Grinding Equipment

July 1, 2003
Edco Edco grinders are available in 11-, 22- and 36-inch working widths and your choice of gasoline, propane or electric power. Accessories enable industrial


Edco grinders are available in 11-, 22- and 36-inch working widths and your choice of gasoline, propane or electric power. Accessories enable industrial maintenance departments and concrete contractors to use Edco grinders to eliminate manufacturing residue buildups such as rubber, grease, fiberglass and food products, or to return concrete to a smooth, clean, level surface.

Mitch Smitherman, owner of All-Star Equipment, Palm Bay, Fla., likes the Edco grinders because they offer many accessories to cover a lot of applications. “All of their equipment is very durable and stands up very well in rental,” Smitherman says.
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Robert Bosch Tool Corp. recently unveiled the new 1775E, a 5-inch grinder, designed specifically for professional tuckpointers. Developed specifically for tuckpointing applications, Bosch combined a multi-positioning head with its exclusive dust extraction system to provide debris management. Better accuracy and control are achieved by viewing the work area through the newly designed guard and the enlarged view window. Weighing only 5.6 pounds, the 8.5 amp, 11,000 rpm motor constantly maintains speed under load, ensuring an even removal rate.

Erich Stefans, general field superintendent for Berglund Construction, Chicago, worked with Bosch to find a grinder that particularly met the company's needs. The product allows you to adjust the depth, and provides a window to see the blade while it's cutting,” Stefan said. “Plus, the Bosch tools outlast anything we've ever dealt with,” he adds. And because the guard can be used on other grinders, Stefans plans to purchase more from the distributor, The Glenrock Co., soon.
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Terex Bartell

Terex Bartell offers a range of surface preparation machines and options, from the SP2 portable hand-held with a 2-inch cutting width, most suited to vertical applications, to the SP10 surface grinder/scarifier with a cutting width up to 10 inches, which is designed specifically for contractors. A variety of easily interchangeable, high impact cutters and cages are available to meet a range of surface preparation applications.

Stephenson's Concrete Solutions, a division of Stephenson's Rent-All, Mississauga, Ontario, has been purchasing SP8 scarifiers from Terex-Bartell for 13 to 15 years. “The best quality of the Terex-Bartell scarifiers is their portability,” says Andrew Fraser, product specialist. “These units have the power to remove coatings, trip edges, spalled concrete and profile concrete for topcoats — all this from a tool that can be lifted easily by two people into almost any vehicle. They're robust, portable and easy to operate. For a rental company these qualities are golden.”
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MK Diamond

The MK-SDG wet concrete surface grinder uses 10 or 20 segment 10-inch diameter diamond grinding heads to grind down excess concrete and rough areas fast. This concrete surfacing machine is designed for smoothing rough areas and other surface irregularities, feathering patches, cleaning industrial floors, removing rain marks and paint strip removal on concrete floors, patios, platforms, sidewalks, roadways, pads and steps. It is available in gas and electric configurations.

“This tool is great for cleaning accumulated debris like thinset, caulk, etc., off a concrete floor returning to the original surface without damaging it,” says Tom with Hemet Valley Tool.
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Designed for large volume wood and yard waste processing the improved TG800 and the new TG1000 tub grinders not only rip though stubborn organic material with ease, but they now both feature the patent-pending Duplex Drum rotor system. The duplex drum features 10 hammers to cut 20 radial paths for higher production. Cost efficient, the hammers reverse for double the life span while the drum adds life by protecting them from wear.
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General Equipment

The SG24/G gasoline powered surface grinder from General Equipment features various grinding systems for breaking up deposits; cleaning concrete, asphalt and tile; producing exposed aggregate slabs; and polishing delicate surfaces. The twin, counter-rotating discs can work a 24- by 12-inch area. Powered by industrial quality 11-hp engines, it features dual V-belt/spur gear transmission. The SG24/G has a unitized, welded steel plate frame and extra capacity self-aligning ball bearing units. Caster wheel height adjusts to accommodate different multi-accessory options.
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The G500 die grinder from Metabo Corp. is a compact straight grinder ideal for deburring, sharpening and grinding applications in space constrained areas. It features a 4.4 A motor providing 27,000 rpm of no-load speed. It is equipped with a hardened and ground ¼ inch collet to ensure accurate balance of fitted attachments. An attached tool rest keeps the G500 steady during accessory changes.
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Diamond Products

The Core Cut single head and dual head floor grinders from Diamond Products take rough spots out of concrete surfaces and are designed to deliver a fast removal rate and smooth finish. Dual head models can perform using grinding heads, diamond grinding blocks, abrasives or carbide cutters. Core Cut grinders are available in a variety of power options with gasoline, electric or hydraulic motors up to 14 hp.
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Dimas introduces its RG 2112 and RG 2112 E surface grinders featuring a vibration isolated design to enhance ease of operation and extend machine life. Combining a dual grinding head design with the ability to utilize a variety of grinding and scarifying attachments, the surface grinders are engineered for applications ranging from finishing concrete surfaces, to cleaning concrete floors to removing epoxies, mastics, thin-set and urethanes, to leveling uneven joints and high spots. The RG 2112 dual-head surface grinder features an 11-hp Honda gasoline engine. The RG 2112E features a 1.5-hp electric motor.
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