What Else Is New?

Sept. 1, 2004
Edco's CPM-8 scarifiers clean, texture, repair and prepare surfaces of concrete, asphalt or metal for new overlays, paints, waterproofing membranes or

Edco's CPM-8 scarifiers clean, texture, repair and prepare surfaces of concrete, asphalt or metal for new overlays, paints, waterproofing membranes or epoxy installations. The CPM-8 can work at rates of 350 to 500 square feet per hour and uses a smooth-operating, interchangeable drum assembly to remove old surfaces and leave uniform texture.
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Mi-T-M's two-stage, 120-gallon stationary air compressors feature 230V three phase, industrial 10-, 15- or 20-hp electric motors. The compressors also have a large fly wheel for extra cooling and longer life, 14-gauge powder-coated belt guard, auto start/stop standard, and dual large canister intake filters.
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Flowserve Corp. now supports its Limitorque SMB electric actuator line with a 10-year standard warranty. The actuator is designed to provide longevity and stability for service applications including public utilities such as power, water and wastewater.
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Turf Teq introduces an all-new self-propelled broom to complement its SideWinder product line. Brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle can be adjusted from the operator position. The unit has a 13-hp Honda engine, and the base unit can be converted into a walk-behind bed edger/mini trencher.
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The 30kW Ecostar power converter from Ballard Power Systems is designed for photovoltaic (PV) applications. The 30kW grid-tie utility interactive power converter combines inverter and transformer efficiency with ease of installation. Detailed text messages give system warnings and faults.
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The Traversix Connectivity System from Wavetrix is a no-touch solution to connect a customer at his PC through the Internet to remotely located serial devices anywhere in the world. Designed for field-service applications, the system allows operation through firewalls without creating security risks.
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Marshalltown introduces a new line of snips for cutting sheet metal, wire and plastic materials. The snips feature durable, lightweight aluminum frames and are available in 12- and 14-inch sizes. Replaceable blades are available for both sizes.
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The Spectra Precision Laser HV201 from Trimble is a portable laser for interior and general construction applications. The unit offers fully automatic, self-leveling setup in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Its visible beam can be directed or rotated at four preset speeds.
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The Bob-Cat LEO Plus zero-turn mower from Jacobsen features a built-in power generator that produces up to 1,000 watts continuous AC electric power and allows for other electric tools to hook up directly to the mower. A maximum ground speed of 7.5 mph enables operators to cut up to three acres per hour.
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Hyster Co.'s new R30XMS2 OrderPicker truck is designed for operators with multiple case selection or single item pick requirements for heights up to 240 inches. The ergonomic adjustable console dash offers increased comfort. Equipped with an adjustable three-position, multi-function accelerator control handle for increased comfort, the machine's pin-mounted variable forks and rigid pallet clamp provide secure load handling.
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Ridge Tool Co. introduces the redesigned FlatPack SeeSnake Plus video inspection system. The camera has stainless steel construction for a longer camera life and features an improved in-line transmitter that is easier to locate inside drain and sewer lines. The system weighs 11 pounds for easy transporting and storage.
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Leyman LAH and LHLP Hide-A-Way lift gates can be installed on trailers with swing doors with no door alteration and on 53-foot trailers with no added length. The threshold plate has been notched for the lifting arms, ensuring that the LHLP lift gates will be able to be raised to the top of the trailer floor.
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