June 1, 2002
Inspection Services Everest VIT is a full-service company, offering innovative RVI equipment, rentals and on-site inspection crews. The company provides

Inspection Services

Everest VIT is a full-service company, offering innovative RVI equipment, rentals and on-site inspection crews. The company provides services for all emergency situations and routine inspections. Everest VIT's qualified remote imaging specialists are available 24/7 to handle any type of remote visual inspection. The company also offers rental options for customers who want the use of advanced RVI equipment without the cost of ownership and upkeep.
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The new EX Series engines from Robin Subaru cover a power range of 4.5 to 9 horsepower and target a range of applications, including general construction equipment, compaction equipment, portable generators, pumps compressors and other industrial engine applications. The new engines are the first Robin Subaru models to incorporate an overhead cam system, along with a redesigned combustion chamber and optimized intake and exhaust ports. The combustion chamber features a very high efficiency pent-roof design in which the top of the combustion chamber is angled. This design, which also incorporated a redesigned intake and exhaust system, intensifies the air intake and fuel-air mixing, while reducing dead volume and eliminating flow losses.
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Data Collection Device

Shockwatch Inc. introduces the DataRanger, a new data collection device designed to facilitate the assembly of event data from fleets of forklifts equipped with the company's Shockwatch ID impact monitor. The pocket-sized product is an optional collection device that allows a manager to access and download information stored in any Shockswitch ID on any forklift anywhere within the facility. Once the process is completed, the manager can then transfer the data into a PC running ShockMate software for further analysis and the development of reports. The Shockswitch ID is a device installed on a forklift and collects data monitoring lift truck operation as well as controlling access to authorized operators.
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Pressure Washers

Mi-T-M Corp. introduces the new HG series of hot water pressure washers. Offered are 15 new models that feature CSA certification to UL1776 specs. Some of the features include 208, 230 or 460 V, single or three phase motors, 6- or 8-hp electronic ignition with standing pilot light, 24-volt control system, vacuum switch, thermal relief valve and overpressure safety controls, aspirating-type burner, draft diverter and adjustable thermostat.
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Scissor Lift

The GS-3384 RT scissor lift from Genie fits into narrow spaces with a chassis base of 84 inches wide. It has the same large solid deck as the GS-90 series and comes with a standard 5-foot front extension deck allowing operators to extend out over obstacles and perform work that would not normally be accessible with a scissor lift. An optional 4-foot extension deck can be added to provide up to 21 feet of platform length for lifting materials and personnel. It is capable of lifting 2,500 pounds to a working height of 39 feet.
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Air Tools

Kaeser Compressors now offers a complete line of air tools that includes paving breakers, rock drills, rivet busters, trench diggers, chipping hammers and backfill tampers. Mobilair Tools are made from top quality raw materials. The valves, pistons and other moving parts are made from shock resistant tool steels and are heat treated to a specified Rockwell hardness for exceptional toughness and durability. Sophisticated CNC equipment is used to ensure precision and consistency on all machined parts.
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Traverse Action Outrigger

The unique design of the LK120R from Liftking not only allows the operator a maximum lift height of 55 feet, but it will also provide 80 inches of traverse action in the front and rear direction for better material handling and maneuverability of load. It is capable of speeds up to 23 mph with a 6-cylinder turbo engine and with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer. The enclosed cabin provides sufficient visibility and comfortable handling of all instrumentation. Hydraulic and electrical installations are also arranged in a manner to optimize accessibility for maintenance and service of elements.
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The new Precision TIG 275 and 375 units from Lincoln Electric are designed for specialty alloys and aluminum and can be used in a variety of TIG fabrication applications including aerospace. The units have a smooth, stable, controllable arc that can easily ramp down and crater out to low amperage levels for precision work. The TIG's simplified, full-featured control panel organizes all dials from left to right making it easier for the operator to ensure that all parameters have been set. A flip up storage compartment at the top of the machine is designed to store TIG torch components, nozzles, collets and other welding accessories.
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Brush Chipper

Morbark incorporates its knowledge of manufacturing loaders into the 2400XL Hurricane brush chipper, using the same proven design built onto its big brothers — models 20/36 and 30/36 whole tree chippers. It can be equipped with the Mor-Lift Model 150 hydraulic knuckleboom loader and grapple, which has a lift capacity of 2,000 pounds at 10 feet. This 18-inch diameter chipper is an efficient recycler of wood waste including brush, logging slash and orchard prunings. It is designed for residential, small land and lot clearing.
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Telescopic Belt Conveyor

The truck-mounted Telebelt TB 130 from Putzmeister offers 126.5-foot horizontal and 70-foot vertical reach. It features a special five-section telescopic boom, comprised of a steel-base boom and four aluminum sections. This specially engineered boom design optimizes the weight to strength relationship ratio of the aluminum and steel materials, and it enables the unit to mount on a 4-axle cab-over Mack MR 688S. The product can setup and operate under heights as low as 16 feet and place concrete at high outputs up to 360 cubic yards an hour.
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Hitachi Power Tools introduces a new line of 1/2-inch cordless, keyless hammer drills featuring a 14-volt model, the DV14DV and an 18-volt model, the DV18DV. With a turn of the selection dial on the head of the drill, these tools can switch from serving as a driver drill to a hammer drill. Both models feature an adjustable slip-clutch with 22 stages. The DV14DV has an impact rate of 0 to 18,000 bpm, while the DV18DV has 0 to 22,500 bpm.
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Directional Drilling System

Using an exclusive mechanical dual-drive drilling system, the self-contained, 40,000-pound pullback Ditch Witch JT4020 all-terrain directional drilling system permits effective drilling and steering through solid and broken rock, cobble and soil/rock mixtures without a mud motor or auxiliary fluid system. It can make installations to distances up to 1,000 feet. The all-terrain mechanical, dual-drive drilling system employs an inner rod to drive a rock bit during the bore. An outer pipe thrusts the bit forward while drilling and provides rotary torque for the hole opener during backreaming.
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Pallet Forks

Loegering pallet forks feature recessed forks to prevent damage to pallets, boxes or other bulky materials. Adjustable forks allow operators to adjust the spacing between fork tines from 9 to 45 inches. Multiple fork lengths offer the flexibility to accommodate a variety of applications.
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