Floor Care

June 1, 2003
Edco Edco's dual-arbor DS-16A street saw was designed to accommodate 14- to 18-inch diamond blades. It has a large screw-type depth control that makes


Edco's dual-arbor DS-16A street saw was designed to accommodate 14- to 18-inch diamond blades. It has a large screw-type depth control that makes it easy to raise and lower the blade for cutting. The design of the saw allows users to make belt changes without disassembling the blade shaft and the arbor alignment is not compromised. The saw has a heavy-duty, box-frame construction for faster, smoother cutting and greater durability.

“Dual arbors allow us to cut on either side, and this saw also has the best depth crank adjustment for raising and lowering the saw blade in and out of the cut,” says Richard Bricker, sales manager of Rentals Unlimited Inc., Frederick, Md. “It is very easy to cut a straight line and also has plenty of power for the bigger cuts. This saw is a long-lasting saw with a very durable design and built to withstand the rental business.”
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The HTF-2 orbital floor sander from Hiretech sands and refinishes all types of wood flooring including decking. The 95-pound unit features a floating handle, neon light, vacuum system and smaller pad for increased psi. The 4-brush motor moves the abrasive at 3,000 rpms for swirl-free results.
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The PCP-17 from Shipp has a dual capacitor. Bolted in bumper guards never slip off. Double insulated electric cord with a heavy metal cord retainer give operator protection. The all metal construction gives the floor polisher line the look of rental tough equipment.
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The MV-900-OMEV is designed for stackability, cord management, durability, maneuverability and ease of operation. The 9-gallon industrial wet/dry vacuum offers a 1.3-hp continuous motor, 9.0 amperage, 101 cfm, a water recovery of 6 gallons and a water lift of 87 inches. It features a 120 V, 2-stage bypass motor with a self-cooling motor design, 25-foot electrical cord with cord wrap, high impact poly construction, industrial grade polyolefin wheels, recessed wheels and clamps to prevent breakage, 10-foot hose with inlet cuff, aluminum plastic extension wand, curved plastic wand, 12-inch combination floor tool, 8.5-inch crevice tool, 12-inch commercial squeegee tool, cartridge filter and a paper filter bag.
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General Equipment Co.

General Equipment Co.'s SG24/GHP propane-powered surface grinder is designed to break up soft to hard deposits and to clean, polish or expose aggregate slabs for a multitude of purposes. The propane conversion allows for use indoors when electric models are not an option. The twin counter-rotating discs can work a 24- by 12-inch area. An increased wheel base places more weight over the rotating heads, meaning added pressure to the floor or work surface to produce better results.
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Essex Silver-Line

The Essex Silver-Line SL-8 sander is designed for easy access to all its moving parts. The units use standard belts and bearings. The product features a 1-hp constant speed motor, soft rubber drum and cam locking system. The sand paper is held between two spring-loaded cams while the slow 1,800-rpm constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors.
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Cherryhill Mfg. Corp.

The U-sand from Cherryhill utilizes a four-pad random orbit design that will not cause damage or gouging to wood floors. The hook and loop attaching system make changing the paper quick and easy. The built-in vacuum system virtually eliminates all airborne dust. The product is designed to get into hard-to-reach openings.
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Madvac introduces three new options to the 101 litter collection vehicle: 2 and 8 exterior-mounted panel filtration, and 2 micron interior cylindrical filtration cartridge that helps protect operators and pedestrians from dust ingestion. Features include patented straight through suction, 60-gallon capacity litter container, 28-hp Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine, hydrostatic drive and fully hydraulic machine operation, 8-inch diameter suction hose, power-assisted vacuum arm and easy-access disposable bag.
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