Aug. 1, 2001
Chain Saw The CS36 chain saw is ideal for limbing, pruning and felling small trees, according to John Deere. The unit features a 2.1-horsepower engine,

Chain Saw

The CS36 chain saw is ideal for limbing, pruning and felling small trees, according to John Deere. The unit features a 2.1-horsepower engine, three-piece crankshaft, three-shoe clutch, low kick back chain and an inertia chain brake. Bar sizes are 12 to 18 inches.
RS #460


Case's M Series of loader/backhoes includes five models: the 580M, 580M Turbo, 580 Super M, 580 Super M Wide Track (pictured) and 590 Super M. The units feature an over-center boom design, a cast ductile iron boom, a redesigned cab, larger bucket capacities and a new backhoe hydraulic quick coupler for faster attachment changes. The company's Pro Control System allows for maximum control of the boom, dipper and bucket, Case says. The units range from 73 to 99 horsepower and have loader capacities from 6,182 to 7,327 pounds.
RS #461

Pipe Inspection System

The Gen-Eye video pipe inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners detects the exact location and depth of underground problems or inquiries associated with sewer and drain lines, heating and cooling ducts, septic tanks, wells and other concealed conduits. Designed for 3- to 12-inch lines, the locater features an easy-to-read LCD display, 16-light stainless steel camera, color monitor, AC/DC power and a one-year guarantee.
RS #462

Scissor Lifts

Two models have been added to Genie's line of scissor lifts: the GS-4390 (pictured) and the GS-5390. These big deck lifts feature the company's closed-loop hydraulic drive system with hydrodynamic braking, four-wheel-drive for maximum performance on rough terrain, engine options of a Ford gas/LPG engine or Deutz diesel and speeds up to 5 mph. The GS-4390 has a working height of 49 feet and a lift capacity of 1,500 pounds. The GS-5390 can lift up to 1,500 pounds to working heights of 59 feet. Optional hydraulic outriggers are available for working on a slope.
RS #463

Compact Loader

The Dingo TX compact utility loader offers more than 35 quick-change attachments. The unit can perform a variety of applications including tree planting, material handling, deck construction, demolition, fence installation and irrigation system installation, Toro says. The 34.5-inch-wide unit is designed to let the operator use one hand to operate the traction drive and the other to control the attachment.
RS #464

Obstruction Sensing System

JLG offers the Model 15VPSP self-propelled vertical mast lift with an obstruction sensing system that reduces the hazard of lowering the lift's platform onto an object beneath it. According to the manufacturer, if there is an obstruction within the detection zone beneath the platform, the descent is stopped, a LED flashes and the horn sounds an alarm with three short blasts. The system uses a central electronic module that is connected to six ultrasonic transducer sensors, which transmit an ultrasonic sound beneath the platform and read the echo.
RS #465

Truss Boom Attachment

Gradall added a 15-foot truss boom to its line of attachments for the Gradall G6-42P and G6-42A material handlers. The unit matches the newly designed Quick-Switch boom-end mechanism of the material handlers and increases versatility on the jobsite. Both the G6-42P and G6-42A have 6,600-pound capacities and 42-foot maximum lift heights.
RS #466


Porta-Nails offers three new pneumatic fasteners and nailers: the 460 wood-to-concrete T-nailer (pictured), the 462 16-gauge finish nailer and the 461 flooring stapler. Designed for subflooring installation, the 460 features the option of a single-fire or bump-fire trigger and a fastener range of 5/8- to 2 1/8-inch hardened and galvanized nails.
RS #467


The BW 100AD-3 tandem ride-on vibratory roller is suitable for a variety of medium-duty compaction jobs and performs well in both soil and asphalt applications, Bomag says. Powered by a Deutz diesel engine, the unit exerts up to 7,440 pounds of centrifugal force per drum, weighs 5,445 pounds, and has a rolling width of 39.4 inches. Features include a modular oscillating articulation joint for full drum contact on irregular terrain, vibration frequencies of 3,300 or 3,960 vibrations per minute, rear-drum vibrations lock out, a pressurized water spray system that wets both drums and a vibration-isolated ROPS operator platform.
RS #468

