Skid-steer Loaders

April 1, 2004
ASV Inc. The RC-50 skid-steer loader features a rubber-tracked undercarriage for traction, stability and power. Because of its RTSS system, this machine

ASV Inc.

The RC-50 skid-steer loader features a rubber-tracked undercarriage for traction, stability and power. Because of its RTSS system, this machine can crawl across lawns leaving them virtually untouched, according to the manufacturer. With its quick-attach system, the RC-50 can operate attachments such as backhoes, augers, dozer blades and trenchers. This skid-steer loader has a Caterpillar 3024C engine that delivers 50 hp. It has an operating capacity of 1,500 pounds and a weight of 4,700 pounds, but has a ground pressure of only 2.7 pounds per square inch.

Jim Basiliere, owner of East Coast Shaping in Dalton, Mass., uses the ASV RC-50 skid steer for golf course construction. He primarily uses it for bunkers, but has also used it on greens. Because of the artistic nature of golf course construction, he likes the control the skid steer gives him. “The undercarriage is the best part of it,” Basiliere says. “It's not bouncy, which gives more control. It's real smooth.”
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The new TL140 rubber track loader features a 2-speed travel system for operating at both high (6.4 mph) and low (4.5 mph) travel speeds and is powered by a fuel-efficient, 81-hp Isuzu diesel engine. A hydrostatic drive system is directly coupled with planetary final drives for durable, efficient power transfer that an operator can easily control. The TL140 has an operating weight of 9,590 pounds and 18-inch wide rubber tracks. The operator's compartment is available in standard canopy style or with a factory installed cab, heater and air conditioner. Pilot-operated joysticks control the loader and travel functions, giving operators precise, fingertip control of their movements.

Ronnie Puckett, president of Mountain View Grading in Jefferson, Ga., uses the Takeuchi track loader to cut driveways and to prepare yards for landscaping. He says the machines are easy to operate. “The rubber tracks make life easier — you don't have to worry about getting stuck,” Puckett says. “It has a floatation seat which most of the others, as far as I know, don't. It makes it easier to sit on all day and work.”
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Komatsu's SK1020-5 skid steer is a 7,525-pound unit designed to withstand tough applications. Komatsu's patented Automatic Power Control allows the operator to work at full power during any phase of the job — from digging to loading and carrying — without concern for engine stall-out. The SK1020-5 comes standard with Komatsu's HydrauMind hydraulic system, which allows simultaneous machine functions without sacrificing speed, engine power or performance. Operators have the choice of three control patterns, ranging from traditional hand and foot controls to two variations of all-hand controls.
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Thomas Equipment

The Thomas Model T220 offers more than 7,000 pounds of breakout force and a rated lift capacity of 2,200 pounds. This tracked skid-steer loader features a track design that uses large diameter front and rear open sprockets. This self-cleaning design provides increased track wrap up to 180 degrees around the drive sprocket to eliminate track slippage or ratcheting. With its shift-on-the-go 2-speed drive system, the T220 has a low-speed high-torque work range plus a travel range up to 12.3 mph. In addition to the loaders' standard 21 gpm auxiliary hydraulic circuit, an optional high flow hydraulic package is available. The high flow hydraulic package puts out 40 gpm and 3,000 psi.
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Kanga introduces the 6 Series and 7 Series mini skid loaders. The 6 Series is a new model of mini skid loaders that feature heavy-duty 12-inch wheels and tires. These wheels provide stability, traction, 7 inches of ground clearance, and extended tire life without sacrificing stump-pulling torque. The 7 Series features full-time non-marking tracks. Safety features on the models include a self-leveling bucket, auto auxiliary cut out and fully sealed transmissions. The models are available with a range of gasoline or diesel engines up to 27 hp.
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The new Caterpillar B-Series skid-steer loaders offer 4-cylinder engines that create high torque rise for responsive operation. The anti-stall system on all Cat skid-steer loaders allows maximum power to the wheels while minimizing engine stalling. The 216B, 232B and 236B skid steers feature low-effort, pilot hydraulic joystick controls. These machines have net horsepower ranging from 49 to 70 and rated operating capacities ranging from 1,500 pounds to 1,750 pounds. The operator station is designed for comfort, easy access and visibility from the seat. Optional deluxe joysticks provide more auxiliary controls than before through positive-action buttons that give the operator fingertip control over work tool hydraulic and electrical functions.
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The new JCB 190 and 1110 Robot skid-steer loaders are available with wheels or rubber tracks. The 190 and 1110 skid steers have operating capacities of 1,985 pounds and 2,426 pounds, respectively. Both models have a single loader arm mounted in a low level, single tower on the right-hand side of the machine. This feature offers visibility with an unhindered view to the rear and right-hand side of the Robot for easier operation and greater on-site safety. The skid steers have ROPS and FOPS canopy or cabs with operating enhancements for operator comfort, including soundproofing. Roof cut-outs in the cab provide improved visibility when working at full height.

