July 1, 2005
Up-N-Atom Up-N-Atom announces the Retriever, a patented low-profile truck bed to replace pickup trucks with trailers, hydraulic roll-back trucks, hook


Up-N-Atom announces the Retriever, a patented low-profile truck bed to replace pickup trucks with trailers, hydraulic roll-back trucks, hook loaders and semi trailers for hauling heavy industrial equipment. The truck's own air system serves as the power source to raise and lower the hinged deck and bi-fold ramp. The deck offers a traversing winch mount that travels the full width of the deck, making side-by-side loading or off-center hookups faster and safer. The Retriever is available with either dual, lightweight, aluminum slide-out ramps or with a full-width, air-operated, steel folding ramp. The deck is available in three capacity ratings: 7.5 tons for chassis to 30,000 GVWR, 10 tons for chassis to 33,000 GVWR and 15 tons for chassis to 54,000 GVWR. All models are available in 18- to 26-foot lengths in 2-foot increments.
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Baldor Electric Co.

Baldor Electric Co.'s automatic emergency standby gaseous generators are built specifically for the emergency power needs of the luxury residential and commercial user. The line is available from 8 to 25 kW stock, and up to 880 kW, custom. Each unit is designed to operate quietly and efficiently until service is returned.
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Morbark's 2600 Wood Hog is compact enough for easy transport and setup, yet heavy enough to handle wood waste recycling. The Wood Hog is best suited for green waste and light demolition debris, with production rates up to 14 tons per hour, depending on the material. The machine weighs 24,200 pounds, is 11 feet, 6 inches tall, 7 feet, 11 inches wide and 34 feet long. Morbark offers engine options up to 260 hp. The 2600 is equipped with the Morbark Iqan System that automatically adjusts feed rates, pressures and feed wheel positions to optimize production and engine efficiency. Also standard on the machine is a combination fifth wheel/pintle hitch towing arrangement and dual hydraulic front stabilizers. A satellite modem option — a wireless link between a service center and a piece of equipment — is now available for all Morbark equipment fitted with the Iqan system.
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Gorman-Rupp extends its Prime Aire line of pumps with new 6-inch and 8-inch models. The 6-inch model offers high head and high flow capabilities. It provides flow rates of up to 4,300 gpm, heads up to 290 feet and can handle 3.38-inch solids. Its 225-hp John Deere diesel engine includes an auto-start control panel for unattended operation. The 8-inch model has medium head and high flow characteristics. The pump handles up to 3.38-inch spherical solids. Its 115-hp John Deere diesel engine also offers an auto-start control panel. Both units have the ability to run dry indefinitely with no damage to the pump or mechanical seal.
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Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment unveils its Volvo EW160B wheeled excavator with an operating weight of 17.5 tons, maximum digging depth of 20 feet, 8 inches, dump height of 25 feet, 3 inches and a digging reach of 31 feet, 10 inches. A variety of booms, with a range of dipper arm lengths and attachments, provide options for all digging requirements. Breakout forces of 25,066 pounds and the Volvo hydraulic quick-fit attachment system enhance the flexible work capabilities of the new excavator. A low-emission Volvo D6D 6-cylinder powers the EW160B with 138 net hp at a low rpm. A one-touch boost feature increases the machine's digging and lifting forces. A 3-speed power shift transmission permits shifting on the move in creep, low- and high-speed ranges.
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Wright Manufacturing

