Feb. 1, 2008
Best Trailer The TB82X16T from Best Trailer is designed for a number of rental applications including skid-steer loaders, small tractors, trenchers and

Best Trailer

The TB82X16T from Best Trailer is designed for a number of rental applications including skid-steer loaders, small tractors, trenchers and rollers. Standard features include a Rumber deck, 10GA fenders, an adjustable coupler, hydraulic surge brakes, hydraulic dampening cylinder and a powder-coat finish.

Leonard Sedillo, general manager for Diamond Rental in Salt Lake City, Utah, loves the TB82X16T's rubber deck because he no longer has to replace broken boards. “This is the most bullet-proof trailer we've ever purchased,” Sedillo says. “The detail the manufacturer uses in construction of every trailer is unbelievable.”
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Bil-Jax introduces a trailer specifically made with the company's new X-Boom self-propelled lifts in mind. There are two trailer designs — one for the 36XT telescopic boom (pictured) and another for the 45XA articulated boom. The trailers feature reinforced steel frames and an a-frame jack for years of use, and the ramps fold down to allow for easy loading/unloading. Each trailer has a capacity of 7,000 pounds and a ramp grade of 20 degrees. Leaf spring suspension and hydraulic surge brakes are standard.
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Bri-Mar offers two new, low-cost, low-profile dump trailers for a wide range of applications around the jobsite, home or farm. The new Rascal LP Series includes two models, the DTRascal-LP-7, with a 6-foot-wide by 10-foot long bed and GVWR of 7,000 pounds, and the DTRascal-LP-10 (pictured), which is the same size with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds. The Rascal LP Series is constructed with a 6-inch channel mainframe, 3-inch cross members and a 12-gauge floor.
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The Demco Rent-a-Kaddy is built with a heavy-duty frame, a pivoting fifth-wheel design and attached galvanized loading ramps. Other features include ratchet tie-down winches, transport vehicle safety chains, synthetic full fenders, tilting ramps, rubber-mounted lights and factory-balanced radial tires.
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Specifically designed to meet the transportation demands of the rental industry, the new Terex HFT 70RS rental equipment trailer is built for transferring equipment to and from customer jobsites. A low break-over angle allows operators to drive equipment with low ground clearance onto the trailer rather than having to winch it. In addition, the HFT 70RS offers enhanced traction on the ramp. The tail section has the capability to lift and carry up to 30,000 pounds, and the trailer has an overall net capacity to carry up to 70,000 pounds.
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The 930C Traveling Tail trailer has a 70,000-pound capacity and a 24,000-pound tail-lifting capacity. The loaded ground clearance measures 20 inches and the load angle is 11 degrees. Features include a powder-coated finish, automatic slack adjusters, flat approach plate and apitong wood-covered tail.

Don Ahern, president of Las Vegas-based Ahern Rentals, operates 39 Landoll Traveling Tail trailers in the company's rental fleet. “The operation of the trailer was the number one factor in switching to Landoll trailers,” Ahern says. “The Landoll 930 or 950 has unique user-friendly controls, tail-lifting capacity, weight transfer and lower load angles than other competitors.”
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The Featherlite Model 1610 is an enclosed aluminum utility trailer designed for hauling all types of cargo, including construction equipment, parts and tools. To make loading onto the optional rear ramp easier, Featherlite introduces an 18-inch ramp extension for its 2008 models. Other options include aluminum flooring, side door with screen, load lights, and an aluminum lined ceiling and walls. The contractor package includes a side door, protective gravel guard, stabilizer jacks, dome light, six recessed tie downs and e-track on the walls for securing tools and equipment.
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U-Dump Trailers

U-Dump offers its most popular 6-foot by 10-foot dump trailer in either 7,000 GVW or 9,990 GVW. Other features include 25-inch sides or cut sides, 12-gauge steel, Dexter easy-lube axles, a 12-V Monarch hydraulic pump and hydraulic surge brakes.
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The Retriever No Idle System is a truck bed that can load and unload 30,000-pound payloads without using the truck engine. Retriever uses the truck's air system rather than hydraulics to power deck operations. In rental equipment deliveries, the no Idle System is designed to reduce idling time by as much as 95 percent, producing substantially lower emissions, extending engine life and maintenance intervals on 2008 emissions systems, and generating significant fuel savings.
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QT Equipment

The new lube trailer from Ohio-based QT Equipment reduces costs and improves flexibility for companies that perform lube services in the field. The self-powered QT Lube Trailer can deliver several fluids to the jobsite, including new oil products, salvage and grease. The unit also features locking storage compartments and can carry items such as work lights or an air compressor. Product tanks are made of light, contamination-resistant polyethylene and come in 75-, 135-, 190-, 250- and 350-gallon configurations.
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JLG Industries

Triple-L trailers from JLG incorporate the Power Deck hydraulic system that allows the operator to lower and raise the deck hydraulically in less than 15 seconds, ensuring that one person can handle the loading and unloading of cargo. The trailer capacities range from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds and deck sizes are as large as 6 feet by 16-feet long. Standard features include two lockable steel compartments, a quick-adjust tongue jack, heavy-duty tie-down rings, and a 12-volt system that powers the hydraulic pump used to lower and raise the deck.
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Redneck Trailer Supplies

Redneck Trailer Supplies introduces the Redline Towing Accessories series, which includes receiver hitches, drop hitches, ball mounts, locks and cargo platforms. The lightweight receivers attach to the vehicle bumper and allow the use of a ball mount to level the trailer when towing. The receiver hitches and tubs are designed for use with 2-inch ball mounts. The Redline coupler locks prevent the theft of a trailer, while hitch locks prevent removal of the ball mount. The 20-inch by 60-inch cargo platform is designed for use with 1¼- and 2-inch receiver hitches and features a mesh floor, convenient tie loops and a 500-pound carrying capacity. The powder-coat finish helps to prevent corrosion.
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Advance Metalworking Co.

The 2-wheel, 6,000-pound-capacity Lo Riser inclining-platform trailer features a 74-inch by 11-foot, 4-inch load-carrying platform that can be hydraulically lowered to ground height. The built-in ramp allows smooth, drive-on access for quickly loading or unloading cargo or equipment. When lowered, the trailer allows a minimum 5-degree angle suited for low ground clearance or reduced-gradeability vehicles. Simple operation, flexibility and enhanced safety allow one person to load and transport cargo.
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Equipment Lock Company

The Ball & Ring Hitch Lock is a universal anti-theft device that fits nearly every type of trailer using a 1 7/8-, 2- or 2 5/16-inch ball- or ring-type hitch. When in place, it secures the ball placement or ring hole, which prevents unauthorized persons from hooking up and taking the trailer.
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The ChoreMaster heavy-duty cargo loading system quickly transforms any full-size pick-up truck into a versatile multi-purpose 3-in-1 utility vehicle. The ChoreMaster can load up to 2,000 pounds from ground level into the truck cargo box with the touch of a button. The loading system is a dump body with more than 40 cubic feet of capacity for loose material such as mulch, soil and stone.
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