Josh Cruze, general superintendent of Pro Slab in Beaufort, S.C., rents a JCB 190T Robot track skid steer and uses it for moving dirt, fine grading, finishing and foundation work. “It is better at fine grading,” Cruze says. “We prefer track skid steers versus wheel skid-steer loaders. The track skid steer has more pushing power than the competition's track skid steers.”
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Volvo Construction Equipment

The new Volvo skid-steer loader has sealed pins and self-lubricated bushings, two heavy-duty adjustable drive chains per side, a welded unitized frame and a lubed-for-life universal joint. Designed with safety in mind, this skid-steer loader includes a hydraulic controls lockout, park lock and a loader arm safety support. Available attachments include pallet forks, augers, trenchers and specialty buckets.
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The new S160 skid-steer loader offers features to enhance machine performance, productivity, comfort and convenience. The 1,600-pound ROC rated model has been equipped with a turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine rated at 56 hp. The S160 has a high flow option to boost auxiliary hydraulic capacity to 27 gpm for greater attachment versatility. This model now offers air conditioning and features a radius lift path and a long wheelbase for a smoother ride. The hydraulic system was re-engineered for more breakout force. The machine is equipped with dual tilt cylinders, opening up room in front of the loader for better visibility to attachments and easier entry and exit. Other features of the S160 include an adjustable cushion seat, Bobcat Interlock Control System for safety, deluxe cab, dual path cooling system and front and rear lights.
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Ditch Witch

The new Ditch Witch SK300 is a mini skid steer designed to perform a range of landscaping, utility, fencing and construction tasks. Featuring a variety of attachments, the SK300 can transform from a trencher to a loader, a pallet lifter or an augering machine. The SK300 offers a 13-hp Honda engine, 300-pound rated operating capacity and independent dual hydrostatic ground drives to provide a zero turning radius.
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Case Construction Equipment

The Case XT family of skid steers features three new models — the 40XT, 60XT and 70XT — plus an enhanced series of the 75XT, 85XT, 90XT and 95XT. The XT line ranges from 60 to 85 hp with lift capacities from 1,500 pounds to 3,650 pounds with counterweight. More than 75 attachments are available for the XT skid steers, including augers, brooms, backhoes, snow blowers and buckets. An optional hydraulic attachment quick coupler on all XT models makes it possible to drop and switch buckets directly from the operator's compartment. At 60 inches wide, the XTs have the ability to maneuver in tight workspaces and can gain access through narrow openings.
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New Holland Construction

The New Holland Construction LS Series includes eight models that feature Linimar and New Holland engines. They range from 16.5 to 83 hp, with lift capacities from 600 to 2,800 pounds. These skid steers are designed to have a low center of gravity and a long wheelbase to provide stability, more lift and load-carrying capacity and a smooth ride. The ergonomically designed operator's compartment offers a wide entry and features low-effort, self-neutralizing hand controls and responsive foot controls for efficiency and comfort. The instrument panel, located overhead in the operator's compartment, allows the operator to monitor all functions of the machine from one location.
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John Deere

John Deere introduces five new models of Series II skid steers with more than 100 improvements and enhancements based on customer feedback. A long wheelbase in these models allows for travel at higher speeds over rough terrain, and major components are mounted low on the frame for a lower center of gravity. The vertical lift boom rises along a near-true vertical path that reaches out at the top of the lift cycle. A steep 45-degree dump angle sheds wet or sticky material with ease. Series II skid steers are powered by a John Deere PowerTech engine that incorporates a direct-injection fuel system and long-life wet-sleeve cylinder linings commonly found on larger equipment. Large standard tires and low integrated boom stops enhance traction and leverage. Safety features include 360-degree view, an in-cab boom lock that allows for safer exit under raised arms and a control system that keeps the machine traveling in a straight line when one handle is released.
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Vermeer introduces the S600 compact skid-steer designed for rental centers, landscape professionals and small contractors. This ride-on unit can be mounted on rubber tires or rubber tracks over tires. With eight available attachments, the S600 can perform a variety of small-scale dirt handling, utility installation and lifting projects. An operator presence feature stops all functions when the operator leaves the platform.
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The new Gehl 7000 series of skid loaders delivers bucket breakout force of nearly 7,900 pounds and lift heights of almost 12 feet. For a smoother ride, this skid loader has an extended 55-inch wheelbase. The new Power-A-Tach universal-style quick-attach system option allows users to connect and disconnect attachments without leaving the operator's seat. The optional gpm high-flow auxiliary hydraulics system provides superior hydraulic attachment performance, according to the manufacturer. A 2-speed drive is available, which offers ground speeds up to 13 mph.
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The Eagle compact skid steer from Finn has a 25-hp engine and rugged frame construction. It offers skid, pivot and differential steering, as well as a universal faceplate that allows use of all standard mini skid steer attachments on the market. The Eagle features a parallel hydraulic system that provides full power simultaneously to all functions. More than 40 attachments are available, such as the auger, trencher, buckets and power box rake. This skid steer can propel through 48- and 36-inch gates.
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