April 1, 2006
Komatsu Komatsu America Corp. is gradually introducing its new Tier 3 engines, which will reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions, while


Komatsu America Corp. is gradually introducing its new Tier 3 engines, which will reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions, while improving fuel efficiency by up to 15 percent. The new engines incorporate improvements to the combustion chambers for better air/fuel mixing and optimal combustion. These designs set the stage for compliance with future Tier 4 regulations. This technology allows the small-size engines to be compliant without adding further systems. For the mid-size engines, Komatsu applies the heavy-duty cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, which reduces NOx emissions without sacrificing fuel economy, the company says. The high-capacity, heavy-duty twin-valve cooled EGR system features intake air bypass for high-load and wider speed usage, precision electronic-controlled hydraulic twin valves and a durable EGR cooler for operation in rough environments.
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The Centinel Advanced Engine Oil Management System is now available as an aftermarket kit for the QSX, QSK19, QSK45 and QSK60 engines rated between 350 to 3,000 hp. Centinel, formerly only available as a new engine option, can be easily purchased and installed at any Cummins distributor location allowing Cummins-powered equipment operators to take advantage of this cost- and time-saving technology even if the machine did not initially have this capability. The Centinel system enables equipment operators to extend oil change intervals to as much as 4,000 hours. Depending on the platform, the extension equates to removing 15 to 20 oil changes and thereby reduces maintenance time and expense.
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Caterpillar introduces its new C4.4 engine available in mechanical and electronic versions, both meeting Tier 3 emissions legislation. The electronic version is the newest and smallest in the Cat family of engines with ACERT technology. The mechanical version of the C4.4 engine includes a two-valve head, rotary fuel injection pump, a single vee-belt design and optimized inlet manifold temperatures above 75 bkW. It is available in naturally aspirated, turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled configurations with power outputs ranging from 56 to 90 bkW with 469 Nm maximum torque at 1,400 rpm. The C4.4 ACERT engine has an electronic fuel management system and is available with outputs from 62 to 112 bkW and 550 Nm.
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The Deutz 2011 family of oil-cooled engines has met the Tier 3 emissions standards by using mechanical engine controls and direct fuel injection, made possible by the company's continued refinement of the combustion process. By focusing on high power density Deutz has increased its rating choices up to 99 hp with low fuel consumption and good cold starting in a simple and easy-to-install package, the company says.
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Perkins Engines

Perkins introduces the 404C-22T turbocharged engine to its compact 400 Series. The new 4-cylinder engine offers 44.7 kW at 2,800 rpm and was designed to suit the needs of small construction equipment and light duty tractor manufacturers. A torque rise of 26 percent ensures maximum machine responsiveness and its torque back-up capability enables the engine to respond to sudden increases in demand without stalling. Other benefits of the 404C-22T include low noise, small package size, light weight, good power density and low cost of ownership.

Perkins Power Corp. customer Myers-Seth's 4- and 6-inch pumps employ the Geminiani 422P and 422PT units, which are powered with the Perkins 404C-22 and 404C22T engines. “These engine packages are very quiet and are appreciated when we have to operate in residential or noise-critical areas,” says Doug Myers, president of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Myers-Seth.
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Yanmar's TNV series liquid-cooled diesel engines are designed for use in construction machinery, generators and pumps. The new series consists of the smaller indirect-injection 2TNV70 and 3TNV70/76 with rated horsepower of 14.3, 21.9 and 25 respectively. Improvements to the combustion and fuel injection engine systems result in even cleaner combustion through refined air intake design. A newly developed in-line fuel injection pump provides the same level of fuel injection engine performance as in Yanmar's direct-injection engines. A load timer adjusts injection timing in accordance with the engine load.
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Kohler Engines

The new 30-hp twin-cylinder Command PRO vertical (CV750) and horizontal-shaft (CH750) models are designed for large commercial mowers and zero-turn radius equipment, welding, construction and concrete equipment. The 747cc air-cooled, overhead valve engine also features a two-barrel carburetor. A new high-flow fan provides improved thermal management to keep oil temperatures cool during the entire power range, regardless of application or duty cycle. The Kohler heavy-duty air cleaners come standard on the new Command PRO 30-hp engines, which reduces maintenance needs and improves operation in dirty and dusty environments, enhancing the life of the engine.
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Subaru Robin

The EX Series features four models, with power ranges from 4.5 to 9 hp, that utilize high-performance chain-driven overhead cam technology. A standard for high-performance automotive engines, chain-driven OHC technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned for optimum engine performance. This offers lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow. Designed with an efficient pent-roof-type combustion chamber, the EX engines are able to utilize a high compression ratio, producing higher power and torque while limiting exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. With fewer moving parts, OHC engines produce less mechanical noise than competitive technologies. The EX engines take it a step further by utilizing optimized-capacity rigid mufflers, which make the EX engines a full 2dBA quieter and softer in exhaust tone than other same-class engines, the company says.
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Honda Engines

The new GX35 mini four-stroke engine replaces the GX31 as Honda's most powerful engine for handheld applications. The 35.8cc GX35's oil-immersed timing belt and overhead-cam architecture make it possible to incorporate the valve train into the oil reservoir, which results in a substantial reduction in size and weight over the GX31, making it comparable to a competitive two-stroke engine in those areas. The GX35 delivers powerful output across a range of operating speeds with ample low-speed torque, which means that it does not always need to be operated at wide-open throttle, reducing noise and operator fatigue while substantially increasing fuel economy and decreasing emissions.
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John Deere

The new PowerTech Plus diesel engines meet Tier 3 emissions regulations and offer improved performance and fuel economy. The new PowerTech engines offer improved performance and power density, as well as a fuel economy that is 1- to 5-percent better than their Tier 2 counterparts and 6- to 13-percent better than competitive engines. The 9.0L 6-cylinder diesel engine (pictured) offers best-in-class fuel economy, increased performance and power density, higher levels of power bulge, increased levels of peak and low-speed torque and better transient response time than its Tier 2 counterpart, the company says.
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Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power adds two vertical shaft Big Block engines — the 895 cc (pictured) and 993 cc — to its lineup of horizontal shaft Big Block engines. Designed for outdoor power equipment manufacturers, the new engines provide market-requested increased displacement with both horizontal and vertical output shafts. The Vanguard V-Twin Big Block air-cooled engines feature an advanced debris management system that is incorporated into the engine's air-cooling system, allowing the engine to run cooler and cleaner, while enhancing durability and performance. Tuned intake and exhaust systems provide a quieter running engine. The Vanguard V-Twin Big Block engines are also available for applications that require liquid-cooled power.
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Kubota Engine

Kubota offers two liquid-cooled, high horsepower density, diesel engines, and the dual fuel WG/DF 972, which has the same footprint as the D902-E. Both designed to be environmentally friendly, the engines are based upon Kubota's patented Environmental Triple Vortex Combustion System and complemented with a built-in, closed breather. Integration of these two technologies ensure that both models comply with the Tier 2 regulations.
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