What Else Is New?

Nov. 1, 2004
Electric Eel's new 2-wheel dolly for the Model E 1/2X50 electric drain cleaner has a fold-down handle for easier storage and transport, as well as 10-inch

Electric Eel's new 2-wheel dolly for the Model E 1/2X50 electric drain cleaner has a fold-down handle for easier storage and transport, as well as 10-inch wheels for better maneuverability. The dolly quickly attaches to any Model E machine and the handle eliminates the need to detach the dolly while loading or transporting.
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Ground Heaters' Red Wave insulation blankets are designed for use with hydronic ground thawing and concrete curing applications. Constructed of a thin, high-tech polymer/aluminum laminate, the insulation blankets are reflective to better direct heat downward while the conductive material transmits heat laterally. The blankets are 6 feet by 125 feet and weigh 55 pounds.
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The SC7750 rider sweeper/scrubber from American-Lincoln removes dirt, grease and loose debris without the need for a separate sweeper. Operators can change scrub brushes in five minutes without tools and can choose from 46- or 53-inch cleaning paths. The front bumper withstands impact up to 5 mph without damage to the walls or machine.
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The new Target DS 6 C core drill stand is lightweight and designed to be used with most hand-held core drill motors. The stand features a V-groove roller carriage that allows for accurate alignment that requires minimal adjustment. The DS 6 C can drill holes up to 6 inches in diameter while the maximum height of 32 inches allows the stand to operate in confined spaces.
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The new Favelle Favco Model 60T telescopic boom, crawler crane with 60-ton capacity and a four-section, 105-foot boom tip height is built on a Caterpillar 325 excavator power module. The crane is powered by a quad turbocharged 168-hp Caterpillar diesel engine with an automatic engine control and electronic power unit with backup system.
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The EBZ5000Q backpack blower from RedMax moves up to 596 cfm of air at a speed of up to 142 mph at a noise level of 65 dBA. The blower weighs 19.6 pounds and features a FreeFlow system that protects the engine from overheating caused by leaves and other debris in the blower's mechanics.
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Aisle-Master, the manufacturer of the narrow aisle articulated forklift, introduces the new three-way catalytic converter and fuel commander kit. When installed on the LPG gas-powered forklift it reduces gas emissions, enabling safe indoor use.
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Robin Subaru centrifugal pumps combine an overhead-cam engine, heavy-duty construction and reliable performance for a variety of applications. The self-priming pumps are available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch models and feature a durable, heavy-duty strainer to protect the pump from large solids. For quieter operation, the centrifugal pump features a low-tone muffler and a sound-suppressing air cleaner.
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Keystone Lubricants' Kilfrost provides lubrication to air tools, but also absorbs air line moisture and lowers its freezing point to prevent tools from freezing up. Kilfrost maintains a tight grip on working surfaces because of its high film strength and its ability to function under extreme pressure. It is useful year-round in wet or humid conditions to prevent corrosion in equipment.
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The new Grassroots Technology MulchPRO power rake attachment for commercial grade, straight-shaft string trimmers is designed to fluff and rejuvenate faded and compressed mulch. The standard size MulchPRO tills a path about 14 inches wide and only turns the top layers of mulch.
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Thomas Equipment's T320 tracked loader offers more than 7,000 pounds of breakout force and a rated lift capacity of 2,200 pounds. Tracks provide increased flotation and traction in bad conditions, but the T320 is designed so it can be quickly converted from tracks to tires, eliminating unnecessary track and drive system wear when tracks are not required.
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