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Feb. 1, 2004
Komatsu The SK818-5 skid-steer loader features a Tier 2 compliant engine and is designed for a variety of construction, utility, agricultural and industrial


The SK818-5 skid-steer loader features a Tier 2 compliant engine and is designed for a variety of construction, utility, agricultural and industrial applications. It is equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic circuit with a maximum flow of 16.1 gpm. The unit offers a standard, 2-speed transmission with a working speed of 6.5 mph and a travel speed of 10 mph. It has a rated operating load of 1,750 pounds and a tipping load of 3,500 pounds. The maximum hydraulic lift capacity for the machine is 4,796 pounds. Safety features include a backup alarm, horn, a 3-inch seatbelt and a seat switch, and restraining bar that automatically neutralizes machine operations when the operator moves off the seat or raises the bar.
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The TLB-325 heavy-duty compact tractor loader backhoe is powered by either a Kohler CH25S or Robin EH72 25-hp gasoline engine. The 3,950-pound TLB-325 features an industrial class backhoe that offers a 4,611-pound digging force as well as a 9-foot, 8-inch digging depth. Dual cylinder, 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing allows precise work in tight areas, while joystick controls and an elevated seating position provide a large backhoe feel.

Clyde Funk, owner of High Country Rental in Livingston, Mont., has owned a TLB-325 for one year and has logged more than 600 hours renting it out. “This unit does a lot more work than what you expect it to do,” says Funk. “It is easy to operate and has less downtime than other machines.”
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The C87FM compact crawler forestry mower has a powerful 4-cylinder, 87-hp Deutz turbo diesel engine, coupled with a 6,000-psi hydrostatic transmission delivering up to 41 gpm to the mowing head. Standard equipment includes heat and air-conditioned cab, sliding side windows, and pilot controlled joysticks. The C87FM can traverse through rugged terrain because of its heavy-duty, dozer-style, undercarriage.
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The Dingo TX413 compact utility loader features a 13-hp Honda gasoline engine. It is 33.7 inches wide and has skid-steer-style turning, allowing operators to maneuver the unit into tight areas and pass through 36-inch-wide gates or other narrow openings. With the Dingo quick-attach system, attachments may be added or removed by turning two locking pins and connecting hydraulic lines when applicable. The hydraulics are powered by a three-pump system, providing 7 gallons per minute of flow at 2,650 psi of hydraulic power to the attachments and two hydrostatic drive pumps.
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The RC-100 all-surface loader is powered by the Caterpillar 3054C diesel engine that offers low emissions and low sound. The machine features a hydraulic system in which the tracks are directly driven by two-speed drive motors with travel speeds up to 10 mph. The hydraulic system provides up to 38 gmp to the standard high flow auxiliary circuit on demand. Forty-two wheeled contact points spread the machine weight over 18-inch-wide rubber tracks, exerting only 3.5 psi ground pressure.
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The 418T all-wheel steer loader features an all-wheel-steer design that provides consistent rated load capacity and has a tight turning radius. The unit also comes equipped with a self-leveling bucket linkage. The long wheelbase increases the overall stability and provides for a smoother ride in rough terrain. The loader has an overall height of 99.6 inches and an overall width of 70.9 inches.
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The 40XT skid-steer loader features a 60-hp engine and an operating load of 1,500 pounds. The machine is designed to operate in confined spaces because of its smaller size. The skid-steer loader has a bucket breakout force of more than 4,000 pounds and an operating weight of 5,716 pounds. It also has a bucket hinge pin height of 114.6 inches.
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The S160 skid-steer loader comes equipped with a turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine rated at 56 hp. The machine has a high flow option to boost auxiliary hydraulic capacity to 27.0 gpm for greater attachment versatility. The S160 features a radius lift path — for jobs where digging and grading ability is more important than lift height and reach — and long wheelbase for a smoother ride. Other features include an adjustable cushion seat, Bobcat Interlock Control System for safety, deluxe cab, dual path cooling system, as well as front and rear lights.
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The RTV900 utility vehicle is available in four configurations of general purpose, turf, recreational and worksite with a wide variety of accessories. It features three-range variable hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic power steering. The three-range shifting provides low (0-10 mph), mid (0-18 mph) and high (0-25 mph) operational speeds add flexibility when climbing hills and hauling or towing a load. Front and rear wet-type disc brakes provide a reliable braking force.
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Thomas Equipment

With a rated 2,100-pound lift capacity, the model 205 skid steer offers a multiple linkage vertical lift design that achieves a maximum reach of more than 31.5 inches at full height. New low profile rounded boom arms and reduced height rear end design provide all-around unobstructed visibility, allowing the operator to easily maneuver in the tightest work areas while maintaining control. The unit is powered by a Kubota 59.5-hp turbo-charged diesel engine and has a travel speed of 7.7 mph.
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The TL140 rubber track loader incorporates a wider and longer track design and features an operating weight of 9,590 pounds, tipping load of 5,952 pounds, and bucket breakout force of 7,403 pounds. With 18-inch wide rubber tracks and an undercarriage that provides floatation capabilities, the TL140 can operate on soft ground, improved surfaces, muddy conditions, loose ground, or a combination of conditions. Powered by a fuel-efficient 81-hp Isuzu diesel engine, the loader features a two-speed travel system for operating at both high (6.4 mph) and low (4.5 mph) travel speeds.

Ronnie Puckett, president and owner, Mountain View Grading, Jefferson, Ga., is using the TL140 rubber track loader in his day-to-day business. “This rubber track machine has a much smoother ride and better traction than others out there,” Puckett says. “It provides very dependable service and I won't switch to another machine.”
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John Deere

The Series II model 240 skid-steer loader is designed with stability because of 60-40 weight distribution to provide overall balance. A long wheelbase allows for travel at higher speeds over rough terrain, and major components are mounted low on the frame for a lower center of gravity. The skid steer also features a vertical lift boom, which rises along a near-true vertical path that reaches out at the top of the lift cycle. Load carrying efficiency is maximized by a high 35-degree bucket rollback at ground level, reducing material spillage. The bucket breakout force is 5,500 pounds.
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The UTV 1500 is a utility task vehicle that comes equipped with an 18-hp V-twin, air-cooled 4-cycle engine, heavy-duty transmission and low gearing. The unit can carry a payload of up to 1,250 pounds and tow 1,000 pounds. Foot-activated, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes enable quick stopping, even under a heavy load. Standard features include an audible reverse alarm, an ergonomically designed dash that includes a glove box and an additional storage compartment, a trailer hitch receiver, dual 35-watt quartz-halogen headlights, hour meter, electric start, and a 360-watt alternator.
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