Air Compressors

CompAir's global range of portable air compressors features units with outputs of 135, 150, 175, 185, 200 and 250 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch. The company also offers pressure units with outputs at 150, 175 and 200 psi. Full option packages offer 8.7- or 16-horsepower generators, on-board tool lubricators, road lights, wheel chocks, braked axles, aftercoolers and filtration equipment. Engine options include Deutz, Caterpillar and John Deere.
RS #469

Compact Track Loader

The Bobcat T190 compact track loader features an operating capacity of 1,900 pounds, 66-inch width and 5 pounds per square inch ground pressure for improved floatation. The dedicated rubber track system features 12.6-inch wide tracks and enhanced traction in soft, wet, muddy or sandy soil conditions. The unit is powered by a 56-horsepower Kubota diesel engine.
RS #470

Trash Pump

Wacker's centrifugal trash pump line has been resigned to reduce the unit's weight and size and increase priming times. The PT pump series includes model PT 3A (pictured), a 3-inch 141-pound pump with an 8-horsepower Honda gasoline engine. Improvements include a new housing design and radial impeller, which creates higher pressure with a flow rate of 400 gallons per minute. Suction, discharge, fill and drain ports are now integrated into one casting, reducing the sources of suction leaks.
RS #471


Kohler's 250cc Command Pro CS 8.5-horsepower engine can power pumps, generators, compressors, mixers, concrete saws, welders, chippers, aerators and sprayers. The horizontal-shaft, air-cooled engine features an unobstructed power takeoff face and a dual-directional remote throttle to facilitate installation; a cyclonic air cleaner; and a maximum 12.2 foot-pounds of torque at 2,400 rpm. The unit also features CS standards such as a solenoid shift electric starter, a 6-liter steel fuel tank with an overhead valve slant-cylinder design, and a cast-iron cylinder sleeve.
RS #472

Concrete Saw

The Core Cut CC6560 is the newest addition to Diamond Products' line of concrete saws. The unit features a 57-horsepower Deutz diesel engine, one-hand sawing control and the choice of a 20-, 26-, 30- and 36-inch blade guard. The unit can fit through a 3-foot door.
RS #473


Premco Products added model 7614 to its Triple L Trailer line (lower-Load-Lift). The loading deck is 6 feet wide by 14 feet long and has a 7,000-pound capacity. Other standard features include a fully enclosed hydraulic system, lockable tool compartment, quadra-spring equalized suspension, in-line chassis frame, all-steel diamond deck plate, automatic travel lock and power-coated paint. Options include choice of brakes, scissor lift locking brackets, on-board battery maintenance charger, extended side rails and tailgate.
RS #474

Roller Screeds

The WMS-Series of self-propelled roller screeds from Multiquip Whiteman provides a system that can do the bulk of surface strike-off work with only one operator, according to the company. Optional strike-tube sets allow each unit to reach 10-, 14-, 18- and 22-foot lengths. Features include an 18-horsepower Onan engine, an operating pressure rating of 2,000 pounds per square inch, a hydraulic flow of 11 gallons per minute, a 5-gallon fuel tank and drive-tube steering. Joystick controls steer the unit and correct alignment during operation.
RS #475

Self-Loading Skid

The Dust Killer Auto-Skid from Wylie Manufacturing is a self-loading skid that loads into most dump trucks without lifting. As the truck backs under the skid, the support legs automatically fold. The unit can be used in applications such as dust abatement, compaction, spot watering and remote landscape watering. Features include a 1,250- or 1,600-gallon tank, centrifugal pump powered by a gasoline engine, spray bar and fire hose.
RS #478

Scissor Lift

The new SJ 7034 scissor lift has the highest platform and work height in its class, according to SkyJack. With a 1,000-pound platform capacity, the unit features a 34-foot platform height and a 40-foot work height. Options include a 56-inch roll-out or powered deck extension, four-wheel-drive, and independently leveling hydraulic outriggers.
RS #476


Designed for small projects, Barreto's 918 tiller features narrow tires and an 18-inch tilling width. The 9-horsepower unit uses all-hydraulic power and does not require belts or chains. The wheel-drive motor is mounted inside the tiller body, increasing ground clearance.
RS #477

Diamond Chain Saw

The Blue Gator diamond chain saw from Target can slice through brick, concrete and natural stone, the manufacturer says. Available in gasoline and hydraulic models, it cuts up to 14 inches deep and cuts corners precisely. It is portable, lightweight and cuts in confined spaces, slicing through thick walls in a single pass. 800/288-5040
RS #479