Dec. 1, 2001
Generator The DP 6000 generator from John Deere features a 12-horsepower Kohler engine with a cast-iron cylinder sleeve and a quiet muffler. Low-oil shutoff


The DP 6000 generator from John Deere features a 12-horsepower Kohler engine with a cast-iron cylinder sleeve and a quiet muffler. Low-oil shutoff helps extend the life of the generator and automatic idle control provides better fuel economy and helps prevent surges when operating power tools. Other engine characteristics include a maintenance-free, brushless alternator, GFCI protection, hourmeter and overload indicator. The generator also features a welded-steel dolly kit with folding handles, making it easy to transport and protecting it from damage.
RS # 196

Snow Plows

Snow Wolf Ultra Series is a snowplow designed specifically for the skid steer loader, with blade features and frame construction built to match the skid steer's ability to move heavy snow loads. It's available in seven widths from 6 to 9 feet. The plow's blade is angled to scoop snow rather than push it, then send the snow rolling, moving it off the blade quickly to keep the skid steer in control of heavy snow loads. A dual pivot A-frame construction allows the blade to oscillate, following the contours of uneven ground without scraping.
RS # 197

Drain Cleaner

Model E drain cleaner from Electric Eel cleans 1 1/4- to 3-inch lines up to 75 feet. It uses 3/8- and 1/2-inch certified music wire cable with galvanized aircraft wire inner core. Powered by a 1/3-horsepower motor, the cleaner comes with a built-in drum-shaft slip clutch. The cable cage is epoxy powder-coated to provide longer life and an inner drum reduces cable buckling. An additional rear bar provides for motor protection and allows for two-position operation.
RS # 198

Pressure Washer

The direct- or belt-drive Hydro Force cold-water pressure washers from Higher Power Supplies provide 2,000 to 4,000 psi at 2.5 to 4.0 gpm. Built on aircraft aluminum frames, the units are available with AR, General or Cat triplex plunger pumps and feature adjustable chemical injection.
RS # 199

Buck Fork

Second Look's Buck Fork attachment is used in place of a typical bucket and is designed to handle loose material such as manure, hay, concrete slabs or tree branches. The fork has tubular 40-inch steel teeth and can be used in combination with the quick-attach grapple forks or as a separate unit.
RS # 200


Miller Electric Mfg. introduces its Trailblazer 301 G and Trailblazer DC engine driven welding generators. The Trailblazer 301 G has a 300-amp output and 10,000 watt peak auxiliary power rating at 104 F. For those who do not need an AC weld output, the Trailblazer DC offers the same features and benefits as the 301 G at a lower price and with a simpler control panel. These multi-process CC/CV machines provide a 20 to 300 amp DC output (100 percent duty cycle at 300 amps, 25 volts) for Stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding. Both machines offer better DC TIG scratch starts, more dig to enhance E6010 pipe welding and smooth E7018 performance in all positions, according to the manufacturer.
RS # 503

Floor Grinding Edger

The floor grinding edger from EDCO is designed to grind within 1/2 inch of walls, around columns and pipes or in corners using a 7-inch diamond cup wheel. It operates with a 115 volt, 2 horsepower electric motor. Vacuum hookup allows users to perform dust free grinder operations.
RS # 501


The Heat Cannon F-1500T duel-fuel construction heater provides 1.5 million BTU per hour of forced air heat at the touch of a switch. Built to operate on either propane or natural gas, the F-1500T is ideal for large projects where “big heat” is required. The Heat Cannon is equipped with thermostat control.
RS # 502

Hydraulic Power Supply Unit

Stellar Industries develops the Powerhouse 24 hydraulic power supply unit, which allows the operator to manipulate the crane or other hydraulic equipment with or without the chassis engine running or when a pump and PTO is not applicable. Using this product, the operator uses 12-volts to run the 24-volt system. Therefore, every 200 watts of load on the inverter requires only 10 amps DC from the battery, while developing 3,000 psi of hydraulic pressure. It can also operate while the engine is running.
RS # 504

Lift Jockey

The Stone lift jockey, with a load capacity of 1,500 pounds, is designed to move and lift pallets, blocks, bricks, pavers and packaged material or other items to scaffolding heights up to 9 feet, 6 inches. Landscapers use the machine to move shrubs, trees, landscape timbers and other materials.
RS # 505

Portable Light Towers

The Allmand Pro series features the Pro engine-generator package, including an 1800 rpm Kubota D905 liquid-cooled diesel engine and a 6-kilowatt generator. Requiring oil changes every 200 hours, according to the manufacturer, the 10.5-horsepower engine offers indirect injection for quiet operation. Other features include automatic shutdown for low oil pressure and high engine temperature and a glow plug cold-start aid.
RS # 506

Compact Dozers

Komatsu Utility Corp. introduces the D21A-7 and D21P-7 compact dozers. These models feature an operating weight of 8,710 pounds to 9,220 pounds. The dozers also include a rubber track option. Additional features include the hydroshift transmission with single-lever steering, a pressure proportional control joystick and 6-way power-angle-tilt blade.
RS # 507

Skid Steer Forks

Construction Technology Inc. releases the Model 345 rail-mounted skid steer fork with a 4,300-pound lift capacity. Designed specifically for larger skid steer loaders, 345 is available with 42- and 48-inch tine lengths. Other features include a universal coupler design that fits interchangeably on most current skid steers, 1 1/2 by 4 inches Class II forged tines, solid steel rails, heavy-duty latches, built-in latch protection and forged bottom rail hooks.
RS # 508

Cordless Combination Kit

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. offers the 18-Volt Power Plus contractor cordless combination kit that features the company's 6 1/2-inch circular saw and 1/2-inch T-handle driver/drill packaged in a durable, water-resistant contractor bag. The bag contains a circular saw blade pouch; storage areas for the drill, charger and an extra battery; and pockets for other jobsite accessories. The saw operates on a 2.4 amp/hour nickel cadmium battery, providing more 2 by 4 cuts per battery charge. The driver/drill features a soft-grip T-handle design for optimum tool balance and comfort.
RS # 509


The Ditch Witch RT70 is a compact, medium-utility, rubber-tire tractor designed to meet a wide range of underground construction needs. An integrated front cast weight eliminates the need for an extended weight rack, allowing the tractor to work productively in tight jobsite areas, according to the manufacturer. An operator-oriented workstation with canopy shade is designed to increase comfort and productivity. A choice of two transmissions and a variety of interchangeable attachments enhance the tractor's versatility.
RS # 511

Air Compressor

The new body design on the Airman PDS185S Sunami from Mitsui Machinery incorporates gull-wing style doors for access to the larger toolboxes and service components. Powered by the Isuzu 4LE2 direct injection engine the compressor increases access to daily maintenance and service items. The oil/air separator filter is now an external style. Cartridge type fuel water separator and filters reduce service time and environmental impact.
RS # 512

Mobile Concrete Dispenser

The mobile concrete dispenser from Cemen Tech carries the materials for concrete in separate bins and volumetrically measures and mixes the materials at the job site. It allows contractors to pour concrete in the quantity and quality that is required for a specific job. The 510-gallon tank is UV resistant and meets the National Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer's standard for mobile mixers rated to 13 cubic yard capacities.
RS # 510


Users can slide in and plug in the Lift Pro from Hitch Things to load, lift and haul materials. The electric-powered lift works off the vehicle battery and is designed to extend the useful hauling capabilities of a van, sport utility vehicle, car or truck. Rated for 400 pounds carrying capacity, the unit slides into any 2-inch receiver and simply pins in place. Simply load it, lift the load with the up and down toggle switch control, pin it, secure the load and drive away.
RS # 513