Wright Manufacturing introduces its 52-inch Sentar Sport mower. The Sentar Sport 52 lets the operator sit or stand during a job and cuts bigger swaths than its 36-inch sibling. Cut height can be adjusted rapidly from the driver's seat or standing platform. Operator balance control lets the driver shift his or her weight instantly as terrain changes. The seat position behind the engine is one of the Sentar Sport's safety features. In an emergency, or to remove debris, the operator can jump or step off the platform and the mower stops immediately.
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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners' J-1450 Jet-Set electric water jet is a compact and portable drain-cleaning machine that uses high-pressure water to clear drain lines clogged with grease, sand, sludge and ice. The overall height of the machine is 29 inches; without the 200-foot capacity hose reel it's 14 inches. The J-1450 features a slide-out handle to make it easier to roll to the jobsite. The water jet is powered by a 1½-hp enclosed motor with GFI that drives a 1,500-psi, 1.7-gpm pump with Vibra-pulse to help the hose get around tight bends in the drain line. It also includes a backflow check valve, thermal relief valve and inlet filter as standard safety equipment.
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Man & Material Lift Engineering

Man & Material Lift Engineering introduces its Quad Lifter series of aerial lifts, available in 40-, 60- and 80-foot platform heights. The Quad Lifter operates as a man lift, forklift, material lift and winch lift, decreasing downtime as one machine lifts man and materials. A key feature of the lifts is the material delivery system, which allows specialty contractors to increase productivity on site with higher capacities up to 3,000 pounds and basket modifications for glazers, wall board and wall technology contractors. Optional features include a single 1,000-pound winch or dual 500-pound winches, generator and welder packages and 2,000-pound forks with one basket.
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DeWalt introduces a 6-in-1 driver for power drills and drill drivers. Multiple combination bit sets range from Philips, square drive, square recessed to nut driver, Torx and a slotted driver (DW2330, DW2336, DW2326, DW2327, DW2328). The tool allows the user to change and store six different drivers in one unit and is equipped with pro-grade nutsetters and an engineered tip designed to reduce stripping. The “flip and drive” design works for installation jobs, furniture assembly, HVAC jobs and electrical applications. A ¼-inch shank fits all 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch chuck drills for additional versatility on the jobsite.
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Classen offers its TA-17D Split Drive Turf Aerator, which has a 16.25-inch aerating width that covers 19,333 square feet per hour. Side bumpers prevent catching on obstacles and tire scrapes ensure consistent tine depth. The aerator's 24 tines have a coring depth up to 2.75 inches and hole pattern of 4.06 inches by 7 inches. The machine features a removable 40-pound weight bar and a 6.6-gallon front poly drum. The aerator's height ranges from 48.5 inches to 38 inches and it will fit through a 30-inch gate. Classen's patented split drive technology allows the operator to steer, turn and aerate an entire job without removing the tines from the ground.
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Barreto's 912 all-hydraulic, self-propelled trencher is designed for sprinkler systems and other shallow trench applications common to the homeowner market. The 912 has a 12-inch digging depth and its small size allows it to fit into tight spaces and small gates. The trencher hydraulically operates a boom and digging chain with freewheeling hubs on both sides of the machine. The new pivot system keeps the pivot-bushing out of the dirt. A 9-hp Honda engine powers the trencher.
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Wynne Systems

Customer Portal 3.0 was designed to provide customers with real-time information about their accounts. Enhancements to version 3 include its ability to terminate equipment on rent, display all rental contracts, create users with authorization codes, troubleshoot support issues and provide connections for clients with read-only databases. Web and company administrators can create users and assign authorization codes to the user with a simple, intuitive interface. Web administrators can log on as other users to troubleshoot support issues.
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The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator is designed for commercial use, but is also easy to use and versatile for the do-it-yourselfer. With a cutting depth of 10 inches, the tiller can be used for many landscaping jobs, including braking new ground for a bed and digging to plant trees, as well as deepening ground for laying ponds. The 9-inch tine width is designed for cultivating and weeding around shrubs, flowers and ornamental plants. The unit features a 21.2cc, 2-cycle engine, weighs 20 pounds, and is easy to carry and maneuver. Nine optional attachments are available for added versatility.

Richard Amdur of Covington, Ga., has owned the Mantis Tiller/Cultivator for more than 20 years. “It is still the best piece of equipment I have ever owned,” he says.
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