Innovative Product Award Honorable Mentions

Jan. 1, 2006
The following products were contenders in the 2005 Innovative Product Award competition. They are each contributors to continuing product excellence and

The following products were contenders in the 2005 Innovative Product Award competition. They are each contributors to continuing product excellence and achievement in engineering and design. The remaining contenders will be featured in the February issue.

Compaction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment Silver Fox forward plates

The plate line consists of eight models including a plate designed specifically for optimum performance on asphalt — the SFA3500. Other models include the 13-inch wide SFP2200 / SFP2200A, the all-purpose SFP3000 / SFP3000A, the professional SFP4000 / SFP4000A, and for larger dirt jobs, the SFP5100. Features include a patented one-piece base plate with an integral eccentric housing, synchronized drive system, patented water system, and a 13-quart removable water tank with a SnapTek quick-coupler. Compaction forces range from 2,200 to 5,100 pounds. The SFA3500 features a larger effective contact surface and centrally located eccentric to float across asphalt.
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Compressors/Air Tools

GrimmerSchmidt 175E MonoBlock compressor

GrimmerSchmidt introduces the 175E MonoBlock compressor powered by a 5.7-liter Daimler Chrysler engine. Design features include electronic throttle control, timing and fuel injection. O2 and NOX sensors determine the optimum air/fuel ratio. A catalytic converter provides clean emissions and a quiet package. The 175E MonoBlock is an integral engine/compressor with inherent advantages of small package size, reduced component count and low-cost service parts. The patented PaceAir system matches the engine rpm to the air demand providing extended engine life and greater fuel economy. The 175E provides low ownership cost in an environmentally friendly two-tool air compressor.
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Kaeser Compressors M57 compressor

Kaeser now offers a new diesel-driven compressor package specifically designed to meet the extreme harsh conditions found in off-shore applications. The enclosure and fasteners are made from stainless steel for superior corrosion protection. Plus, it has the largest fuel tank with more cfm per brake horsepower in its class. The 45-hp M57 delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig providing 10 hours of uninterrupted operation. Safety features such as emergency shutdown valve, spark arrestor, and a sturdy, galvanized crash frame with the four-point lifting system are also standard.
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Computer Software

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems' Rent Works

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems released Service Pack 4 for its Rent Works point-of-sale software. The release makes it one of the most powerful tools available today for any company in the transportation rental business, the company says. With its complement of numerous add-on modules, Rent Works meets and exceeds all the requirements for companies that rent cars, trucks, RVs, mopeds, boats or motorcycles. Rent Works features menus and screens that are easy to use and navigate. Reservations can be handled by phone or via e-Rez2, a state-of-the-art Internet reservation module. The program provides complete fleet maintenance, credit card processing, repair orders, rate management and utilization tools, uploads to Word, Excel and QuickBooks. The latest release, Service Pack 4, integrates a driver's license scanner and GPS device.
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Point-of-Rental Web interface

If your store needs an inexpensive yet sophisticated Web presence and the only one kept current by interfacing with inventory in your Point-of-Rental System, then this is it, the company says. With your logo, images of rental inventory, used equipment for sale, account applications, helpful links, job-specific equipment suggestions, employment opportunities, weather forecasts, feedback and MapQuest routing to your store, it has pizzazz. Visitors can search for rental and sale items by keyword or categories and then view rates, specifications and pictures. A shopping cart option is available to create quote requests for specific dates, which are then e-mailed to your store for follow-up.
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Business Computer Systems Automated Rental Management

Automated Rental Management (ARM), the comprehensive rental management designed by rental experts is now even better equipped to meet the needs of a wide variety of rental markets. ARM underwent a significant redesign in early 2005, incorporating new features such as grid-style data entry, line-based billing, integrated credit card processing and a new transfer tracking module. Entry screens feature dual entry grids, allowing users to place more frequently used fields in the primary grid, and lesser-used fields in the secondary grid offering enormous flexibility. The redesign of ARM represents sweeping changes that both increase usability and speed access to data.
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Qualcomm GlobalTRACS Ops Map

Qualcomm introduces Ops Map for its GlobalTRACS equipment management solution. Ops Map is a graph that indicates the engine on time within a 24-hour period for a given piece of equipment. Delivered on-demand or by customer-determined schedule, this clear, concise and simply presented information helps rental companies accurately schedule maintenance, bill correctly for all usage, and reduce customer disputes. The Ops Map feature helps rental companies reduce preventive maintenance costs, increase equipment utilization by re-deploying idle or underutilized equipment, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Qualcomm GlobalTRACS sensor monitoring

