Wacker Offers Slate of New Items

Jan. 1, 2004
Wacker, always prolific in product development, is outdoing itself with a slate of new offerings that will be premiered at the upcoming trade shows. With

Wacker, always prolific in product development, is outdoing itself with a slate of new offerings that will be premiered at the upcoming trade shows. With a new ride-on trowel, additional blade options to its wet screed line, a smart-control trench roller, new reversible vibratory plates, a 2-cycle engine, an oil-injected rammer, a newly redesigned light tower line and more, the Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based supplier will be well-represented at the Associated Equipment Distributors convention, World of Concrete and ARA's Rental Show.

A patented electronic steering system is the high point of the CRT-ES ride-on trowel. Modeled after proven electronics used in the automotive and airline industries, Wacker's steering system used an on-board computer that allows the operator to direct the trowel through the use of two joysticks. The unit is lighter in weight than hydrostatic units, enabling it to get onto a slab faster making more productive use of manpower and equipment. The light weight facilitates use on elevated deck pours. The mechanical transmission allows the rotors to be timed in an overlapping position. The trowel also offers a variable clutch that allows the operator to change the trowel's blade speed to match the condition of the concrete while still maximizing the engine torque, without mechanical adjustments or special accessories.

Wacker's new trench rollers — the RT 56-SC and RT 82-SC — offer a smart control system and engine control module to facilitate operation and maintenance. The smart control features a dual joystick box. One joystick controls right/left movement, the other controls forward/reverse. An infrared signal uses line-of-sight control for safety purposes to keep operators from driving into trenches. An additional distance-sensing feature has important safety implications: If an operator comes within three feet of the roller's front or rear sensing eye with the control box, the unit automatically stops moving and vibrating.

A set of diagnostic LED's on the control panel monitors engine oil pressure, radiator fluid level, engine temperature, glow plug and battery as well as the machine's tip angle. The machine will shut down automatically if the engine control module determines that any of these functions are not operating properly. An automatic glow plug preheats the engine when the transmitter is turned on, and an automatic one-hour power down timer in the ECM prevents battery drain.

The serviceability of the rollers has been enhanced by removable fuel and hydraulic tanks, with all of the hydraulic connectors located on one side of the unit.

The RT 56-SC has a 22-inch wide drum and the RT 82-SC has a 32-inch wide drum, offering a choice between high (14,000 pounds) and low (7,000 pounds) centrifugal force, for a variety of soil conditions and applications.

Wacker also is offering new reversible plates with an integrated wheel set, designed for confined area compaction of granular and mixed soils. A low vibration, shock-mounted guide handle with single lever direction control reduces vibration. The throttle lever is located in the roll cage. The central lifting eye folds down flush with the roll cage, protecting it while allowing for more clearance of the unit.
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The Bravo Mat System is a temporary surface for access and staging over soft soils or delicate surfaces. Initially developed to meet the need for rapidly deployable portable flooring and work sites for military command tents and forward operations, the mats are made of a durable, lightweight thermoplastic formulation that can be configured in multiple patterns for a variety of practical uses. The mats are suited for use in general construction, golf course and landscape maintenance. The 48-inch by 48-inch mats weigh 50 pounds each, include four integrated twist lock fasteners retained within the unit and require a hex head wrench to lock the mats in place.
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The BW900-2 is a one-ton, tandem-drum roller with a series-type hydraulic travel system for improved performance on steep grades. The series hydraulics system on the BW900-2 offers enhanced performance when working on severe approaches and steep embankments, while also making it easier to load the roller onto tilt-top or tagalong trailers. The BW900-2 features an 18-HP Honda gasoline engine and 22-inch diameter drums. Its vibrating front drum produces 3,150 pounds of centrifugal force and it has a 63.8-inch turning radius.
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The 4410 is the newest addition to the dual bevel slide compound miter saw line from Bosch. It is a 10-inch model with up-front controls. Users no longer need to reach around the tool to make bevel adjustments. A turn of the bevel range selector knob moves the saw's head from the default range of 0 to 45 degrees left to the range of 0 to 45 degrees right. Also included is the miter locking system, which locks with only 1/3 turn, a miter detent override for easy setting of neighboring angles and the new Microfine Miter Adjustment Knob for even more finite miter angle adjustments.