways and recreational paths. With no belts, pulleys or chains, potential downtime is reduced. The 12-volt DC direct-drive system includes an exclusive maximum-torque transmission and is mounted in a weather-tight enclosure.
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The Gradall Model 544D telehandler from JLG Industries features a 10,000-pound maximum lift capacity and a 5,000-pound capacity at its 55-foot maximum lift height. The unit's 90-degree rear-pivot steering provides maneuverability on crowded jobsites. Powered by a 125-hp John Deere engine, the telehandler can be equipped with a variety of attachments.
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Skin MD Natural lotion is designed for those working with their hands to enhance the skin's protective factor while hydrating the skin. The lotion works to prevent damage caused when working with chemicals, cleaning products, paints, pesticides, solvents and more.
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Miller Electric's '29 Roadster welding helmet is designed for maximum viewing capacity, 30-percent larger than the company's Xli and Xlix Series lenses. The helmet features Performance Series Lens technology, including replaceable batteries with solar assist for long life with no recharging required. The helmet handles low-amperage DC Inverter and TIG applications (5 amps and below) and has a reaction time of 1/20,000 second.
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The Sharc Multi-Ripper Bucket from Leading Edge Attachments can be used for a wide range of material applications such as excavating frozen ground, coral, sandstone and limestone. The Multi-Ripper products are constructed of AR400 steel and available to fit excavators or backhoes above 6,000 pounds. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order.
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Komac Sales' KB200 breaker can be used on a mini skid steer, mini excavator or small backhoe. It features replaceable tool bushings for longer breaker life. A simple and efficient design, it has only two moving parts. No extra valve is needed when used on a mini skid steer at 12 gpm.
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Keytroller's Weightroller Forks are a weighing scale with a wireless PDA display developed for forklifts. The product weighs, displays, accumulates and records the weight of each lifted load with accuracy. A wireless, in-cab PDA communicates with the forks, allowing the operator to view load weight.
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The NR90GC gas nailer from Hitachi Power Tools combines cordless utility with traditional framing power. The nailer fires up to a 3½-inch by .131 clipped head nail to offer flexibility and versatility on the job. The NR90GC drives up to two nails per second and 1,000 nails per hour.
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The Flannegan Western grader attachment can be attached to the FW Orbiter or can be attached to a skid steer with a quick-tach mounting plate. The wheels have hydraulic tilt and hydraulic steering to prevent sliding sideways when the moldboard is cutting at an angle. The attachment is designed for landscape, asphalt, curb and gutter, and concrete flatwork contractors.
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