Qualcomm has greatly expanded functionality of its GlobalTRACS equipment management solution with the introduction of configurable sensor monitoring for critical construction equipment components. Using up to four sensors, GlobalTRACS monitors customer-determined thresholds and durations, providing instant critical alerts that can help prevent expensive damage to engines, transmissions and hydraulics. Non-critical alert monitoring and historical data are also delivered on pre-determined schedules for use by maintenance personnel to spot and respond to potential problems. With this timely and reliable delivery of critical alerts and historical data, rental companies can realize significant cost savings and the reduction of unexpected equipment downtime, the company says.
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Result Group rentalresult

The Result Group is pleased to announce its RentalResult software package for the North American rental industry. RentalResult delivers total control and visibility of your assets, with integrated financial applications, CRM and Support Desk. Simple and easy to use, the flexibility of RentalResult delivers a packaged solution that matches your business processes. With a user-friendly java front end, RentalResult can be delivered over the Internet, PDA, PC, phone or Touchscreen monitor. Includes fleet management, CRM, sales force automation, and route planning modules. The package is specifically for 50 to 5,000 plus workstation systems, with support for multiple locations, currencies and languages.
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Earthmoving Equipment

Vermeer S600TX mini skid steer

When projects need to be completed on a work site or do-it-yourself home task, it takes a machine that is versatile and works in a wide range of job applications. That's why Vermeer introduced the S600TX mini skid steer. A ride-on design with high maneuverability provides an alternative solution to manual labor by bringing a wide range of attachments into confined and weight sensitive work areas. A universal mounting plate and 13 gpm of hydraulic flow to the attachments provides more power, efficiency and versatility. And, simple multi-functional controls enable the operator to operate the machine and attachments with both hands still holding onto the handlebars.
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Volvo ECR short-swing radius compact excavator

The Volvo short-swing radius compact excavators are designed to meet the needs of operators who work in confining, narrow and restricted-space sites. There are four models in the product line — the Volvo ECR28, VolvoECR38, VolvoECR58 and the Volvo ECR88. The models have operating weight from 6,219 pounds to 18,078 pounds and horsepower from 18.1 to 57. Digging depths range from 7 feet, 8 inches to 13 feet, 7 inches. Swing tail radius' range from 29.5 inches to 47.6 inches and breakout forces range from 3,282 pounds to 9,217 pounds. Other key features include high maneuverability, enhanced safety, operator comfort and efficiency of operation.
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John Deere 35D compact excavator

John Deere's 35D compact excavator retains the zero-tail-swing design, independent swing boom and 360-degree rotation of previous models, while providing innovative features that boost productivity and lower operating costs. Automatic shifting between high and low travel speeds allows the machine to automatically shift to low when more power is required. Auto-idle delivers reduced fuel consumption, while longer oil change intervals lower operating costs even further. The operator's station is 5 inches wider, with repositioned control levers and monitor for best-in-class visibility. Maintenance is simplified by a 50-degree forward-tilt operator's station.
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Mi-T-M Compressorator

The powerful Mi-T-M combination air compressor and generator is a utility tool designed for a wide variety of applications. Professional remodelers, contractors and DIYers will appreciate the convenience of the built-in generator system, which increases productivity by condensing two vital pieces of equipment into one versatile piece of equipment. The Mi-T-M combination air compressor and generator is perfect for industrial applications that need electrical power and air.
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Lincoln Electric Vantage 300

Housed in a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel case, the Vantage 300 features Lincoln's Chopper technology to deliver great starts and a smooth arc for general stick, downhill pipe, TIG or wire welding. The unit features a smooth-running 1,800 rpm water-cooled, 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine that delivers 300 amps of DC welding output — more than 25 percent greater than many competitive units, the company says. It offers 12,500 watts of 3-phase and 11,500 watts of 1-phase AC generator power. The Vantage 300 has innovative service access for engine, battery, radiator and controls. A 15-gallon fuel tank holds 30 percent more than competitive units.
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Bil-Jax, Inc. 3632T

Bil-Jax announces the new 3632T trailer-mounted boom lift. Debuted at The Rental Show last year, the new Bil-Jax 36-foot boom boasts many standard features, including a 42-foot working height with best-in-class 32-foot outreach, unrestricted 500-pound platform capacity, 360-degree continuous rotation, two-button auto-leveling of hydraulic outriggers, 12-degree leveling capability and zero tail swing. The 3632T boasts an optional material-lifting hook that converts it into a 500-pound material hoist. Additional options include gas power, spare tire and a combination hitch with adjustable height coupler.
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Genie Z-135/70 articulating boom

Genie's Z-135/70 offers the largest working envelope in the articulating boom market. It has a maximum working height of 141 feet, a horizontal outreach of 69 feet, 9 inches and up-and-over clearance of 75 feet, 6 inches. The Z-135/70 features Genie's exclusive X-Chassis axle configuration — each axle pivots from vertical mounting pins, providing easy and reliable machine setup. The distinctive new Jib-eXtend jib provides exceptional access by extending the platform from a stowed length of 12 feet to a fully extended length of 20 feet. This new design provides access to “up, over and in” applications inaccessible by a traditional jib.
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