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Dec. 1, 2009
Topcon Positioning Systems Topcon Tierra is a web-based telematics service from Topcon Positioning Systems designed to make any data needed onboard any

Topcon Positioning Systems

Topcon Tierra is a web-based telematics service from Topcon Positioning Systems designed to make any data needed onboard any piece of rolling stock available from a remote location. It also makes information available to the operator such as fuel levels, engine hours, oil pressure, idle time and maintenance alerts. This wireless telematics service offers a choice of four hardware setups — real-time monitoring of dashboard information, bidirectional cellular or satellite communications, or a large data warehouse and mining system with guaranteed security.
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Komatsu America's Komtrax technology monitors a variety of machine operating information including daily fuel consumption, working hours, hour meter, machine location, cautions and maintenance alerts. Utilizing wireless technology, Komtrax relays this information to a secure website for analysis, thereby increasing machine availability, reducing the risk of machine theft, and allowing for remote diagnosis by the distributor.
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John Deere

John Deere offers three option levels of its JDLink monitoring system. The Advanced, Ultimate and Direct levels are available for field or factory installation on 46 models of John Deere construction equipment. The original JDLink Standard level automatically collects, transmits and manages machine data, which can be viewed at a single password-protected website. The data allows customers to check machine operation times, track machine locations and set restrictions on when machines are allowed to run. The system hardware is connected directly into the electrical system of the machine.
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JLG Industries

JLG's ClearSky connected-asset system is designed for aerial work platforms. ClearSky provides a two-way communication link to the machine control system using satellite and cellular technology to gather information. The telematics control unit and associated hardware can be factory installed or retrofitted to existing equipment. Additional features include on-demand diagnostics and troubleshooting; preventive maintenance alerts based on real-world operating conditions that help reduce unexpected failures; machine maintenance history; operating system integration; geofencing; and GPS location. Alerts can be sent to cell phones, pagers, BlackBerries or docked computers.
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LOFA Industries

The CANplus Messenger from LOFA Industries is an integrated GSM/GPS wireless cellular phone-based telemetry system designed to work with electronic engine controllers. The unit monitors application-specific parameters present on the CAN Bus, sending current engine readings and GPS location to the LOFA server-based monitoring application. This compact telemetry module is designed to monitor, record, report and alarm for any requested information that is available on the CAN Bus. In the event of equipment malfunctions, equipment owners and end-users can be quickly notified from the web via computer-generated voice phone messages, text messages and email, or sent to a list of pre-determined phone numbers and email addresses. Users can also view any and all remotely monitored assets via the CANplus Messenger using the web-based GIS application provided by the company.
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