Star Diamond Tools Reveals a Slice of its Site

April 1, 2002
A new Web site lets users prescribe online the correct diamond blade product for an application with just a few clicks of a mouse. Star Diamond Tools

A new Web site lets users prescribe online the correct diamond blade product for an application with just a few clicks of a mouse. Star Diamond Tools offers a Web site that was specifically designed for rental and construction distributors who demand immediate answers on pricing and product recommendations, usually with their customer standing across the counter from them.

Users can access diagnostic information in two places. The first area is located on the main page of the site. Here, users go to the section titled Show Me and choose the three criteria that match the customer's application — machine, diameter and material application. After clicking the Go button, the appropriate products for that particular application will appear.

The main page area of the site, however, will not yield prices when doing a search. “We set up the Web site this way so that if management does not want some employees to have access to the company's pricing they can still go to the site and prescribe the correct product,” explained Vince Olfert, general manager.

The second area where users can prescribe the correct product is in the Distributor Center. This area allows an authorized user to access pricing specific to their customer. To access this area, however, users must have a preassigned login ID and password. Once logged in to the area, the Show Me feature yields the same results as it would in the first area, although pricing is available by clicking on the product part number. Online, phone or fax ordering can be carried out from this point.

“We decided to provide the online pricing and order placement for our distribution and rental customers as a value-added service. The pace of business is very fast and our customers are very busy during the day and sometimes don't have time to learn about the product or order during regular hours,” Olfert said. “This service allows our customers to order anytime 24/7 to choose the products that are needed. This service provides our customers with online access to customer-specific pricing, online ordering and the ability to modify their customer profile. We continue to strive to make life easier for our rental and distributor accounts.”

Users who have an account on the site are also entitled to special offers, which will appear on their screen after they log in. Benefits to site members include convenience, customer specific pricing, 24/7 ordering capabilities, special online offers and prompt answers to questions and inquiries.

Site users can also take advantage of the discussion forum by posting questions or comments for other guests or Star Diamond employees to address. According to Olfert, most postings are answered within 24 hours, though they regularly provide replies in 12 hours or less. And because other site users can post responses to inquiries as well, the knowledge base that is available to users is quite broad.

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